Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dark Thanksgiving

At least Carly had a nice Thanksgiving.  And she didn't obsess about Michael spending the day with the Quartermaines so I'll give her points for maturity.

While Dante and Lulu started off well enough, it's deja vu.  They will be lucky if Lulu doesn't burn the apartment down leaving the candles burning like that.  I don't expect their relationship to survive another of his off hours hero moves that lands him in the hospital.  Frankly, I'd be happy if it didn't.  I've tired of Dante and Lulu.  I'd like to see them both move on.

Kate and Sonny's dialogue is getting a bit old and it certainly could have waited until another day to air.

We had far more important things to watch on the annual Thanksgiving show.  I'd been looking forward to Thanksgiving at the Quatermaine's with Monica, Edward, Tracy and Alice ordering pizza and bickering.  What we got was Tracy and Edward being just plain cruel as a side order to their traditional Thanksgiving feast.  Apparently they used to have this kind of knock down drag out fight in the past, thus the pizza.  Jason may not remember being a Quartermaine but he has returned to his destructive emotions in their house.  He was pushed just too far though even Tracy couldn't have known what she was doing.

Will the Q's try a Christmas event?  I'm sort of doubting it at this point.

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