Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Marriages or not

Is Sam having second thoughts?  I doubt it, at least not about marrying Jason.  But she sure is giving him a scare.  Seeing the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding may or may not be bad luck but it is a sure sign in soap opera land that we will not see the wedding go off as planned.  I'm bettting she ditches all of Maxie's plans which aren't coming together all that well anyway. What is wrong with Maxie?  She can usually do anything.

It amazes me that Olivia is so quick to give everyone relationship and marriage advice when she has never been married.  Actually she has never had a committed relationship that I can tell.  Yet there she is telling Kate, Sonny, Dante, Carly and anyone else how to manage their marriages or relationships.  Poor Dante, I think he will be shot down on this one.

Ethan is getting more lovable by the day. Not helping his sister disappear and making a visit to Kristina in the same day!

Franco is just getting creepy.  Ok, he was always creepy but this is even more so. I hope this is his last visit to Port Charles.

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