Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dark Thanksgiving

At least Carly had a nice Thanksgiving.  And she didn't obsess about Michael spending the day with the Quartermaines so I'll give her points for maturity.

While Dante and Lulu started off well enough, it's deja vu.  They will be lucky if Lulu doesn't burn the apartment down leaving the candles burning like that.  I don't expect their relationship to survive another of his off hours hero moves that lands him in the hospital.  Frankly, I'd be happy if it didn't.  I've tired of Dante and Lulu.  I'd like to see them both move on.

Kate and Sonny's dialogue is getting a bit old and it certainly could have waited until another day to air.

We had far more important things to watch on the annual Thanksgiving show.  I'd been looking forward to Thanksgiving at the Quatermaine's with Monica, Edward, Tracy and Alice ordering pizza and bickering.  What we got was Tracy and Edward being just plain cruel as a side order to their traditional Thanksgiving feast.  Apparently they used to have this kind of knock down drag out fight in the past, thus the pizza.  Jason may not remember being a Quartermaine but he has returned to his destructive emotions in their house.  He was pushed just too far though even Tracy couldn't have known what she was doing.

Will the Q's try a Christmas event?  I'm sort of doubting it at this point.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So many stories, so little time

Every character has a major story in their life right now and it seems that GH just can't tell them all at once.  Olivia was drinking wine again today so either the pregnancy test was negative or she hasn't gotten around to taking it yet what with all the pie baking and relationship meddling she has been doing.  Or maybe they have just decided to drop the whole thing.  Really, she could have just taken the test, found out it was negative and we could move on.   It would not be like Olivia to put something this important off.

We are getting back to Anthony and Tracy I'm pleased to see. Those two are such fun to watch.  Add Luke to the mix and it should get interesting.  Beforehand though I fear we will be watching some heartwrenching scenes with Luke and Lucky and Jonathan Jackson has already filmed his last Luke/Lucky scenes.  If Lucky was only taking a leave, I would look forward to great drama.  Instead it will be very sad indeed.

Now we hear that Robin also exiting. Sounds like it was the actor's choice this time.  I hope so.  So many people don't like Robin but I always have.  I also like the idea of a character truly growing up on the show and actually being about the right age!  Amazing.  What will happen with Patrick with her gone? Surely she won't be the one who killed off Lisa!!!  I hope they don't go that way.  I'm still rooting for Matt to be the killer.  The dressing room scene with him and substitute Maxi did nothing to win me over. Now I am ready for Kate to fire Maxi.

Look forward to tomorrow's episodes.  It should be pizza with the Quartermaine's and they have extra guests with Sam and Jason going and perhaps Abby and Michael. I hope Alice is on hand, Monica is back, this makes for a thankful GH day for sure.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Luke and his conscience

It was a treat watching Tony Geary's Emmy reel today.  Having Luke argue with his conscience hit home a lot of points about Luke.  I do wonder now how Elizabeth does it given how far she lives from the hospital.

Luke wasn't the only one in another world.  Lucky got some closure with Sibohan.  Now though I'm saddened when I watch Jonathan Jackson's scenes knowing that he is leaving the show.  I started watching with is predecessor and really didn't like Lucky at all.  He was so weak. I wondered for awhile if it was the writing but no.  We've seen Jonathan Jackson's Lucky be self-destructive, aggressive, kind, smart, blind-sided, and emotionally broken.  Through it all, Lucky has never seemed weak to me.  The acting has made all the difference.  I hope they don't recast.  Let's let Lucky go if we must.  Maybe he will return one day.

Today was a particularly good episode because it focused on one family and their insecurities.  It wasn't scattered everywhere.  Ethan summed them all up nicely.  And we were left with another mystery.  Who is the woman at Wyndemere when we know there is a man there?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Catching Up

I watched some of last week out of order so now I'm caught up, I think.  It is a bit hard to tell as I keep forgetting what storylines are still out there - there are so many of them.  I think every character has a story going right now.  It seems like I haven't seen much of Michael in weeks but he is still dating Abby and ticked at his Mother for seeing Shawn.  But then Carly isn't dating Shawn but not without trying.

One thing I did really like was the Veteran's Day tribute they did on Friday.  Very classy.  Plus we learned more about Shawn.

I'm hoping Matt killed Lisa and we get to write him out.  He is trying to tone down his ego but I'm still not in love with this character and the cast has swelled so much someone needs to go.  Patrick and Robin clearly suspect each other of keeping secrets.  Lisa may be getting her wish after all.

Loved seeing Luke's face when Lulu opened the door holding Aiden.  He and Sonny had a heart to heart that didn't leave either of them feeling warm and fuzzy.  It seems everyone either thinks Sonny is a great father or a lousy one.  He can't win.

Johnny and Kate or Johnny and Carly?  I just hope it is Johnny and someone.  All that sex appeal is greatly wasted.  Is Anthony recovered?  Again, I'm caught up but have lost track.

And why hasn't Olivia taken that pregnancy test or has she?  The biggest puzzle is why Steve brought a women he clearly doesn't like and who is a troublemaker to Port Charles?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Everybody's birthday

So let me get this straight.  It is still Halloween night as far as I can tell.

It is Maxie's birthday.
It is Emma's birthday.
It is the anniversary of the night Claudia was killed which was the night of her birthday party so it would have been Claudia's birthday.
Which means it is Jossyln's birthday.
Carly says it is the day before her birthday.

Did I leave anybody out?

What is so ridiculous about all this is that it doesn't have to be all happening in one night?  We also have Lucky off in a graveyard in Ireland and Jason locked in some room in Hawaii.  GH has always liked to create big events and drag out a day for two weeks.  What I dislike about this one is that these stories don't tie together so there is no reason to have them all going on at once dragging out on and on.

What I do like is Carly trying to make Shawn jealous and using Johnny to do it.  Add Sonny to the mix and it should get interesting.

I also liked Diane crashing Sonny's party and setting Alexis up as his next legal council.  Please, please keep Diane around somehow.

What I really dislike is the Franco story.  It's been done.  No none is interested in this.  Bring Sam and Jason home so they can interact with everyone else.  One person off in another world - that being Lucky - is enough at one time.

Dante may be a great detective - so they say - but he is lousy at figuring out his girlfriend really doesn't want to marry him.  He also hasn't been privy to his Mother's dizzy spells.  Would he figure out she is pregnant?  At least that will be one baby not born on Halloween.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Creepy Clown

Hasn't anyone else noticed the creepy clown hanging around the hospital?  Clearly Epiphany doesn't like clowns in general.  Yet, here is this same clown practically stalking the nurses station for what seems like hours and no one seems to pay any attention.  I had certainly hoped Lisa died on the cruise.  Otherwise, what was the point of putting us through the longest, most boring cruise ever?

On to something more interesting.  Steve has a secret.  We know he does.  Now we know that Johnny knows and he sure looks like the cat who swallowed the canary.  Does he want Olivia back?  Will he use Steve's secret to get between him and Olivia?  This I want to know more about.

Speaking of Olivia, she is meddling way too much in her son's life if she wants to weigh in whether he attends a family dinner or not. Steve gave her good advice.  I hope she keeps it.  Perhaps she too wonders if a night of Sonny might be tip Lulu over the edge in whether she wants to marry Dante or not.  I really don't think Sonny scares Lulu.  I think Dante being a cop terrifies her.

Diane got far too little screen time as it was and now she is leaving Sonny's employ!  Oh, I hope this isn't the last of Carolyn Hennessy who is fantastic.  She broke up with Max and now Sonny; she isn't writing another book with Spinelli so there are no ties for her left in Port Charles.  What a shame!

I don't get why Matt even cares one whit about Maxie after the way she constantly ignored him and now only wants to use him for birthday goodies and a magazine story.  Maxie never seems to appreciate what is right in front of her.

Alexis and Sonny yesterday where hysterical.  My husband was listening in and declared her crazy for complaining that her daughter got into Yale.  It was Alexis' idea anyway.  Sonny is right; she will be the reason the already suspicious Kristina finds out.  Apparently we are still in for another long night.