Friday, September 23, 2011


First, I want to say to all the fans of All My Children.  I feel your pain.  I lost As the World Turns and I do know how you feel.  It is like a member of your extended family -sometimes more so because you spend 5 hours a week with the show and its characters.  I truly hope the show succeeds on-line.

Now onto General Hospital and the most disastrous but perfect non-wedding ever.  There was nothing about this wedding that was predictable except that Maxie was going to continue to be disappointed. You knew when she unzipped those garment bags that they wouldn't have the right contents in them.  Loved that the Quartermaines were present even though Spinelli apparently still can't even send an e-mail.  He had better recoup his technowizardry soon because he will surely need it.

I'm wondering how the package Carly left behind is going to fit into everything.  She seems to be the only one who was planning to arrive with a gift.  Will she or Michael go back and retrieve it and find Dante with a bullet hole in his chest or his back depending on who hits him. I'm betting it is Dante since Lulu is all dressed up and waiting to accept his proposal.  Clearly it isn't going as she planned.

So what is Franco up to?  I always am left wondering with this guy.  He can't be that far away as he was lurking around yesterday and stole the wedding dress.  Will he appear at the rehearsal in person?  Will he have something to do with the drug business?

I'm also assuming that Anthony will survive the shootout because he has to put Lisa back to work making trouble.  She is about to awaken.  Let's hope it is a short recovery.  Surely she isn't at GH. Someone would notice if she was getting more meds wouldn't they? Then again this is GH where drugs get stolen and security is non existent.

Jason and Sam may not get that Hawaiian honeymoon.  Shawn is probably not going to be enough to keep trouble away from the Corinthos organization for long what with Anthony, Johnny and Franco all gunning for them.

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