Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve WOW Episode

First off a note to wardrobe:  Burn that sweater Carly was wearing most of the week.  Actually, scratch that.  Don't burn it, give it to some fisherman.  They can use it for a net and catch an entire school of fish!  It made Carly look 3 sizes bigger.  Just get rid of it.  Also, you can throw in that dress she had on at the New Year's Eve party.  It probably wouldn't catch many fish but it might catch several men on women with as long a legs as she had.  It was shorter than the sweater!  Isn't there a fashion rule about wearing a mini skirt after a certain age.  Now I am in no way bashing Laura Wright who is beautiful.  She deserves much better from wardrobe.

I will give them credit for Olivia, Kate and most of all Maxie for their stunning ensembles for New Year's Eve.  A pity that Maxie never actually makes it to any of these parties.  However, I loved watching Spinelli hook her and slowly reel her in.  Love the new version of Spinelli though I fear something bad is going to happen to him and maybe to Sonny to because of that newly gotten $20 mil.  I can't imagine he found a legal way to get that much cash in such a short time.  If he did, I'm all ears. And passing a check, that's traceable.  Oh well, that is a story perhaps for 2012.

Back to New Year's Eve and the week leading up to it.  I'm with Carly on this one.  If Jax chose to disappear, it is on him, not her.  Of course, I wanted Jax gone for good as I have no use for him. I did not want Sonny to do him in.  I just wanted him to stay gone forever.  Gone and forgotten as far as I'm concerned.  She is right that Sonny had every intention of killing Jax. Sending Morgan away was the right thing to do.  Michael and Jax weren't that close from what I could tell.  This is just Michael's way of dealing with his grief blaming his Mother.  It also gives him an excuse to get into the mob.

That is where they are headed and I'm not really sorry to see it.  I know most people would have liked to see him at ELQ.  I would have liked his summer internship to last longer but eventually he has to do the mob thing.  It is his destiny as Sonny and Carly's son.  He isn't a Quartermaine, really.  And this gives us back the fantastic performances by Chad Duell.  Killing off Abby in an accident was a smart storyline move.

Of course Tracy and Anthony had me in hysterics.  It was no surprise that he was the one who sent the note and the diamond though I did miss the setting part.  I couldn't read the note when she received it on Christmas Eve so I didn't know exactly what was coming.  Anthony must have something on her.  He wouldn't propose if it were an offer she could really refuse.

It is now pretty well known that Ethan will be written out.  It is a shame to see this wonderful actor and fun character go.  He is at a loss with most of his family gone and Kristina away at college. If he has to go, make it soon and get rid of the women in white.  I'm not intrigued except to wonder how she keeps her clothes so white wandering the tunnels of Windemere.

We know where things are headed with Sam.  I just hope this accident gets Jason to the hospital for that checkup.

The writers have set up a lot for 2012 with Micheal's anger, Sam's potential pregnancy, Jason's accident again, Anthony's proposal, and Robin's HIV status.  I hope Sonny is right and someone finds a better 2012.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yes, Virginia, there are Falconeris!

After hearing about the Falconeri clan for years now, we finally get a glimpse of them.  I do think having a wedding reception in the sanctuary of a church is highly inappropriate.

Dante and Lulu are now married.  Dominic Zamprogna did an amazing job with his expressions during the vows.  It was a touching ceremony - almost.  I would take bets on how long this marriage will last.  Lulu so isn't ready to put aside her doubts about Dante's career.  She is doing what she thinks she should do rather than what she really wants - and that she doesn't yet know.

I'm glad the last of Lucky wasn't in that airport.  The fact that we didn't see who he was talking to in the graveyard means it probably wasn't Luke as I'd hoped. More than likely, his visitor was the B&B lady.  I just don't see how this is going to end Lucky's character in a meaningful way.  Hopefully we will get some sort of cliffhanger and a chance for Jonathan Jackson to come back.  Just don't recast!!!

And now Elizabeth is moving on with her next victim - ah, I mean love interest.  The more I see of her, the more I agree with Maxie.   She has everyone convinced she is this sweet, hard working soul when she is really just a manipulator of the highest caliber.  Elizabeth doesn't want just Lucky, she wants every man to fall at her feet.

Robin and Emma looking for Rudolph's nose (a light on a cell phone tower) was very sweet.  I hope she doesn't desert her family.  I can see why she thinks it is best but I hope it doesn't happen that way.  Things will not end well for Patrick if he doesn't get closure with his wife.

I was out on Monday afternoon and looked forward to watching GH when I got home.  I rewound the tape and was so frustrated it didn't record!  Well, it did, it was just a rerun.  I'm still not used to that from the days of watching ATWT that did very little rerunning or preempting.  Today, we should be back to a regular show.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sonny, the comforter

It is hard to picture Sonny as the one listening, dispensing good advice and providing comfort.  Yet, there he was yesterday with Jason and today with Michael.  It was a welcome change from the rants and violence Sonny usually goes in for to fix a problem.  A softer Sonny is most welcome.

Some days I love Maxie to death like when she outs Elizabeth for her unforgivable deceptions.  Other days I want to smack her like today.  Spinelli is clearly her backup plan for Christmas.  My heart breaks for Spinelli every time Maxie rejects him. I know I should hope for him to move on, but when he and Maxie are good, they are great.

A couple that looks great right now is Dante and Lulu.  Sadly, I know this won't last.  The next time Dante takes too much risk, Lulu will either tear into him or turn to the bottle or both.  I know she means well but its just not going to stick.  The marriage may not stick either.  If nothing was open, how are they going to get a marriage license.

Loved seeing the discussion between Monica and Robin today.  I am amazed that Brenda would know anyone who could help Robin.  Then again, I have so little confidence that Brenda can do anything.  I thought having Brenda call in a favor for her was unnecessary bit of dragging an old character back in.  I like it when they mention off screen characters but there needs to be a clear purpose.

Carly was the only one who seemed to get  a happy Thanksgiving and she is on her way to a Merry Christmas, too.  What woman wouldn't want to come home to a decorated tree and a handsome man beside it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A near catch for Liz

Liz almost gets her way... almost.  Go, Maxie!

I can't believe that Lucky is that naive.  Since I know Jonathan Jackson is leaving, I think it is safe to assume that Liz and Lucky are through for now.  But not to worry Elizabeth, there are at least two potential men waiting in the wings - Matt and the new doctor Ewen.  Who on earth picked that name for the character?  Probably the same people who named the "chew."

Shawn, I see a dog in your future.  Carly is sure to play Santa.

It is hard to believe that Kate won't understand why Sonny had to leave and go see about Bernie and whoever is trying to kill Jason.  The man does have a - ah, business to run.

The ending musical scenes were wonderful yesterday full of reminders of the best laid plans...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jason's Vulnerability

Jason and Spinelli's conversation on Friday was awesome.  Spinelli does understand what it is like to lose that all important ability everyone including you rely on.  After being shot and finally coming back to himself, he no longer has any cyber skills.  Jason now can't seem to keep himself under control.  Plus Spinelli was being his usual wonderful friend and Jason was acutally letting him up to a point.

Also Jason was almost vulnerable with Monica.  I certainly hope he takes someone's advice and gets himself to the hospital.  He is wrong about one thing, this really started before Franco.  He was having those funny flashes when he would look in the mirror. And they make Steve Burton look like the younger, thinner Jason in those takes as well. The old Jason is in there.  Is he turning back the clock going back first to the rage he had after his accident? Will he start to remember Jason Quartermaine?

Sam is finally telling someone what happened to her and someone who can really understand - Michael.  It is a lot to put on Michael but he can handle it.  He gets too emotional at times but Michael is remarkably mature for his age.  He does need his father right now though and Sonny is still strolling down memory lane with Kate.  Doesn't she have a business to run?  For that matter, Sonny does too.

So Lulu and Dante are back on. Bets on how long this will last?

Another question, why doesn't the lady in white ever get dirty wandering the secret passage ways of Wyndemere?  And was that big box just for an apple?  I didn't get it.

What I did get right from the start is Elizabeth's manipulation?  Lucky, don't be a patsy.  You are smart enough to see what she is up to.  I guess another wish won't come true.  Matt has already talked about 'killing someone' - someone other than Lisa so he isn't going to be the killer, darn!

Good episode Friday, I'd like more of these!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shattered Michael

While it was easy to see what was coming, I still ached for Michael today.  He blames himself for Abby's death because he sent her to Chicago.  In daytime drama, an accidental death is seldom an accident. Is this Franco's doing, too?

There is only a little over a week until Christmas and there certainly isn't much holiday spirit in Port Charles and I don't think I've seen a single decoration.  It is very dark there, very dark.  Robin's conversation with Jason was a great way to start to bring an end to her character's run and also to take us back to how it all started without completely revisiting Stone.

On the other hand, we can't seem to get away from Sonny and Kate's stroll - literally - down memory lane.  I've had enough of hearing stories of the old days.  How much time did Sonny and Kate have together?  They sure got in enough trouble as teenagers and made plenty of memories.  Hearing other people reminisce is never much fun.  It is enjoyable on a drama if you saw it the first time around.  In this case, we did not so 'enough!'   Get Kate and Sonny back home!

Patrick's ego is back to its normal size thinking that there couldn't possibly be something about Jason's surgery he didn't expect.  Robin is right, there is something wrong with Jason and it is more than an preoccupation with Franco.

Again, it was easy to see coming what Franco had planned for Sam and Jason but how does he know Sam is pregnant and pregnant with his child.  ATWT did an invitro 'who's the Daddy' storyline a few years ago and I'm wondering if this is the same thing as that would increase the chances of the baby being Franco's.  Ugh! I don't even like to think about this.

The temporary Maxie is growing on me though I hope the rumors that Kristen Storms is returning soon are true.  This Maxie is certainly fun to watch with Anthony; she doesn't have any idea what she is has really unleashed.  Of course as she pointed out to Anthony when she asked for her favor, he needs to move suspicion away from himself and Johnny anyway.

Looks like I won't get my wish for Christmas.  I wanted Dante and Lulu to break up.  I think they are headed for a reunion at least for the holidays though I still don't see them taking a trip down the aisle.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Alexis and the Manipulative Liz

One of the things writer Guza has given us is more Alexis and I couldn't be happier.  Whether she was keeping Ethan relatively honest, brainstorming ways to keep Jason our of prison or cleverly avoiding a date with the ex-mayor, Alexis was the one to watch in yesterday's episode.  Actually all she had to do with the mayor was site a conflict of interest since he would the prosecution's chief witness against her client but what fun would that be.  Much better to say she was having a romance with Mac - another character we have been treated to lately.

I have to admit I tuned out some of Liz and Lucky today especially after she was so clearly faking her 'dependence' that somehow got her into Shadybrook.  I can't believe she actually asked Lucky if he thought she was that manipulative.  Well, yes, she is.  I can't believe Lucky still falls for it.  I"m glad they didn't write this character off because there have been many good storylines around her but I'm not a Liz fan.  Don't these people have insurance that has to clear their medical treatment?

Have we seen and heard the last of Abby?  If so, Michael is getting another big dose of guilt dumped on him for getting her sent to Chicago in the first place.  And who will find the DVD?  Spinelli would be the logical one since he lives there and it doesn't look like Jason is getting sprung that fast.  I'm not sure Spinelli can handle what is bound to be on that DVD.

I am glad that Jason turned down Robin's request.  We finally know what is going on with her. It was easy to guess though I admit I didn't guess that Lisa had messed with the meds.  I figured she really had injected Robin with something while she and Patrick were both unconscious.  Jason's marriage has made him see the meaning of 'for better or worse.'  Also, Robin may be able to help Jason find out what is really wrong with him.  Maybe she will be the one to get him out of jail at least to see his neurosurgeon who is getting too chummy, too fast with the new pediatrician.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Agatha Christie style sleuthing

Today's gathering of suspects reminded me of Agatha Christie.   I kept expecting Hercule Poirot to pop out from one of the doorways with the solution.  Of course it was highly unrealistic as few of these people would be there without their attorney present.  It was interesting and they sure all looked guilty even Olivia when Dante discovered her at the end.  Everyone seems to be protecting everyone else.

If Johnny and Anthony hadn't been having dinner together, I would have bet it was Anthony meeting the ship's officer in an alley. He sure was warming up to her on the boat.  But even Anthony can't be in two places at once, so who was she meeting and why?

More action at the police station and Jason went crazy on ex-mayor Floyd...again!  This time he has a cop witness.  I think this is related to his last surgery.  There is still something not quite right about Jason's brain.  I just wish it would lead to him regaining some memory.

Someone who wanted her memory back but may regret it is Sam.  Is that a tape of what really happened in Hawaii?  How will Franco react when he realizes Sam found the tape and Jason hasn't seen it?  That is something she hasn't counted on.  It will definitely change Franco's next step.

Spinelli's imagination, Alexis' legal skills and Mac's detective work are all being revived.  It was a great show today.  I would notice the clock at commercials and be delighted that I still had show left to watch.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Been watching

While I haven't been posting, I have been watching GH.  I'll admit there have been great scenes mixed in with some real dull stuff.

First, the good.  Earlier this week Lucky and Elizabeth had a great emotional scene in her hospital room.  While I completely understand his not wanting to renew their relationship, I think she is right in nailing him about how he is in and out of his children's lives. He is far more responsible than Luke but that doesn't mean that he didn't just drop out of the boys lives to go to Ireland this time and last time for that matter.  Sure he had good reasons, but little children do need to be taken care of.

Love seeing Diane back on canvas and as a nosy columnist.  With Cougar Town down a few shows for their upcoming season, I hope we see more of her.  I could do without the former Mayor though.  He is still a pompous jerk no matter what his occupation and he had the nerve to blame everything on his late wife.  I can't even remember what all she did except get herself flattened by Edward's car but he is no innocent.  Happy to see Mac having more of a presence to and I can completely understand his desire to protect Maxie and Robin.

I hope they don't kill off Robin's character though it would make a fantastic storyline.  I hate to see a character who has been played by the same actor since childhood go.  It actually makes her the right age and the history is fantastic.  It also sends another signal of GH possibly not surviving ABC's poor programming choices (that's been generous with the wording, isn't it?)  I know they have killed off characters in the past, but Robin has been so central and she really is the link that keeps Patrick in Port Charles.

Matt is missing and I couldn't care less.  I hope he and his king size ego stay gone.

Now the both good and bad.  I'm liking Sonny and Kate together.  Sonny's scenes at his childhood home were good drama but they are done.  I couldn't believe they were talking about going back there again today.  Enough!  I know Sonny had a traumatic childhood.  He has dealt with it for years.  If Kate was going to marry him the last time without going through all this, surely she can have dinner with him without him having to exorcise all the ghosts of his past.

The tedious.  Dante and Lulu.  Enough, break up, stay apart.  You're done.

My jaw dropped when I realized who that woman was in Jake's yesterday- the new cop.  I knew she was supposed to be there but what a change!  No wonder Johnny was practically panting over her the first time he met her.

On one more thing I liked - Maxie and Anthony.  Though Anthony and anyone is must watch.  Maxie does have some nerve.  I'm still anxious for Kristin Storms to get back.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dark Thanksgiving

At least Carly had a nice Thanksgiving.  And she didn't obsess about Michael spending the day with the Quartermaines so I'll give her points for maturity.

While Dante and Lulu started off well enough, it's deja vu.  They will be lucky if Lulu doesn't burn the apartment down leaving the candles burning like that.  I don't expect their relationship to survive another of his off hours hero moves that lands him in the hospital.  Frankly, I'd be happy if it didn't.  I've tired of Dante and Lulu.  I'd like to see them both move on.

Kate and Sonny's dialogue is getting a bit old and it certainly could have waited until another day to air.

We had far more important things to watch on the annual Thanksgiving show.  I'd been looking forward to Thanksgiving at the Quatermaine's with Monica, Edward, Tracy and Alice ordering pizza and bickering.  What we got was Tracy and Edward being just plain cruel as a side order to their traditional Thanksgiving feast.  Apparently they used to have this kind of knock down drag out fight in the past, thus the pizza.  Jason may not remember being a Quartermaine but he has returned to his destructive emotions in their house.  He was pushed just too far though even Tracy couldn't have known what she was doing.

Will the Q's try a Christmas event?  I'm sort of doubting it at this point.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So many stories, so little time

Every character has a major story in their life right now and it seems that GH just can't tell them all at once.  Olivia was drinking wine again today so either the pregnancy test was negative or she hasn't gotten around to taking it yet what with all the pie baking and relationship meddling she has been doing.  Or maybe they have just decided to drop the whole thing.  Really, she could have just taken the test, found out it was negative and we could move on.   It would not be like Olivia to put something this important off.

We are getting back to Anthony and Tracy I'm pleased to see. Those two are such fun to watch.  Add Luke to the mix and it should get interesting.  Beforehand though I fear we will be watching some heartwrenching scenes with Luke and Lucky and Jonathan Jackson has already filmed his last Luke/Lucky scenes.  If Lucky was only taking a leave, I would look forward to great drama.  Instead it will be very sad indeed.

Now we hear that Robin also exiting. Sounds like it was the actor's choice this time.  I hope so.  So many people don't like Robin but I always have.  I also like the idea of a character truly growing up on the show and actually being about the right age!  Amazing.  What will happen with Patrick with her gone? Surely she won't be the one who killed off Lisa!!!  I hope they don't go that way.  I'm still rooting for Matt to be the killer.  The dressing room scene with him and substitute Maxi did nothing to win me over. Now I am ready for Kate to fire Maxi.

Look forward to tomorrow's episodes.  It should be pizza with the Quartermaine's and they have extra guests with Sam and Jason going and perhaps Abby and Michael. I hope Alice is on hand, Monica is back, this makes for a thankful GH day for sure.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Luke and his conscience

It was a treat watching Tony Geary's Emmy reel today.  Having Luke argue with his conscience hit home a lot of points about Luke.  I do wonder now how Elizabeth does it given how far she lives from the hospital.

Luke wasn't the only one in another world.  Lucky got some closure with Sibohan.  Now though I'm saddened when I watch Jonathan Jackson's scenes knowing that he is leaving the show.  I started watching with is predecessor and really didn't like Lucky at all.  He was so weak. I wondered for awhile if it was the writing but no.  We've seen Jonathan Jackson's Lucky be self-destructive, aggressive, kind, smart, blind-sided, and emotionally broken.  Through it all, Lucky has never seemed weak to me.  The acting has made all the difference.  I hope they don't recast.  Let's let Lucky go if we must.  Maybe he will return one day.

Today was a particularly good episode because it focused on one family and their insecurities.  It wasn't scattered everywhere.  Ethan summed them all up nicely.  And we were left with another mystery.  Who is the woman at Wyndemere when we know there is a man there?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Catching Up

I watched some of last week out of order so now I'm caught up, I think.  It is a bit hard to tell as I keep forgetting what storylines are still out there - there are so many of them.  I think every character has a story going right now.  It seems like I haven't seen much of Michael in weeks but he is still dating Abby and ticked at his Mother for seeing Shawn.  But then Carly isn't dating Shawn but not without trying.

One thing I did really like was the Veteran's Day tribute they did on Friday.  Very classy.  Plus we learned more about Shawn.

I'm hoping Matt killed Lisa and we get to write him out.  He is trying to tone down his ego but I'm still not in love with this character and the cast has swelled so much someone needs to go.  Patrick and Robin clearly suspect each other of keeping secrets.  Lisa may be getting her wish after all.

Loved seeing Luke's face when Lulu opened the door holding Aiden.  He and Sonny had a heart to heart that didn't leave either of them feeling warm and fuzzy.  It seems everyone either thinks Sonny is a great father or a lousy one.  He can't win.

Johnny and Kate or Johnny and Carly?  I just hope it is Johnny and someone.  All that sex appeal is greatly wasted.  Is Anthony recovered?  Again, I'm caught up but have lost track.

And why hasn't Olivia taken that pregnancy test or has she?  The biggest puzzle is why Steve brought a women he clearly doesn't like and who is a troublemaker to Port Charles?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Everybody's birthday

So let me get this straight.  It is still Halloween night as far as I can tell.

It is Maxie's birthday.
It is Emma's birthday.
It is the anniversary of the night Claudia was killed which was the night of her birthday party so it would have been Claudia's birthday.
Which means it is Jossyln's birthday.
Carly says it is the day before her birthday.

Did I leave anybody out?

What is so ridiculous about all this is that it doesn't have to be all happening in one night?  We also have Lucky off in a graveyard in Ireland and Jason locked in some room in Hawaii.  GH has always liked to create big events and drag out a day for two weeks.  What I dislike about this one is that these stories don't tie together so there is no reason to have them all going on at once dragging out on and on.

What I do like is Carly trying to make Shawn jealous and using Johnny to do it.  Add Sonny to the mix and it should get interesting.

I also liked Diane crashing Sonny's party and setting Alexis up as his next legal council.  Please, please keep Diane around somehow.

What I really dislike is the Franco story.  It's been done.  No none is interested in this.  Bring Sam and Jason home so they can interact with everyone else.  One person off in another world - that being Lucky - is enough at one time.

Dante may be a great detective - so they say - but he is lousy at figuring out his girlfriend really doesn't want to marry him.  He also hasn't been privy to his Mother's dizzy spells.  Would he figure out she is pregnant?  At least that will be one baby not born on Halloween.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Creepy Clown

Hasn't anyone else noticed the creepy clown hanging around the hospital?  Clearly Epiphany doesn't like clowns in general.  Yet, here is this same clown practically stalking the nurses station for what seems like hours and no one seems to pay any attention.  I had certainly hoped Lisa died on the cruise.  Otherwise, what was the point of putting us through the longest, most boring cruise ever?

On to something more interesting.  Steve has a secret.  We know he does.  Now we know that Johnny knows and he sure looks like the cat who swallowed the canary.  Does he want Olivia back?  Will he use Steve's secret to get between him and Olivia?  This I want to know more about.

Speaking of Olivia, she is meddling way too much in her son's life if she wants to weigh in whether he attends a family dinner or not. Steve gave her good advice.  I hope she keeps it.  Perhaps she too wonders if a night of Sonny might be tip Lulu over the edge in whether she wants to marry Dante or not.  I really don't think Sonny scares Lulu.  I think Dante being a cop terrifies her.

Diane got far too little screen time as it was and now she is leaving Sonny's employ!  Oh, I hope this isn't the last of Carolyn Hennessy who is fantastic.  She broke up with Max and now Sonny; she isn't writing another book with Spinelli so there are no ties for her left in Port Charles.  What a shame!

I don't get why Matt even cares one whit about Maxie after the way she constantly ignored him and now only wants to use him for birthday goodies and a magazine story.  Maxie never seems to appreciate what is right in front of her.

Alexis and Sonny yesterday where hysterical.  My husband was listening in and declared her crazy for complaining that her daughter got into Yale.  It was Alexis' idea anyway.  Sonny is right; she will be the reason the already suspicious Kristina finds out.  Apparently we are still in for another long night.

Friday, October 28, 2011

It's getting spooky

There is plenty of mystery brewing for Halloween on Monday.  I do hope if Jake is making an appearance in that Irish graveyard, they will wait until All Saints Day on Tuesday.  Surely they can do something else scary to Lucky on Monday.

Something frightening is about to happen to Sam or Jason.  The most frightening thing is that Carly is going to be right or claim she is.  I just hate it when she is right.  Her romance with Shawn is going nice and slow as it should be.  She is after all still married.

And is she married to the mystery man on Spoon Island?  I assume this is the island where Windemere is located.  Until this week, I hadn't considered this to be the place Jax is hiding out.  I really thought he would be gone longer - like forever.  Well, I can dream, can't I?  I just don't like Jax, never have.  I'm glad Sonny didn't kill him but that doesn't mean I want him back egging Sonny on either.  Jax isn't the saint he tries to claim he is.

If it is Jax and he rescued Elizabeth, is he going to be her next conquest?  That is one man I don't think she has slept with.  He isn't all that fertile so he might be safe for her.  Monica was certainly dishing out the contempt this week when she commented on how late Elizabeth's children are often in daycare.  I don't care for Liz all that much but Monica really has no room to cast stones from what I've heard of her own past.

And finally we have the mystery of what happened to Lisa Niles.  Is she dead (please, please I beg of you writers, kill her off this time!) and if so, who did it?  I half expected Miss Marple to pop through one of the doors to the ship's lounge while they were all casting glances at one another.  Plenty of motive and plenty of claims of black outs among the suspects.  I'm not sure who did it at this point.  I'm hoping it was Matt so we can get rid of his character but then again I'd hate for anyone to pay the price for killing Lisa.

At least they are off that boat and now the real mystery can begin.  I have to say that the cruise and Sam and Jason's honeymoon have been the biggest bores of the year.  These have just dragged on and on. Maybe some action is coming along with the spooks for Halloween.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Poor excuse for comedy

Last night I felt kind of 'blah' and I just wanted to hang out with my husband.  He watches all the CBS comedies so I watched from Jeopardy through Mike and Molly.  Two and one half hours of TV is too long for me and Two and a Half men are two and half too many!

Actually, let's start with How I Met Your Mother which really should have been gone a couple of seasons ago.  These people still have the same hang-ups they had in season 1.  They are better people than Seinfeld's lot but the idea is the same.  Take a group of people, create a formula that works and just rehash each week.  It is very good formula, but it is a formula.  Barney is trying to score, Marshall and Lily are obsessed about something to do with each other and their relationship, and Ted can't seem to keep the good girls or see the flaws in the bad ones.

Two Broke Girls showed promise in the premise.  It is a timely comedy but it is so poorly done.  The supporting cast is like someone went through a checklist of minorities and plugged one into each slot.  Their dialogue is terrible.  The Girl's dialogue particularly Max is getting as vulgar as 2 1/2 Men.  It's cheap and demeaning.  The horse bit is also particularly stupid.  I can't believe some animal rights organization hasn't complained about the idea of keeping a horse in a backyard in Brooklyn.  If the girls were making some progress toward their business goals I might give it another chance.

Two and a Half Men really should have gone away about 3 seasons ago.  It has nothing to do with Charlie Sheen's personal life either.  The show as just the same old stuff.  It can make you laugh for a moment which is a credit to the actors including Ashton Kutcher who seem to be able to make something out of what is being passed off as comedy.  One of the biggest mistakes besides not growing these characters is not using the supporting cast more.  In this case they have gems in Bertha and Evelyn.  They should be on every show.

The only salvation of the night was Mike and Molly which was hysterically funny.  This is a great credit to the writing as they needed few of their expansive and talented cast to make it work.  You knew Mike was putting his big foot in his mouth over and over.  You knew he meant well and you knew he was going to be ripped to shreds for it in his new household of women.  Everything is working on this show I just wish it had a more mature lead-in.

The saddest thing about the first three is that my husband keeps saying they are better than a lot of the other stuff out there.  True.  I know a Mash, Friends, Frasier, Big Bang, and Modern Family don't come along very often.  It just seems like there shouldn't be so much gap between these outstanding comedies and everything else.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Longest cruise

How long have they been on that tub?  It is finally getting interesting.  I'd actually forgotten about Elizabeth's fate until she was carried up on shore presumably at Windemere by an unknown rescuer.  I shouldn't have forgotten her because Maxie did give the best lines of the episode. For all the talking she did, she had the best odds of doing that anyway.  I loved the "Elizabeth has three kids with three different men and is working on the fourth."

Olivia's mechanical skills are coming in handy as she has noticed something wrong with the boat.  Presumably Lisa has messed with something.  Where is Matt?  Probably passed out from too much champagne.  He certainly hasn't bothered to track down Elizabeth after pushing her just too far.  Anthony too was MIA today but fortunately Johnny is still alive.  I think Lisa has a soft spot for him.  May it be her downfall.

Meanwhile, Kate and Sonny revisited his childhood - again.  It was though a good conversation.  And you couldn't miss that predatory kiss he laid on her at the end. Surely she won't mistake that for affection as it was most certainly for Colman's benefit.  Coleman seems to be consoling himself with alcohol and probably the cash Sonny threw on the bar.

I'd like to see Spinelli go off in a different direction than constantly hacking into traffic cameras but I fear if he doesn't recover enough of his cyber skills to recover Sonny's $20 million his next career may be short-lived.  He did get Maxie to consider something more to their relationship though why he would want to.  I normally love Maxie but this actress is grating to me.  Maybe it is because I can't seem to remember the good in Maxie with a different face.  Shallow of me, I know.  I hope Kristen Storms is well and back to work soon.

Of all the gin joints...

in all the world, Kate just happened to go to Jake's for a drink?  Yeah, right.  I think she was testing herself and clearly she failed because she couldn't resist Coleman - a cleaned up Coleman.  Now Sonny is walking in on them.  I don't see a big macho fight coming on because Coleman is scared to death of Sonny.  If Kate wants a guy to fight for her, she is out of luck with the bartender.

Meanwhile, on the Love Boat, Lisa is busy creating mayhem while everyone else is having a little x-rated fun.  This is the most unconventional celebratory party for a work achievement I've ever seen.

I could also call it the slow boat to China because the story is really dragging to me.  Actually lots of things are dragging (i.e. where is Franco) as though we are just killiing time until the November sweeps.  I think at least one story needs to be 'must-see' and right now they are all stories you can pick up on whenever.

There have been some good conversations lately - Luke and Ethan, Sonny and Lulu though Sonny's argument stood no chance coming from him even if it is what Lulu secretly wants.  Poor Dante.  Lulu keeps telling him she wants to concentrate on his recovery and then works late at a job she doesn't even really have to avoid seeing him.

Maybe Maxie and Spinelli will find something or someone at Wyndemere to entertain us with before the week is out.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Brotherly Love?

Patrick and Matt infuriate me.  Patrick compliments his brother one minute, then cautions him about getting too excited about the research, then tells him to lighten up and enjoy the moment.  I just don't get these guys!

Matt is also two-faced.  He complained that Patrick was only doing the cruise because he had already paid for the trip for Robin's birthday and then didn't get to use it.(true, btw) So he, Matt, was second choice.  Then he wants Maxie to be his date only Maxie just wants to use him so he tells her not to come.  He then goes to his second choice, Elizabeth.  Plus, I hate the beard.  So I'm fed up with him.  If Lisa actually takes someone out, I hope it is him.

Maybe it is because I've seen most of the other big GH events like the Hospital Crisis and the Fire on YouTube but this boat drama is dragging.  Come to think of it, I did watch those others one episode a day, sometimes there would be many days in between before I could catch another show.  The difference on this one I guess is that there is so much else going on - Luke and Ethan's conversation, Maxie's latest tantrum, and Hawaiian Honeymoon that has finally gotten slightly interesting.

Maxie is on my last nerve.  I truly think she was far more sympathetic character with Kristen Storms playing her.  If I were Spinelli, I'd tap her on the head with an oar, not to kill her of course, just knock her out so she would "Shut Up!"

What Anthony will do next is what I'm watching for tomorrow.  Also, I hope someone finds Johnny soon.  I surely don't want him to be one of Lisa's victims.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ethan and Elizabeth spar

Loved the sparring between Ethan and Elizabeth who both hit hard truths in the other.  There are lots of scenes like Carly and Sam where women who have always been enemies take jabs at each other.  What we don't often see are men and women who have no romantic relationship combat.  I did get tickled when Elizabeth said she was going to live down below expectations.  Honey, you have been so below expectations that you can't get much worse.  You have three children with three different guys none of which you were married to at the time.  You almost killed Sibohan at least 3 times before Anthony finally  did her in.  If I were at GH, nurse Webber would be the last one I'd want to see coming.

But one guy who has picked the wrong woman to tangle with - actually make that two guys - are the Zachara guys.  Anthony ended up port side with a nail hole in his stomach and Johnny has a syringe in his neck.  I'm hoping it wasn't filled with the same stuff that put Lisa in a coma for months.  Anthony may know who to go to for the antidote but he has his own problems right now.  Why Johnny keeps falling for Lisa is beyond me.  Give this guy a good woman, please!

There was Olivia dispensing relationship advice again when she still hasn't had a successful long-term relationship herself.  Why does Dr. Webber want someone from Memphis in Port Charles when he refuses to even talk about Memphis?  This is mysterious.  I suppose he is replacing the doctor Lisa brought on.  I liked the guy and they haven't even mentioned him in months.

Maxie is beyond annoying these days and so incredibly selfish.  Was she this bad when she was played by Kristen Storms.  I thought Kristin brought more like-ability to the role.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Finding Harry

Harry's Law comes on NBC on Wednesday's at 9 opposite Modern Family.  No wonder it struggles in the ratings with that kind of competition.  Fortunately, NBC does rerun it on Saturday night so that is how we are keeping up.  Unfortunately, they don't make use of the web and post the episodes on-line.  So check it out Saturday nights at 8:00 Eastern.

I like this show because the court cases are always interesting and Kathy Bates does such a fine job of portraying a compassionate yet gutsy attorney.   She is the kind of attorney you would want if you were unfortunate enough to be in a position to need one.  I also like two things that make this drama very different.  One, Harry Korn is 62 years old.  Not many 60+ get to lead their own drama - Sally Field did it in Brothers and Sisters and Tom Selleck does in Blue Bloods but that is about all I can think of.

Two, the show is set in Cincinnati.  Finally someone in Hollywood realized that there is more to the country than NY or LA.  There are certainly many other oddities about the show that add to its appeal.  Give Kathy Bates drama a try on either Wed or Sat.  If you like a good courtroom drama, you'll like this one.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Clearing the Path

I suppose today's deep conversation between Elizabeth and Lucky was a way to clear the path for him to go to Ireland and for her to run to Matt.  I can just hear her stroking Matt's ego, not that Maxie deserves him after the way she has abandoned him.  Still, Elizabeth is one of my least favorite characters so I'm not that excited about her luring another one into her web.

Seeing Lucky in Ireland does have possibilities if one of the storyline rumors I heard is true.  Let's just say his return will be like closing the loop on an old storyline.

Another story that is getting going is Kate's mystery caller, I assume to be a man.  Kate sure is getting the screen time.  I do wish they would stop having her threaten to fire Maxie.  That was a tedious threat with the old Kate.

And now we see where the character of Kristina is going.  I'm betting Kristina's sudden admittance to Yale as to do with the 'bargain with the devil' that Alexis said she was making with Sonny.  Sonny probably made a big donation and Voila!  Kristina is off to pre-law rather than a career in fashion.

Dr. Drake must make a killing as a brain surgeon for all those first class tickets, diamond necklaces, boat rentals, etc. he planned for Robin's birthday.  Guilt sure does make for some hefty gifts.

And as predicted, here is Dr. Niles awake suddenly from her many months coma, able to speak clearly, able to eat solid foods, able to knock out nurses, able to leap out of bed.  It's a medical miracle, I tell you.

Oh, well, we have to take the good with the silly, I suppose.  I could be worse, we could be watching the Chew.  Ugh!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lexi out

So sad to hear that Lexi Ainsworth has been let go from GH!  She does an amazing job. I had hoped she would be working at Crimson with Kate and Maxie.  If so, it is bound to be brief. She has already filmed her final scenes.  The good news is she had another opportunity waiting.  I hope she has a huge career.

They sure are dragging out this Franco thing. Just what Sam always wanted, Carly invading her honeymoon.  I'm not sure which she will think is worse - Franco or Carly!  I do love Carly and Shawn together.

I do hate it when someone in a coma for months just wakes up and springs forth from their bed.  I also hate seeing Dr. Niles back in any form even if it is to do the fascinating Anthony's bidding.  Why can't Johnny seem to keep up with his father.  When Anthony told Tracy he had stamina I know he was talking about something else. Yet the guy sure does keep enough things going at once for a man his age.

Luke has a lot of fences to mend and his kids are not going to make it easy for him. I'm glad.  This needs to be played out.

If it is Robin's birthday, why aren't they already at her party.  How can Maxie do a photo shoot and a party on the same night?  I do hate it when they drag one night out forever unnecessarily.

Olivia falling from that pole was funny. I just want more for her and Steve than sex scenes although seeing him without his shirt is always a treat.

Where's the funny?

I had hopes for Two Broke Girls when I watched CBS on-line preview.  The premise is good and the chemistry between the main characters works.  However the supporting cast is awful or at least they seem to be.  My husband insists it is the writing. Probably because it is clear the character of Max is having to wring every last thing she can out of her lines and hers are the best of the show.

This isn't the only disappointment.  I wonder if CBS has already pulled How to Be a Gentlemen as they are premiering the should-have-been-cancelled years ago Rules of Engagement late this month on Thurs at 8:30. I like Gentlemen better and it shows more promise though still nothing great.

Over to ABC, I don't even watch Happy Endings because the previews look so stupid.  I watched half of Subergatory last week and that was plenty.  NBC has already dumped a comedy and stooped to carrying Whitney which I haven't watched but my husband the reviews say is awful and Up All Night which I lasted through about 5 minutes of.

Why can't anyone create a decent new comedy?  Shows like Modern Family and the Big Bang Theory are few and far between.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Good Question

"Is this you coming or going?" was Ethan's question to Luke.  Good question.  Of course, Tony Geary's vacation is up so he must be staying.  With Luke though it is hard to tell.  After overhearing Tracy yesterday, I don't think he is going anywhere. He isn't about to lose his wife to Anthony Zachara.  Does Luke know about Tracy's past?  She won't be so high and mighty after her transgressions are revealed to her husband.

Lulu is getting a by hypocritical herself.  I understand her desire to keep Dante protected but she was all for his help with Helena and Luke.  Loved watching Olivia's excitement and the expression on her face when she found out she had to keep the engagement a secret.

That is some kind of confidence Carly has.  She asks a guy if he would sleep with her and he walks off and she assumes that means "yes."  This woman does not know the meaning or implication of the word "no."  She also seems to have finished grieving for Jax, but then she knows he isn't really dead.

The stand-in Maxie is OK but I hope Kristen Storms makes a speedy recovery.  She just is Maxie.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chip on his shoulder

Patrick Drake has one thing right about his brother.  Matt has a giant chip on his shoulder.  It is a wonder he can get in and out of the elevator.  He has some reason but I'm getting tired of it.  I'm glad he finally shared his news with his brother and his boss.  BTW, Robin should do something to celebrate this recognition.  Matt should a) have asked for the case he wanted because it helped his research b) share his success and enjoy it c) dump Maxie.  Maxie is clearly putting her career and Spinelli in front of him and has been for - well, forever.  I find it impossible to believe that a cute neurosurgeon couldn't find a woman who wanted to spend time with him.   Oh and d) he should not fall for Elizabeth who is destined to get back with Lucky eventually.

Speaking of cute, Ethan is just plain hot walking through caves with a candle.  I had a flash of Indiana Jones there except that Indie found excitement a lot more quickly.  I hope Johnny isn't in too much of a hurry for info on Skye since Ethan seems to have camped out at Windemere.

Continuing with the Spencers, Dante's surgery has given Lulu lots of time to think and I'm still not sure there is an engagement in the works.  I think she is enough like her mother that she will not want the adventure, she will want the home life.  Luke told her Dante was addicted to adrenaline and he is right.  Dante is a cop and a risk taker.  Can Lulu handle that?

Luke is finally making his presence known and not a minute too soon.  Tracy has been propositioned or blackmailed.  Surely she doesn't think Anthony just wants a night of her company.  Loved having Alice back.  She is part of the Q tribe I've missed.

Just when I thought they may have totally screwed up the Jason story, he gets this little flash in the mirror and looks a lot like the thin version of Jason that was Jason Quartermaine before he bulked up. Now it is more a question of when, not if, old memories will start coming back.  That is, if Franco doesn't get him first.

So much going on right now with all the characters!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Dramas

Over the weekend, I watched three of the new Fall dramas via the Internet.  Any network not putting their progamming on-line is missing out.  Hear that NBC!  I'd have liked to see Harry's Law as I watched a few episodes last season and it conflicts with Modern Family but no, they can't put the whole thing on-line.

Anyway, I watched Revenge, Unforgettable (which I consistently forget the name of it) and a Gifted Man.

Revenge - ABC has hyped this to death like all their new shows but this is the only one where they put the first few minutes on-line so you could actually get a preview.  Combine that with a favorable review by my husband who typically watches just about everything new at least once and I decided to give it a try.  It was engaging and I'm surprised to add it to my watch list for the weekends.  Surprised because I really didn't think this had legs.  How much revenge can you take?  Plus it is set in the Hamptons and begins in September?  Still it seems to work for me. It isn't gory; she doesn't even kill off everyone.  She has other ways of getting her revenge which makes it far more interesting and her far less likely to get caught. I'm interested in the main characters backstory. Still, I can't see this lasting more than a couple of seasons, but it can still be a good drama.

Unforgettable - This was the one of the three I most thought I wanted to see.  I'd seen the 60 Minutes piece about people who remember every day of their lives.  This is totally bizarre especially when the character in the series starts telling someone what time the sun came up on a certain day.  I don't know what time the sun came up today!  Poppy Montgomery is very good in this role. She is sharp and yet vulnerable.  I love the interaction she has with a particular resident at the nursing home where she volunteers - good irony by the writers.  I'm just not sure the weekly stories are going to keep me coming back so it might get forgettable for me.

A Gifted Man - I was stunned to like this show!  Really stunned. First off, I don't care for ghost stories - good ghost or not.  I watched it Sunday when there was truly nothing else I wanted to see.  Yet the main character is not what I expected.  He seems like a pompous jerk and he is yet he has friends, he has family that loves him and he does indeed have a heart. His ex-wife - the ghost - is the kind of person you just want to be around so it is no wonder he doesn't want her to leave his life.  One wonders why he would have divorced her in the first place.  The patients were also very watchable.  The only downside to this drama is that it airs on Friday night which is where shows typically go to die. CBS has had tons of great dramas that either started out on Friday or were parked there where they lost their audiences - Early Edition, Picket Fences, and others I can't even remember now.  So I hope this one will survive its time slot to live on.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Michael definitely needs to get his priorities straight if he is more interested in protecting the warehouse than getting Dante medical treatment.  Thank goodness Abby and Carly were there to set him straight or rather to take over.  Now can Shawn figure out Anthony planted drugs before they are discovered?  I'm thinking the police are already all over that warehouse.  Johnny is right; Anthony had definitely ended the peace.

Olivia called Sonny before she called Lulu apparently quite a bit before since Sonny and Kate had time to get to the hospital.  And they just thought that wedding went off without any gunshots.

It made for more drama to have Lulu waiting around for Dante but I do think Olivia should have called her more promptly.  So now Lulu looks like a young Laura?  Well, I didn't watch when Laura was on so I'll buy it. Who is at Windemere?  I had assumed it was Luke but a slashed portrait of his great love doesn't fit.

I'm anxious to see what deal Alexis has struck with Sonny and can someone say Menopause?  Those are hot flashes, Alexis!  I do hope they do a storyline on this.  Too many times these programs are too youth oriented.  ATWT did a very small bit on Lisa going through "the change" years ago but now they talk about everything so why not that.

Finally, I'm really disappointed in the return of James Franco. Yes, he is creepy but I want to see him do something besides plant funny little spy cameras and dance around with a dress.  He needs to interact with the cast.  I suppose they are dragging out his appearance. Maybe he will appear in Hawaii if we are invited along on Sam and Jason's honeymoon.

Friday, September 23, 2011


First, I want to say to all the fans of All My Children.  I feel your pain.  I lost As the World Turns and I do know how you feel.  It is like a member of your extended family -sometimes more so because you spend 5 hours a week with the show and its characters.  I truly hope the show succeeds on-line.

Now onto General Hospital and the most disastrous but perfect non-wedding ever.  There was nothing about this wedding that was predictable except that Maxie was going to continue to be disappointed. You knew when she unzipped those garment bags that they wouldn't have the right contents in them.  Loved that the Quartermaines were present even though Spinelli apparently still can't even send an e-mail.  He had better recoup his technowizardry soon because he will surely need it.

I'm wondering how the package Carly left behind is going to fit into everything.  She seems to be the only one who was planning to arrive with a gift.  Will she or Michael go back and retrieve it and find Dante with a bullet hole in his chest or his back depending on who hits him. I'm betting it is Dante since Lulu is all dressed up and waiting to accept his proposal.  Clearly it isn't going as she planned.

So what is Franco up to?  I always am left wondering with this guy.  He can't be that far away as he was lurking around yesterday and stole the wedding dress.  Will he appear at the rehearsal in person?  Will he have something to do with the drug business?

I'm also assuming that Anthony will survive the shootout because he has to put Lisa back to work making trouble.  She is about to awaken.  Let's hope it is a short recovery.  Surely she isn't at GH. Someone would notice if she was getting more meds wouldn't they? Then again this is GH where drugs get stolen and security is non existent.

Jason and Sam may not get that Hawaiian honeymoon.  Shawn is probably not going to be enough to keep trouble away from the Corinthos organization for long what with Anthony, Johnny and Franco all gunning for them.

Fall 2011 Week 1 in Review

Wow, that sounds like an imposing title.  I just wanted to post my thoughts on the first week of the fall TV season.  Notice the week isn't over but it might as well be.  Friday and Saturday are dead TV nights.

So here's what I think of what I've watched so far:

Two and a Half Men.  Yes I was one of the 27 million viewers to see what the return without Sheen would be like. I thought the funeral with all the old girlfriends and Rose being at the heart of his demise to be well done.  Jon Cryer really got a chance to shine in this episode which he deserved.  However - and you knew there would be a however - the new version of the show is clearly going to be more of the same.  Personally, I think this show should have ended two seasons ago. The characters hadn't grown any.  If anything, they had all gotten worse!  No, I won't worry about watching this on Monday nights.

Two Broke Girls is the only new show I've seen so far.  The girls are well portrayed and interesting.  Unfortunately, the rest of the cast is a dud.  I don't expect this to last.

Modern Family - I've set a high bar for this show. It is the funniest thing on TV.  The first of the two episodes on Wednesday was a bit disappointing.  There were humorous spots but they seemed forced to me.  This may be because ABC had played some of them to death.  Now I do understand why Gloria kept singing when everyone else had stopped.

ABC does the worst series promotion of any network.    They run the same previews over and over.  They also don't take advantage of the web and offer a few minutes preview of new shows.  Placement of their previews is also questionable.

Now I feel better and back to Modern Family.  The second episode where Cam and Mitchell prepare to tell the family about adopting another baby is much better.  Very funny lines and one of those where it all comes together in the end.  They bring it all back to family.  I'll be watching next week for sure.

Big Bang Theory - Two hysterical episodes!  We both laughed so hard at Sheldon and the red chair!  I'm hoping Leonard's romance with Pria fizzles.  She was a good character for awhile but it is time for at least one of the girls to move on and she is the one I want to see swapped.  Amy and Bernadette are keepers for sure.  Nothing about this show is getting stale.  Clearly someone knows what they are doing.

Person of Interest - I lost interest in this supposedly 'highly anticipated' new show after about 30 minutes.  I finished it out but it will be the last one for me.  The main character is one of those invincible Rambo types who always has the skills he needs, always gets a break and never fails to clear a room of bad guys with his fists or conveniently place weapons.  The back story is weak and done to death - guys drops out of society after something happens to the women he loves.  Yawn.

Tonight is a rerun of Revenge so I might watch it.  I saw the first few minutes on-line - the only one of the new ABC shows to be presented that way.  It shows promise and my husband liked it.  However, again however, it seems more like a mini series to me.  Doesn't look like there would be enough here to make an ongoing series.  Still I may give it a try.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wedding in a Chinese Restaurant

It sounds terribly corny. It was sweet and romantic.  I loved Jason and Sam's wedding!  And I loved the preemptive wedding idea because since everything is happening tomorrow night, we know there would have never been a ceremony.  Let's just hope none of our favorite of Port Charles perish in all the action!

I had to laugh at Maxie who seems to think all her plans are actually working???  Really, the guests haven't been invited, the flowers are in the wrong church, there is no music and that is without all the usual things that can go wrong for a wedding - particularly a Port Charles wedding.

I guess I was wrong in that Lulu is going to say "Yes" just in some special way.  Only problem is, she is planning it for the fateful tomorrow night.  Dante may be in suspense for awhile yet.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Marriages or not

Is Sam having second thoughts?  I doubt it, at least not about marrying Jason.  But she sure is giving him a scare.  Seeing the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding may or may not be bad luck but it is a sure sign in soap opera land that we will not see the wedding go off as planned.  I'm bettting she ditches all of Maxie's plans which aren't coming together all that well anyway. What is wrong with Maxie?  She can usually do anything.

It amazes me that Olivia is so quick to give everyone relationship and marriage advice when she has never been married.  Actually she has never had a committed relationship that I can tell.  Yet there she is telling Kate, Sonny, Dante, Carly and anyone else how to manage their marriages or relationships.  Poor Dante, I think he will be shot down on this one.

Ethan is getting more lovable by the day. Not helping his sister disappear and making a visit to Kristina in the same day!

Franco is just getting creepy.  Ok, he was always creepy but this is even more so. I hope this is his last visit to Port Charles.

Monday, September 19, 2011


I feel like a jinx.  Usually when I watch an awards show, the people I want to win, don't.  But not last night.  I watched most of the first hour as that was the comedy portion and then my husband wanted the TV.  Everyone I wanted to in comedy win, did!  It was terrific.

Ty Burrell gave the best acceptance speech I've ever heard.  I loved that Melissa McCarthy was a surprise winner.  And Jim Parsons is just terrific.  Kind of feel sorry for Steve Carrell even though I don't watch his show.  But Parsons is just so good; he deserves another win.

Julia Margulies won again for the Good Wife which was well deserved.  I would have liked to see Alan Cummings get an Emmy for playing Eli. He has taken what I presume was to be a throw away character and turn him into a fan favorite.

Tonight, the new season resumes.  Thank goodness, reruns are over for at least a few weeks anyway!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Lurking Luke

Luke is back and is certainly getting an earful eavesdropping on his children.  He picked up that Lucky's using again, Lulu is unemployed but owns the unused Haunted Star, and Ethan is down on his luck with both cards and women.  He also knows that Lucky torched his old house.  He seemed proud of that one.  He also knows that Sibohan is gone but I'm not sure if he understands she is dead.  From his conversation with Skye he knows that Tracy is not as he left her.  I wonder what he will do with all this.  I would suspect some sort of grand entrance but then he is still clearly hurting from the hurt he caused everyone the night Jake died.

Oh, I hope Sam did pick a beautiful dress and wears it next week.  I saw a promo photo of the wedding with her in a black T-shirt.  She has the the worst clothes and at least this one day she deserves to look great.  At least Jason has the ring back so he can replace that nut hanging around Sam's neck.

Over the last few weeks, the characters have filled in my blanks of the past history of GH in their conversations. It has really helped bring me up to speed on some of Port Charles citizens.  One conversation I could do without is Olivia and Kate revisiting old times.  They had the same conversation two days in a row and I'd heard it all before.  I know the Olivia/Kate/Sonny history.  One can only assume this is to set up Sonny and Kate. Perhaps they will reconnect in the building Sonny bought in Bensonhurst - or not, as Kate wouldn't set foot there again.

There are so many storylines in the air right now I'm not sure what is happening next.  I've always liked how GH puts together many of these seemingly unrelated plots.  The phone call Lucky received today was interesting.  It implied that the fire - I assume it was the one Sonny spoke of - was in a warehouse tied to the bakery containing drugs.  Those are Anthony's drugs. Is he framing Sonny?  And what does Lisa have to do with anything.  Really, I wish they had written her off.  I don't even think Anthony could use the character effectively now.

Next week we will have a wedding or a build up to one.  Maxie had better get free, she still has a million things to do.  And someone should really rescue Elizabeth.  I don't think she is going to the at the top of Maximista's to-do list.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Looking forward to Fall

In this last week of reruns, the days are getting really short and the nights long and very boring.  I typically watch only one show per night - sometimes 2 half hour shows but they are enjoyable and break up the evening.  So I'm really looking forward to the return of:

Sunday - The Good Wife which is no doubt the best drama on television.  I hope it does great in the new time slot.  There is a catch up episode on-line though it doesn't cover nearly all that happened and doesn't really talk much about the one character that everyone does talk about - Calinda.  All the characters are interesting and have tons of depth to keep this one going a long time.

The Housewives are doing their final season and I'll probably catch it via the Internet on Tuesdays when there is nothing on in Primetime yet again.

Monday - Mike and Molly.  I was very surprised to like this show. It is more about their relationship than their weight though of course that does spark lots of jokes.  It is the supporting cast that often makes or breaks a sitcom and this is no exception.  The sister is hilarious!

Tuesday - as I said, nothing here except perhaps the new show Unforgettable but it doesn't come on until 10.

Wednesday - Modern Family!  What else?  TV's best sitcom.  My favorite of all time is Frasier and this one just might top it.

Thurday - Big Bang Theory - my husband's favorite sitcom.  I thought the addition of the girlfriends was a mistake but I was so wrong.  Bernadette, Amy and Pria added much needed friction and material to keep the character's growing.

Friday - dead as usual.  We typically watch PBS.

Saturday - ditto.

I will probably watch Two and a Half Men just to see what they have done with it.  If it is as vulgar as the previous version, I'll pass.  I'm done with How I Met Your Mother.  I didn't watch this last season. I so don't care who the Mother is anymore.

Unlikely Trio

Lucky, Dante, and the newly revived Spinelli are about to make an unlikely trio to rescue Elizabeth and Maxie.  I sure hope Sam loves this ring.

Why does everyone keep defending Sonny on the basis of losing his wonderful Brenda?  He and Brenda didn't spend 10 minutes (literally!) figuring out if they would work as a married couple so I have no sympathy for either of them.  Given how many women Sonny has been through since his first time round with Brenda I really don't think she is his great love anyway.  Will it be Kate again?

No shower sex with Dr. Drake, darn!  I guess when you are an old married couple, those scenes get cut.

Tracy dispenses good advice to Lulu again.  She really is a good stepmother.  With the Q clan back on the front burner, I wonder if Tracy's sons will reappear. I've only seen them in a few old YouTube clips so I'd like to find out more about Tracy's relationship or lack thereof with her children.  I always loved it when Brook Lynn called her "Granny."

And Tracy and Anthony sizzle.  I know he is a crazy and lethal old guy but I can't help but enjoy his scenes.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The new Kate

Kate is back with a new face and apparently the same personality.  I don't know why the change but I like having the character around again.  Wonder who she was talking to today.  I don't think it was the unseen Federico.  No, I'm wondering if it was Franco as he is rumored to be returning.  Kate was part of his original entre into Port Charles.  Having Kate back should give Olivia someone new to talk to and perhaps Sonny who desperately needs a change in tactics.

And Spinelli is back!  Physically he has been present but psychologically and emotionally, not.  Yet there is still something from his alter ego he needs to retrieve.  If only he can get that connection to the stars and perhaps save Elizabeth in the process.

I find it unbelievable that Anthony would put up with so much ineptitude from his flunkies.  He seems to have friends in all the right places and plenty of money.  He can't get better help?

Boy everyone is throwing Tracy under the bus. Luke!  You'd better get back to town to help your wife out of a big jam.  Maybe Tracy's past is why she put up with so much from Luke.

Did Carly call Shawn "honey" today or some other endearment?  Hopefully he is going to work security at the hospital.  They need it.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

What't the hurry?

Kristina needs surgery, no question.  She can't go around with limited blood flow to her brain, but it isn't as though she is passing out every other minute.  Why can't Patrick take a break and then do her surgery another day.  I get that hospitals have to move patients along, but in this case, Sonny can certainly foot the bill for extending Kristina's stay no questions asked.

It is all getting set up for a disastrous surgery.  Jason just came through with flying colors unless of course like me you wanted him to get a little more of his memory back.  Sibohan's surgeries were perfect - if only hospitals had better security.  No one has apparently notified the security guards to keep Anthony out as he is there practically every day now.  We are due for a mistake in the OR and I don't mean Elizabeth zoning out.

Apparently Elizabeth won't be assisting on this surgery as she is going to be tied up.  I swear she is the stupidest woman.  She couldn't call Dante to follow the drug ring link or just wait until the guy took more drugs.

I thought the scene with Edward and Ethan was wonderful.  You knew that Edward knew who he was helping.  He wasn't going to put his company jet at Ethan's disposal for just anyone.  So is Skye staying or going?  If she stays, I hope she gets more of a storyline than every man in town swooning over her.  I like seeing her and Tracy fighting like family.

Poor Matt.  He is a brain surgeon who does life saving cancer research on the side and he is making excuses for his girlfriend because her job is so important?  I love Maxie but she never appreciates the men she has until they are gone.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First I'd just like to add a vote for Skye's beautiful ensemble today.  For one thing, it reminded me of a great read dress and black and cream scarf I used to wear in the '80's. My dress wasn't as fitted as hers but it was always a favorite.  Whoever came up with the idea of that little flap over the arm hole which hides often less than perfect arms on most of us is genius.  Skye is tipping the fashion balance of the show onto the positive side again.  Good thing with Diane away for awhile on another book tour.  She should have taken Spinelli with her.  Isn't he a walking ad for that book?

General Hospital has either great dressers or awful ones.  Maxie is so dead on most of the time and her assessment of Brenda was perfect - she was a fashion disappointment in every way.  Whoever styled her should be ousted.

Now to more important subjects.  Kristina suddenly has a serious surgery in her future.  I hope we are going somewhere with this and it isn't just another opportunity for Dr. Drake to show off his surgical skills.  There wasn't much build-up, almost no controversy over having the surgery and it seems certain she will be fine by the time of Sam and Jason's wedding in 2 weeks.  I don't see the point here.  Though it does give Ethan screen time which is always a bonus.

Loved Maxie and Lulu's talk today.  They so clearly nailed each other's problems.  I'm hoping Lulu does move back home with Maxie and we have more of their interaction.  Maybe Lulu will take her old job back.

I also liked what Jason said to Michael today though I fear he might as well have been talking to one of his monitors for all the good it is going to do.  Michael is determined to make his dad proud.  Speaking of Sonny, where is he?  Back in Bensonhurst or wherever that key he carries around fits?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Anti climatic

Jason is awake.  Good.  Jason recognizes Sam.  Better.  Jason remembers their wedding date.  Wonderful.

Jason is the same as he was?  Not so great.  What was the point?  I loved the fantasy scenes with all the women in his life wondering what if and it was pretty clear he would end up with Sam.  What I wanted though was him to remember some of what happened before his first accident so he could be drawn back into the Quartermaine's.  I think this was a popular wish so I think there are going to be some pretty unhappy viewers if something doesn't trigger Jason's recently cleared out brain to flash back to a Q event.

I want to be Olivia in my next life.  I want to look as gorgeous as she does and most importantly I want to be her sub the next shower scene.  Very hot and something tells me there is a hot topic in Memphis that Steve wants to avoid.  It is time we added some spice to their relationship that involves keeping them clothed and doesn't involve Steve's sister or Olivia's son.

Anthony is just everywhere these days and he sure can speed dial a phone.  Who says you lose dexterity or brain cells with age?  Everyone underestimates Anthony and I hope none or main characters end up regretting it.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Things that needed to be said

Since I seemed to have missed a couple of cues this week, I rewatched Wednesday's episode on-line.  What a great show, almost as good as Monday's episode with everyone daydreaming about Jason's life had he not been in the first accident.

On Wednesday, Alexis and Carly purged themselves of what they really felt about each other and their ex's Jax and Sonny.  I'm happy that Alexis realizes she can't protect Kristina - who is now 18, don't ya know? - from Sonny by forbidding her from seeing him.  Carly could learn something from that.  If I were Carly, I'd be terrified of how Sonny is manipulating Michael but she can't fix it.

Lucky is absolutely right in that Lulu doesn't give him the same benefit of the doubt she gives her Dad.  Why is that?  Does she really think Luke is just too far gone but Lucky can be saved.  She definitely has a higher standard of behaviour for her brother.  Dante is sure between a rock and a hard place or an addict cop and his sister who happens to be his girlfriend.  The guy just can not win.  The argument between Dante and Lulu was so good because they were both right.  I don't want to see them break up but I can see how that now is not the time to be moving forward.

Elizabeth, your ex-husband is waving a big red flag in front of your face and you aren't seeing it.  Lucky was quick to assume that Elizabeth would blame him for the missing drugs.  She has done nothing but defend him and believe in him.  This should be a huge clue for her that he is far too defensive.  She wants so bad to believe in him, to be the one person who does, that she refuses to see what is brimming right in front of her.

One thing that I don't think was ever revealed were the results of Sibohan's autopsy and if anything is going to be done about it.

One thing I learned  though from watching the episode is how Anthony was set-up or supposed to be set up if Patrick hadn't interrupted him on Thursday.

Unfortunately, Monday is a holiday for GH.  When I used to watch ATWT there were few holidays but we did miss episodes on Labor Day as they ran tennis tournaments that day and the following Friday as well.  So this year, I only miss one soap day.  Still there are plenty of cliffhangers.  Jason is waking up and Kristina is passed out. Lots of hospital time I'd say for next week.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

What's that again?

Apparently I'm going to have to rewind and rewatch some stuff.  I must have blinked and missed a couple of things.  Where is Morgan going off to school and why?  I'm as confused as Robin over Jason's missing body.   Didn't they think Anthony would notice the bed was empty before he tried to smother it's contents with a pillow or whatever he was going to do?  I thought Ethan really did care about Kristina and was just afraid to admit it.  If so, he is an even better con than I thought.  How did Johnny get tied up in Skye's bed so fast?

So there are some things not flowing smoothly on the story telling front for me.  I haven't missed any episodes and I'm a bit lost.  The old joke with a soap was that you could miss a week and pick right back up, not here.

Still, these are minor complaints and I truly could have missed some clues.  On a positive note, I loved the long overdue argument between Alexis and Carly yesterday.

Some things never change, Kristina is about to have a crisis and Alexis is not on the scene.  I don't think Ethan is coming to her rescue this time either.  Why do all the single women in Port Charles wander around on those docks alone?

If flowers have feelings as Anthony seems convinced they do, his orchid is sure depressed from rejection.  No one wants him or his plant around and yet he laughs it off since of course, he is holding the cards.  Though one thing I did catch was Tracy accusing Skye of manufacturing evidence against her.  Could it be that is what Skye did?  She doesn't have real proof so she made some up and sold it to Anthony?  That would be very foolish.  Oh, gee, now I sound like Anthony.  Well, I don't talk to my plants.  Then again, they don't look nearly as nice as his.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Jason's Story

Today's episode was an amazing compilation of writing and acting.  It is must see.  And I imagine we will see it again when GH does their reruns at Thanksgiving or Christmas.  This was definitely a keeper!

The episode put one theory to rest and left one open.  Elizabeth and Jason aren't going to be a couple.  I'm delighted because it certainly seemed obvious from her fantasy that this isn't the life Jason would ever lead.

The flashback scene at the end was particularly creative and left quite a cliff hanger. Will Jason remember anything before his original accident?  It took me a minute to realize he was remembering his life in reverse right up to the accident.  There were of course scenes I'd never seen and though I'd heard about his rage after the first accident, I hadn't witnessed any of it until today.  It is hard to reconcile those violent outbursts with the completely controlled Jason we see each day.

Finally, Monica sees what might have been isn't necessarily what should have been.  Jason called her "Mom" and I think it indicates that Monica will be more a part of his life once he wakes up whether he remembers her or not.  I'm still betting he does.

And I got my wish, Tracy and Alan both had more screen time with lots of Quartermaine bickering. We only needed Alice and Luke there to stir things up even more.  Hopefully when Luke returns, Alice will be there to dote on him.  He'll need it because I don't think Tracy is going to be very welcoming.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Jason is in the hands of Dr. Drake and the fantasies of the women who love him.  Heaven help him.

I suppose these fantasies wouldn't be very interesting without their conflicts and each is appropriate for the story.  Sam's permanent Hawaiian holiday and treasure hunt would be especially boring without a gun totting stranger.  Personally I hope Jason ends up with Sam, I just want him to be in Port Charles with the complications of all the other women in his life.

One women who could stay out permanently is Elizabeth. Doesn't she give Lucky, Nicholas, her brother and now Matt enough grief without adding another man to the mix.  I wasn't watching the show to see the Liz/Jason romance but I'm already not a fan.  Elizabeth just doesn't suit Jason at all, particularly when she has envisioned him as an architect.  Maybe this harkens back from some other story, but I don't see Jason in that life at all - yawn.

Carly and Jason together I can see and then again not.  I just don't see him turning from friend back to lover with her.  I do like how she has conjured up Michael in her scene.  I was beginning to think the children in Jason's life had been forsaken.  He is a parent figure to all the young of Port Charles and does a better job of it than most of the real parents.  Michael wouldn't be too happy seeing Jason take Sonny's place in any way.  He may love Jason like a Dad but not enough to break his loyalty to Sonny.  No matter what happens, Carly will be a presence in his life.  He hadn't even gotten to surgery before she was unloading her problems on him.  I would expect Michael to want to visit with Jason, but he could do that on his own without Carly there to plead her case for Jason's help.

Monica has a substance abuse problem so I can see how she conjured up one for her son.  As Edward said, be careful what you wish for.  I only wish it were Tracy who had discovered the imprefection in Dr. Jason Quartermaine. And I hope we see a lot more of Alan before this little scenario plays out

Thursday, August 25, 2011


In this day and age, why are the people of Port Charles not more connected?  Alexis had to read about Jax plane crash in the newspaper at the police station.  She needs to give Molly her computer back.  I know she was trying to punish Molly for fake kidnapping Joss but enough already.  Molly would never let Alexis walk around that clueless unless of course it was about what her darling daughters were up to.

I know Sam wants Jason to think positive, but I would be proud of him for being practical. He does need to prepare for the worst. While my husband was taking his leisurely time going through Wal-mart - a shopping experience I'll never understand - I was standing at an unmanned checkout reading ABC Soaps and there was a photo caption I loved.  Jason is in the hospital bed talking to Sam something to the effect of "I can't lie here in bed.  Sonny's enemies just won't kill themselves."  Oh, so true.  And Sonny will be put under the jail if Jason isn't there to reign him in.  I do question Max being the one being briefed.  Shouldn't it be Bernie?

While I don't love the outcome, I did love the breakup scene with Diane and Max with the Jackal in the middle.  Hilarious!  For a guy stuck in the 40's, Jackal P.I. is certainly acquainted with the phrase "She's just not that into you."  I don't love Diane going on a book tour, I'll miss her almost as much as Max. Why is everyone deserting Sonny when he desperately needs help?  OK, I can see why Carly would cut him off but Diane is PAID to help him.

Sibohan wasn't writing Lucky, she was writing Luzetta's or whatever it is called.  And the Jackal has discovered something important.  He'll crack the case wide open - if he doesn't get himself killed first.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hospitals are supposed to be a place to heal

Where is Epiphany when you need her?  Epiphany would have evicted Carly and Sonny and their much needed fight to a more appropriate place.  And she might have kept Anthony out of Sibohan's room.  Wonder what Sibohan wrote on that pillow?  And what kind of nurse is Elizabeth.  She didn't notice the monitors were out when she stopped by to check on her patient?

I sense trouble for Elizabeth. She was the last known person to see Sibohan alive both when they talked and when she stopped by the room with Anthony hiding behind the door.  I can't see how her nursing career will survive this one.  She'll be lucky if she isn't occupying Sonny's recently vacated cell.

What I don't get is Anthony's obsession with Lucky.  Perhaps there is a history here that I don't know about.  Maybe he has a tie to Helena.  Putting the two of them together would be, well, maybe we don't want to go there.  I don't want Port Charles to get wiped out before its time.

Spinelli/Jackal is coming unraveled.  Maxie, just stick to it.  You may break him out of his weird bent yet.  Lucky seems to think the guy at the bakery was familiar.  I don't remember the guys who held him down while JT shot him up but maybe this was one of them.  If so, Anthony has moved very fast in converting the bakery to a front.

We have much to look forward to this week.  Here is a great interview with Steve Burton who plays Jason on GH:  TV Guide Jason interview  Looks like Friday and Monday will be must see days for sure.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Movie: The Help... and movies in general

Two things you should know:  First, I never read the book.  Second, I'm not a big movie goer.

The main part of this blog is about General Hospital. I love a good continuing story.  This is the main reason I don't watch a lot of movies.  I'm left with more questions that answers.  I want to know what happens after the happily-ever-after if there is one.  I want to know how the characters got to the starting point of the movie.  Being a soap fan is a bit like living in a small town, you don't really know someone unless you knew their grandmother.  With a movie, you jump in the middle of people's lives, spend 2 hours with them and jump back out again.

So occasionally, I go to a movie.  The main reason I went to see the Help was that I wanted to get out of the house and it appealed to me.  Everyone I knew wanted to see it and most had read the book.

One of my friends summarized it really well as she had read the book but not yet seen the movie:  It is funny and it is serious and in the end, everyone gets what is coming to them - good or bad.  This is a recipe for most good movies.

Her analysis was true. I'd like to add that there are good people and bad people in this movie and you know who they are the first time you meet them.  The one exception is Skeeter's Mother who has a little more depth to her.  It is an enjoyable movie, terribly sad that this was once the way people believed and behaved towards others.  It is even sadder that this type of thinking hasn't completely disappeared or has been transferred to other races.  We fear what we don't understand.

The movie theater was almost full even though I went on a weekday afternoon.  Certain scenes garnered more laughter than was probably warranted so I imagine most of the audience had read the book and were waiting on certain parts.

If you like movies particularly about women's lives and social issues, I recommend it.  If you have already read the book, talk to someone who has done both before you decide.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Point Man

For the last year, Michael has been the pivot point of the show.  Being a biological Quartermaine but adopted and raised by Sonny, he had ties to both worlds and all the key characters.  Chad Duell was certainly up for anything they threw at him and portrayed Michael as a scared teenager suddenly sent off to prison, a rape victim, a rebellious son, a young man involved with his first love, and even sometimes the entitled son of a mobster.

But Michael isn't the only character who belongs in two worlds. Jason had that role first.  Apparently his transition from wealthy, preppy pre-med student to crime figure was swift and complete.  He remembered nothing of his life before so there was no tie to the Quartermaines.  Now though, there is a chance to bring Jason into both of the worlds in which he belongs.  More surgery seems to be in his future.  I'm hoping he remembers both lives when he awakens and has to decide where he wants to fit.  The storyline potential and the character interaction is immense.

As for Michael, I'm not liking the Sonny-clone version at all.  How many times can he and Abby argue and apologize over the same territory?  They need to get back to Port Charles, get back to work and Michael needs to get back to fighting with Tracy and perhaps figure out what Skye is up to.  Edward is clearly too smitten with her.

This is something that bothers me.  While Skye is certainly attractive, I don't see why all the man fawn all over her.  It isn't unrealistic.  I've met women before in real life who seemed to weave a web that no man would resist.  I'm not expecting the next man in Skye's path to be delivering compliments.  Jax is going to be too busy trying to recuperate from his plane crash.  I'm betting Skye will keep him hidden or help him escape while Sonny is prosecuted for killing him.

Dante is another of Sonny's sons who is going in a direction I'm not crazy about.  He is lying to Lulu about Lucky.  He seems happy to be prosecuting his father for murder - for racketeering I could understand but he shouldn't be so gleeful to see Sonny going out of his mind in a cell on a murder charge.  Instead of being in bed with Lulu, I would have expected him to be breaking the news to Alexis so she could tell Kristina her father has been charged with murder - again.

Matt is a puzzler.  I've seen so little of him even though he has been a contract player the entire time I've watched the show.  I don't know if his behavior is in character or not.  But I don't see why he is covering up what is clearly a problem for the hospital - dispensing drugs with less potency than labeled.  Why would he keep this a secret?  Wouldn't he be in as much trouble as Elizabeth when it comes out that he knew and didn't report it right away?  He obviously has some big news he hasn't shared with anyone.  I just don't get this character.

I do wish I had Anthony's pain tolerance, not that I plan to cut myself on purpose.  But the guy doesn't seem to be the least bit bothered by the big gash on his hand.  Why didn't he just ask his flunkie what room Sibohan was in?  I fear that she won't survive her latest visitor.  Paging Ethan!

I was whining about no suspense Friday's awhile ago.  Not anymore.  With Jax washed up at Skye's feet, Jason seizing, and Sibohan in the hands of a killer, there is plenty to anticipate next week.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sonny's enemies

Sonny is one confused guy.  His plan to sabotage Jax plane so it wouldn't take off didn't allow for Jax fixing the plane and then crashing it.  The end result is the same. Jax is dead - supposedly though I'm sure no body will ever be found.  Yet, in the latter scenario, there is evidence aplenty that Sonny did it.  For a minute there I thought Jax might actually be visiting Sonny in jail and then disappearing leaving Sonny to know he is alive with no way to prove it.  Sonny was just dreaming.

Diane and everyone around her are always saying what a wonderful attorney she is.  The only evidence I've seen is her inexplicable ability to get Sonny bail given his history and without his physical presence in the courtroom.  Doesn't the defendant have to actually be present at his bail hearing.  I love watching Diane. I like watching her argue the points of the law, I just haven't seen stellar results in the time I've been watching.  She embraced Theo Hoffman, the Balkan without batting an eyelash. Actually she did bat her eyelashes heavily as she wanted to impress her NY partners.  If this one goes to trial, I hope Diane gets a win and shows that she is a truly gifted attorney.

What about Shawn?  He admitted being on Jax's plane.  Could he have done something that might have brought the plane down?  It doesn't seem likely but Sonny doing it is just too easy.  Jax must have had another enemy.

Sonny now has another enemy - Carly. I don't know whether it is worse to have Carly as an enemy or a friend.  She wreaks havoc wherever she goes.  It was nice of her and necessary to thank Robin.  Her appreciation wasn't met with much grace.  The women in this town have longer memories of grievances than even the men.

So Skye is going to be Tracy's downfall?  Not so fast.  I don't underestimate Tracy.  Hopefully Luke will return to add to this interesting mix.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Robin and Jax are buddies?

While I'm loving the new writing and they are doing a good job of backfilling old stories to bring those of us relatively new up to date, there are things that don't make sense to me.

When did Robin and Jax become such good friends?  If she was so close to Jax, why push Brenda to Sonny?  Obviously there must be a history here or Jax wouldn't have gone to her house with Joss but it didn't happen in the last 3 years.  I don't even recall them having a conversation.  And if I didn't know it watching all this time, how would Shawn know about their friendship when he is new in town?  I think this part of the story was missing a connection.

While I loved the great girl talk scene between Carly and Olivia the timing was all wrong.  Carly wouldn't be calmly devoring a plate of pasta while her daughter was missing.  She knows Shawn's PTSD interferred once and Sonny is lethal.  Jason is at the hospital.  She would not be at home on her couch.

I can't believe that Carly wouldn't guess that Jax had gone to his plane.  Where else would he go?

Anyway, otherwise it was a great week and I'm anxious to see what happens when Jason wakes up, if Sibohan survives the janitor apparently on Anthony's payroll, and what shade of green Maxie is going to turn now that Jackal P.I. has turned his attention to Lulu.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

An Eye Full

Mack sure got an eye full today.  Diane's - ah - outfit was a little overboard.  The whole girl talk and strip pool with Coleman has given some much needed comic relief to the heavy drama of the last few days.

I can't believe Carly wouldn't guess Jax would go to this plane.  He kidnapped Josslyn.  What else would he do but try to fly out of town except that he hasn't.  He has shown up at Robin's.  Can he just not get to his plane for some reason - everyone else seems to be able to just walk onto a private jet at their leisure - weapons in hand.

I'm sure it will come out that Patrick was right to operate on Jason but I don't see how.  I think Matt was the voice of reason here.  It is making good drama to pit the brothers against one another with wife/chief of staff Robin in the middle.  I think Robin was overcompensating for the way she has basically demoted Patrick the last few weeks by allowing him to do this procedure.  Robin isn't making the greastest decisions. In her defense, the Chief of Staff job came out of nowhere for her.

Sonny is showing his cold-hearted side to deck his son.  Dante and Sonny's relationship was getting too chummy for one to be a criminal and one a cop.  Putting more friction between them was a good move.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Go girls!

Sam has finally found her voice! Thank goodness.  For three years now I've seen Sam as the most unlikely doormat character.  She should be strong but she constantly refers to her past mistakes and puts up with whatever is going on in Jason's life to have a tiny part of his attention.  Not anymore!  She is asserting herself with everyone left and right.  That cat fight with Carly yesterday was the highlight of the summer.   Some may think it is heartless to hit someone who already has a broken wrist but Carly really did have it coming.  She should have gone home to check on Josslyn calling the police on the way.  She could have called Jason but going over to his house and dragging him away from his fiance to drive through a storm when there were so many better options just makes her selfish.

I am glad Carly has dragged Olivia into her drama as Olivia now has something to do besides date Dr. Webber.  And I agree with both Sam and Carly, why do you need to biopsy Jason's brain while it is swollen.  Whatever is there has probably been there a long time and could wait a day or two for the trauma to be a little less life threatening.  But then I'm not a doctor. Of course, neither are the people who write this stuff so it is all for maximum effect.

Diane and Alexis night at Jake's is giving a great comic balance to all the drama.  Diane should be relieved her divine coat was spared from the storm, forget the shoes.  That coat is gorgeous.  

Another balance to the stormy night's events is Lucky's trip and flashbacks.  It is all really well done.