Friday, September 16, 2011

Lurking Luke

Luke is back and is certainly getting an earful eavesdropping on his children.  He picked up that Lucky's using again, Lulu is unemployed but owns the unused Haunted Star, and Ethan is down on his luck with both cards and women.  He also knows that Lucky torched his old house.  He seemed proud of that one.  He also knows that Sibohan is gone but I'm not sure if he understands she is dead.  From his conversation with Skye he knows that Tracy is not as he left her.  I wonder what he will do with all this.  I would suspect some sort of grand entrance but then he is still clearly hurting from the hurt he caused everyone the night Jake died.

Oh, I hope Sam did pick a beautiful dress and wears it next week.  I saw a promo photo of the wedding with her in a black T-shirt.  She has the the worst clothes and at least this one day she deserves to look great.  At least Jason has the ring back so he can replace that nut hanging around Sam's neck.

Over the last few weeks, the characters have filled in my blanks of the past history of GH in their conversations. It has really helped bring me up to speed on some of Port Charles citizens.  One conversation I could do without is Olivia and Kate revisiting old times.  They had the same conversation two days in a row and I'd heard it all before.  I know the Olivia/Kate/Sonny history.  One can only assume this is to set up Sonny and Kate. Perhaps they will reconnect in the building Sonny bought in Bensonhurst - or not, as Kate wouldn't set foot there again.

There are so many storylines in the air right now I'm not sure what is happening next.  I've always liked how GH puts together many of these seemingly unrelated plots.  The phone call Lucky received today was interesting.  It implied that the fire - I assume it was the one Sonny spoke of - was in a warehouse tied to the bakery containing drugs.  Those are Anthony's drugs. Is he framing Sonny?  And what does Lisa have to do with anything.  Really, I wish they had written her off.  I don't even think Anthony could use the character effectively now.

Next week we will have a wedding or a build up to one.  Maxie had better get free, she still has a million things to do.  And someone should really rescue Elizabeth.  I don't think she is going to the at the top of Maximista's to-do list.

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