Sunday, November 18, 2012

The many faces of the resurrected

Let's count them - Cesar, Duke, A.J. - that's 3 so far this month that are back from the dead.  We already knew Robin was alive so I guess she can't be counted. I understand the writers are trying to bring fans back so I can live with it.  I just wish it were spread out a bit more.

When the Petraeus story broke with all its drama of 1000 e-mails, socialites and the stupid things smart men will do for the attention of a pretty woman, I told my husband he could never again criticize GH for their storylines.  (He doesn't know there are so many characters back from the dead.)  I couldn't help but remember the Lisa Niles story and the similarities to real life.

Back to daytime... I just don't like A.J.  I know he is supposed to the one wronged here but I just don't like the guy.  I've never been a Carly fan and Sonny certainly has plenty of flaws.  It is amazing that Michael turned out like he did.  He must have somehow found the tiny bit of good in each of his parents and his uncle.  The main thing I don't like about A.J. - well two things - one he is dumb, just plain dumb.  The second is how cavalier he is with his mother's freedom. He owes his life to her and he doesn't seem to care that she committed crimes to save and protect him and put her house up to insure his freedom.

Now I do enjoy the spoils of these somewhat silly plot twists.  Alice, Tracy and Monica are the new must watch threesome.

I also love seeing characters of a certain age take center stage as in the Duke and Anna romance.  The mask is completely silly and certainly something anyone would know was fake upon touching. Yet here we have this woman presumably in her 50's and all these over 50 or 60 men after her.  It is a marvelous break from all the young lovers.

One young couple that are very sweet are Elli and Spinelli though I'm still rooting for Maxie.  One couple I can't stand are Patrick and Brit.  Oh, I love Patrick except when he is being stupid and he is over Brit though he did show some sense this week when he put on the breaks.  I just hate Brit and have since day one.  We are supposed to and since she has no redeeming qualities this makes for a very boring character.

This week is Thanksgiving and the previews on-line indicate a sad Thanksgiving filled with familiar faces.  Kleenix at the ready.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rewriting history

right before our eyes.

Now, I wasn't watching GH all those years ago - how many was it? - when AJ died.  But I can figure out some discrepancies already.  For one thing, Michael is about 20 and I'm reading between the lines to see that AJ must have died when Michael was very young.  This puts Steve now in his late 40's to have been a doctor when AJ was pronounced dead. This is certainly possible.  He looks that age but it doesn't go with Heather's age.  I know, I know, ages don't matter on daytime drama but it is still all fishy.

Another thing is why AJ didn't return to comfort Monica when Alan died - or Emily or Lila.

What I most hate about this is the recreating of the scene without even trying to make Monica or Steve look younger. They could have just told us what had happened without the visual.

Finally, my biggest beef with this is that cardiologist Monica didn't revive her son with her medical skills it was her words.  Huh?

There were opportunities to do this better.  Adding to that, I'm just not taken with AJ already.  I didn't know the first version of him; I've only heard Carly and Sonny's tales which are surely tainted. But this guy is just sleazy to me.

So this introduces a big new storyline just as Jason is leaving and the baby switch has wrapped up.  Sam is about to find out the baby is Jason's.  If only someone would shut Heather down for good, this could be over - well, mostly until Todd's involvment comes out.  I've enjoyed this story- cliched as it is - because there have been enough twists and the actors have done a fantastic job.

Connie is a hoot but her expiration date looms.  Trey impresses me more with each performance and I'm glad he is getting his mother committed. Really he needs to because he doesn't know who is even supposed to be in control of her body and what truly happened at his birth.

Kristina hasn't been on much lately.  Have the directors taken the hint or have we just been lucky?

In this post I've been a bit hard on the show and some of the actors but it is the exception not the rule.  I love GH and hope we get to rewrite history for years to come.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Not abandoned

It has been weeks since I posted yet I often think about what I would write when I watch an episode.  And watching is something I've defintely been doing as so many storylines peak and close.

Sam has her baby and her fantasy came true for what 10 minutes?  I know it is boring to have couples all happy but couldn't we have given them a few days?  We endured weeks of them in Hawaii before Franco showed up to ruin everything.  And we knew it was coming to an end as Steve Burton has left the show.  All the best to him and his family and their move to Tennessee.  I do hope he gets back to L.A. to work from time to time.  We all know that Jason isn't really gone.  The characters aren't going to believe it either if tomorrow's previews are any indication.

Another beef I have with this storyline besides the lack of time for Sam and Jason to be truly together is shooting Jason in the back.  That just isn't the way Jason should go out.

I was delighted though with the baby switch storyline.  Joy for Sam; heartbreak for Tea, a character I really don't even know. And boy, can that woman wail!  She is the most convincing crier I think I've ever seen.  Clearly New Kristina needs to take lessons.

Joe Jr. got his last revenge by naming Sonny as his shooter.  I really hope they discount this early on.  I think it is just in there to keep Trey from wanting to help Sonny help Kate/Connie.  BTW, Connie is wearing thin very fast.  The little scene between her and Johnny last week was not enjoyable.  Poor Johnny, how this character has fallen from grace.

Poor stupid, Carly!  Actually I don't feel the least bit sorry for her.  She goes from Johnny's lies to Todd's.  She really should know better. It is so hard to find women who make the same mistakes over and over enjoyable to watch.

Another heartbreak this week is Lulu's. She can't carry a child.  They did this well if quick, giving her a good reason.  I'm wondering if this will become 'my mother is carrying my child' story with Olivia being her surrogate.  Not sure how I would feel about that.  Anyway it is just one theory.  Pleased to see Maxie being supportive.

I don't know what to make of Duke Lavery.  Is he the real guy or is Luke right?  If Duke can get someone (Bernie - RIP) to move Sonny's money to Kristina, then he can certainly get someone to insert new fingerprints into a database.  Spinelli could do that in his sleep - though he certainly wouldn't in this case.

I'm delighted to see Luke and Tracy right in the middle of key storylines.  I doubt it will be long before they are comparing notes and figuring out that Joe was working for Duke and all this ties in with Jerry and the water contamination story.  Will they figure out the link to Robin?  I hope they do and clue the rest of us in on what is really behind Robin's kidnapping.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Let's party!

If the bachelor and bachelorette parties are any indication, the wedding will be some kind of blow out or blow up if things go more as usual.

Let's start with the guys.  Spinelli just gets more endearing all the time.  The look on his face when he realized he had lost to Jason was priceless.  There were lots of good side conversations, too as Dante was trying to get up to speed on Sonny's latest enemy.  Spinelli was doing everything he could to convince Jason there must still be a mistake in the lab.  Sonny confronted Trey about his father. Why Trey even showed up for this is beyond me.   I like Trey more and more.  I just wish they would give him a different Kristina or get rid of her character altogether.

Across town at the Floating Rib, Milo started a new career, one he may need when he leaves town and tries to change his identity.  This may be essential when Sonny hears that he 1) ditched his bodyguard duties 2) did a striptease for the ladies including Sonny's fiance and 3) was covered with Kate's lipstick.  Poor Milo.  It is amazing he has lasted this long.

Watching Lulu coach him on being a stripper and the Mac having to rescue him were highlights.

One thing that puzzled me was why Elizabeth was invited to this party at all.  She is not in the inner circle of either the bride or groom.  Of course, her presence gave us the opportunity to hear Nurse Nosy and now presumably Nurse forger a chance to brag about her latest conquest, Jason.  Lulu should never have solicited this conversation right by Sam.  And Sam was stupid enough to buy into it.

I still don't know what Connie had Johnny doing but it must be really bad.  That is what Olivia needs to have premonition about.  I will say again that Connie is infinitely more interesting than Kate so I'll be sorry to see her go when they finally bring this story to a close.

Also Jax left town - Yeah!  Shawn got a little more background on Alexis.  It hardly matters as he is very clearly smitten.  Finally, someone for Alexis.

We also got more of the Cinderalla story - Brit (I finally learned her name) and Sabrina.  Patrick really didn't prepare Emma for his first date.  As much as he was absent, I doubt Emma just missed her Daddy.  She knows something is up.  Hopefully she will know that Brit is no good for daddy and that Sabrina is clearly too young to be her new stepmother.  I'm rooting for Emma to be a little demon and keep Patrick from either of these women.

Loved watching Anna question Todd.  He and Johnny haven't got long before their houses of cards come tumbling down.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Get them off my screen!

Is there anyway to eject the daydreaming Sabrina and whoever that pushy doctor is that is chasing Patrick - I really never bothered catching her name - off my screen???  I seriously dislike both of these characters.

The pushy doctor is obvious.  She is obvious in her intentions and it is obvious why I can't stand her.  And who believes an actress that is supposed to be playing a doctor and saying "anyways."  It is 'anyway.'  Geez!  Truly, just get her off my screen and we can forget it ever happened kind of like I'd forgotten the hideous character of Cassandra until I was reminded yesterday thinking about awful character introductions.

Sabrina is supposed to be a sympathetic character but she is so cliche and she was simply forced upon us with no warning.  This story is a complete waste of Ephiphany and Patrick.  I'm already predicting a Maxie makeover of Sabrina who is no doubt stunning behind those horrid glasses.  Again, what a cliche!

This is the bump in the otherwise scenic road that is General Hospital these days.  The baby switch story is finally becoming must-see TV with all the characters engaged in what they do best.  I loved it when Jason called John for help and even when he played the "if you really care about Sam" card.  John is hardly blameless in this trio.  Steve Burton will soon film his final scenes - this week I think so the character of Jason has to wrap up.

An actor who played A.J. is coming back to GH.  I certainly hope they are not recasting Jason with him or anyone.  He may be a fine actor but he won't be Jason.  GH doesn't do recasts well at least in my time.  When I first started watching Greg Vaughn played Lucky.  I thought Lucky was a rather slow fellow who was led around by the woman in his life currently Elizabeth and previously Maxie.  When Jonathan Jackson resumed the role, the character was instantly transformed into a sensitive man and savvy cop.   No recasts, please.

I'm predicting the actor will play Rick.  Molly mentioned she didn't know how to get in touch with her father anymore during the water crisis.  That is a sure sign that something is happening with this character, Sonny's brother, Molly's father and Alexis' ex.

I'm also thrilled to see Connie resurface.  The current version of Kate is so nice and boring.  I was hoping for a integration that had more pizzazz.  Since the personalities clearly aren't integrated perhaps that will happen yet.

Again, please someone realize Olivia is not crazy and spring her from the hospital so she can really get in the middle of what is going on.

Sonny and Kate's wedding is bound to have drama.  I don't know what Kate has asked Johnny to do and then there is Joe.  What are his plans for his child's Mother's and his worst enemy's wedding day?

Finally, it was sad week to learn that John Ingle had died.  I always enjoyed seeing Edward and Mr. Ingle played him perfectly.  I assume the last time we will see him on screen was when he managed to donate the syrum to Emma.  It was such a sweet final scene from this GH icon.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Perfect Ending

A perfect ending to a rivoting story was the finish to Wednesday's episode.  Before the ending, I cried when Edward wanted Emma to have the only vial of antiserum.  I was delighted to see Sonny climb back up on the dock without Jax.  I was let down when he showed up the next day.  I never figured they would kill him off but they could have lost him for awhile.  I still can't stand him.  Jerry isn't dead either I'm sure and will pop back up in Port Charles one of these days.  After all there are many unanswered questions.  Jerry claimed to be doing this to buy himself a cure but from whom and why did this person - I assume the guy who has Robin - want to kill off everyone in Port Charles.  Surely someone wants some answers.

I admit the only thing I could think of when Dante and Lulu were in the shower baby making was "I hope you emptied your hot water heater from the tainted water."  I loved Olivia and Steve, Sonny and Kate and even Jason and Elizabeth all on the roof soaking up the clean 'rain.'

Now I'm ready for Olivia to get out of the hospital and start using her new gift.  I'm also ready for Kate to figure out she is Trey's mother.  She is close but I think it will be Connie who really knows who he is.  We aren't done with Connie, that is for sure.

Todd and Johnny have a new pact.  I'm not quite sure how this differs from the old one.  Todd is going to need some help when he finds out Heather has escaped.  He will surely know where she has gone or at least he should be worried about it.  Todd though seems very reactionary.  He doesn't seem to anticipate what his enemies might do.

I'm also curious if they are going to get their money back.  Eighty eight million is a lot of money.  I'm guessing it is pretty much all Johnny had.  I didn't really think he had that much stashed back.  Without a nest egg, will he decide he does want back into the mob and claim his place in the Sorento family?  He hasn't been seeing his father in awhile.  I miss Anthony.  I think Johnny's conscience should pay him another visit.

While this plot was filled with sub plots - Alexis and Shawn's new romance, TJ and Molly's bucket list, Sam and Jason's what if, Elizabeth's kidnapping, Olivia's visions, Cook's death, Maxie's return and on and on - the most intriguing is Tracy's new romance with Joe I-don't-even-know-your-last-name.

I'm not sure how to redeem Joe but I really hate to see him fall out of grace too soon.  He does light up Tracy, brings her and now Monica on the screen and gives some meaning to the character of Trey.  Plus he isn't hard on the eyes.  New male characters of a certain age are often missing in daytime.  Actually he shouldn't be more than early 50's but that is old for TV anymore.

Spinelli has given Maxie and ultimatum and Felicia has given her daughter some advice.  I hope she takes it before Spinelli falls for the new lab tech who has so many lines she can't possibly be just an extra.  I give GH many points for truly having a hospital full of people during the crisis. Typically they are skimpy on the extras and even skimpier on getting them to do or say anything.  Ellie may be just the thing Spinelli and Maxie need to get their relationship back.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fantasy Disallusionment

I couldn't help but wonder today as Sam shared her fantasy of what might have happened with Jason how I would have felt about this if I didn't know that Steve Burton was leaving his role of Jason.

If he weren't leaving, Sam's fantasy might be possible.  Of course, she couldn't have a pre-delivery shower or hospital delivery.  Jason and Monica couldn't share a touching moment before the birth.  That time is gone but new memories for their family could be created.  Little Emily might come to be.  With Burton leaving though, these things aren't likely to happen.  I'm assuming Jason won't be recast.  I'm certainly hoping Jason won't be recast.  Recasts seldom work.

Heather sure has a strange way of making things right.  She kills a nurse to escape so she can tell Tea her baby is really Sam's.  I don't think this will endear Heather to Steve.  Surely Heather won't stay on the loose for long.

One thing that puzzles me is how no one except Sam seems to want to spend their final hours with the ones they love.  Carly never seems to spend time with Joss unless she is sick.  This week, she was off seeing Johnny and leaving her daughter with the sitter, one I assume is sick.  Great mothering, Carly.

Tracy seems to want to spend more time with Joe than with her father.  Sonny hasn't even sought out his children.  I'm not sure he even knows where Kristina is.  Of course we know they aren't going to die.  It is just a miss in the story.

Otherwise, it continues to be must-see TV.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Can't wait for tomorrow

Actually I guess I can't wait for Tuesday.  Tomorrow is Labor Day and I expect a rerun.  General Hospital is so good, I don't want it to end each day yet I can't wait for the scenes from the next day to preview.

I've no doubt that counteragent or whatever will be found in time to save the entire town.  And I can overlook things like John McBain who apparently hasn't even worked for the FBI being put in charge.  There's no National Guard presence as there would be if this were a real emergency.  Yet, I can overlook all this because the story is that good and it brings in everyone who didn't escape Port Charles before they drank the water.  Even those who did are still getting their storylines.

Luke came clean with Anna.  Good for him.  Now he is off to find Robert so I fear this is Luke's vacation just a bit late.  I hope he won't be gone long because we don't want to leave this story to dry up.  Plus, he has to get back to rescue Tracy from her now boyfriend the gangster.  I really thought Joe was just playing Tracy until he gave her his treatment for the poison.  That was a big surprise and a bit out of character for Joe, what we know of Joe.  I don't see him sacrificing his life for Tracy no matter how smitten.  I figure he will try to get more out of Jerry so he, too, can survive this disaster.  What I don't get is if he knew the water was poisoned and he did since he poisoned it, why didn't he just stay out of the shower and drink bottled water, avoid coffee and only eat packaged food.  This doesn't seem that difficult.  Better yet, he could have gotten out off town.

Joe had to spill his secret about his son to Sonny to stay alive.  What will Sonny do with this info?  Sonny should have investigated Joe ages ago.  It wouldn't have been hard to ask around New Orleans and find out that Joe had a son named Joe, Jr. who now goes by Trey.  But then we wouldn't have had that entertaining Las Vegas ceremony and seen Trey dance around the truth.  Surely Starr isn't this dumb but we will see.   Is Kristina that dumb?  Yes, definitely.

Kristina is a supremely unpopular recast and I wonder what the folks at GH are going to do about it.  Obviously her character is in an important storyline.  I suggest another recast and pronto.

Speaking of recast, will Jason be recast when Steve Burton leaves?  I really doubt it as there just wouldn't be another Jason.  I don't think they will kill him off either as absolutely no one would believe he was dead.  How to get him off the canvas when he finally has a son is a mystery.

Again speaking of recast, the old Maxie, Kristin Storms, should be back on soon. I'm assuming this is why we haven't seen much of Maxie lately.  They are probably giving a little space between the two actresses. I didn't care for Jen Lilly's portrayal of Maxie to begin with but I grew to like her. All the same, I'll be happy to have the old Maxie back and hopefully reunited with Spinelli soon.  Spinelli will definitely be lost without Stone Cold.

Elizabeth is in the middle of another mess.  I wonder how many times this character has been kidnapped.  I'm never a fan of the woman on a soap who no man can resist.  Yes, she is beautiful, but no one is that wonderful that every man in town has to have her.  We are finally finding out what Ewen has done in his past.  Again, it is a great story.

Olivia must surely realize by now that she is psychic that is if someone has told her and Steve that Ewen kidnapped Elizabeth.  People need to pay attention to Olivia's visions.  Finally all her preaching can have some truth behind it.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jerry's Wrath

Well, we know who isn't going to be poisoned by Jerry's nefarious scheme.  Anna and Luke are undercover - probably literally before we are done - in Switzerland.  Spinelli is in route to the frozen north in what seemed to be the least believable reason to write someone out of this storyline.    Would there really be anything to find in Alaska after all these years assuming Ewen and Jax were there at the same time?  Finally, Trey and Kristina have eloped to Vegas.  I'm figuring Starr and Michael have shaken Michael's bodyguard by now and are chasing down the soon-to-be newlyweds.  I laughed when Sonny put Milo, personally, on Kristina's safety.  Honestly, Sonny, don't you know by now that a 2 year old could get by Milo?

This saves a few people from Jerry's wrath and gives them some other storylines to interject during the drama in Port Charles.  The real question that remains is WHY?  Why is Jerry doing this?  He says for money but given his dreadful cough and his insinuations about his health and I can't see why a dying man would be doing it for the money.  He's got to be looking for a cure for what ails him or for revenge.

Unbeknownst to Jerry, one of his victims will be his brother, Jax.  I was less than thrilled to see Jax return.  I suppose it was inevitable but let's make it quick, shall we?  He's already been arrogant and judgmental.  I don't want Jerry to kill him just get him out of town.

A delightful surprise is Tracy's fling with Joe She-doesn't-even-know-his-last-name.  I know Joe is scum but it really is a shame.  I can't see a way to redeem the murderer and rapist though it has certainly been done before.  What amazes me is the idea that Sonny wouldn't have investigated what Joe has been doing all these years just taking Joe's word that Kate's baby died.  Joe was convincing but Sonny should know better.  I also don't get how Kate has no more remorse over the baby.  I know she wasn't herself yet this should be almost crippling to think you killed your own child.  Dr.  Kennan just isn't that good.

As for Dr. Kennan, it didn't take much to transform his pretty face in the devil, did it?  Olivia has a whole new angle as a pychic.  Would someone please fix her hair?  I get it that she doesn't want to do it herself what with seeing Heather staring back at her in the mirror, but couldn't Connie run a comb through that mess?  I'm not used to seeing Olivia anything but put together.

The most puzzling thing in this storyline to me is why Todd would sell the cable station so suddenly.  A suitcase full of money would be appealing to anyone but you've got to know there is something illegal going on and Todd is rich.  It isn't like he needed the money.  It would have been a better story if they had given him a reason to need the cash.  I get it that Todd will do practically anything but everyone has to have a motive to commit a crime which Todd must surely know he is doing on some level.

The entire story is gripping. I was on the edge of my seat when Alexis and Joss' fever's broke.  I knew they weren't being killed off but I was still wondering.  I bet there will be a few more of these moments before we are through.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Connections

So Jerry is connected to Joe Scully.  Interesting.  There is an underworld to the underworld in Port Charles.  Finally someone is getting Joe out of jail.  He doesn't deserve it but I'm a little tired of these bar side chats and not the ones at The Floating Rib.

Another character headed for Port Charles is apparently Jax.  Not surprising now that his brother is back in town.  Please make it brief.  Jax is one of my least favorite characters.  He is supposed to be a white knight but all I see is an arrogant, boring, hypocrite.  Let's get him in and out quickly.

I'll give Elizabeth credit for keeping her expression as neutral as possible when Jason told her he and Sam were divorcing.  I know inside she was jumping for joy.  Ewan is committing all these crimes to save Elizabeth from knowing about him.  If only he knew that he is a mere placeholder, perhaps he would come clean and expose Jerry.  But then, what fun would that be?

Thursday's episode is about to come on so here is my guess.  Jerry injected Alexis and Joss with whatever is wrong with him so he can get the great doctors at GH to come up with a cure.  If so, why get rid of Robin?  She was the one who specialized in miracle cures.

Only a guess.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

What's the hurry?

If Sam and Jason are giving up this easy, I don't think they needed to be married in the first place. Who would have guessed that Dante and Lulu would be a model for how to work out your problems?  Wonder how they will adjust to baby on board.  You know Lulu has got to be pregnant.

Spinelli in the gym was hysterical!  Good thing Heather is off to jail.  She might have answered his on-line dating profile.

Jerry has me guessing.  What has he kidnapped Alexis for?  I know he wants to terrorize Carly by kidnapping Jossyln.   I hope Shawn rescues Alexis from whatever Jerry has planned.

With each visit to his Dad, Trey should be getting more and more clues to the fact that he is being used. Joe Scully is scum.  I really feel sorry for Trey.  I never thought I'd like this character but he is more likeable by the episode.   But wouldn't Sonny or Alexis run a background check on him.  It should be easy enough to find out who his parents - ah, parent - is.  Does everyone who attends and Ivy League school and doesn't have a perfect pedigree change their names? First Connie Falconeri and now Joseph Mitchell Scully.

Elizabeth isn't so sure of Ewen or is she unsure of herself? Her reservations may serve her well from getting in too deep with the mysterious doctor.

So many good storyline here and I bet the villianous Jerry and Joe bring them all together for us.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Jerry's Back

I got one right!  Jerry is Robin's kidnapper.  Jerry is a super villion and not just because almost no one is beyond his aim.  He is super to watch, too.  Now what does he have on Ewan that would make him kidnap his co-worker, stage her death and lie to her husband, his patient and lie to his girlfriend, Robin's best friend?  Well, it could be anything seeing as we know next to nothing about Ewan.  Actually now that I think of it, I should have been expecting bad things from him for a long time.  He is a man of mystery after all.  Really, I  never cared much for this character.  He is just now getting interesting.  The only thing that would have made this story about Robin's fake death more interesting is if they hadn't shown her to us so soon after her 'death.'  We needed to grieve too in order to really appreciate the surprise.

Another character that is holding my interest these day is Trey.  It is pretty sad when you care more about Trey than Kristina who we watched grow up.  This is not a reflection on the actress but on casting and writing.  At least this horrid reality show is kaput.  I was again surprised today when Trey confided in Starr and bonus points to him for questioning his dad.  He should be wondering why his Dad suddenly wants revenge and his family fortune back after all these years.  Apparently, he had been perfectly content in New Orleans not worrying one bit about what Sonny was doing until he landed in jail. This should be a serious red flag for Trey who is proving to be worthy of his Ivy League education.  He is going to need this to get by Sonny who is already suspicious of him and will be even more so if Trey and Kristina get engaged.  Trey better go for an elopement.

That little Aiden is so cute.  I hope we see more of him.  Less of Elizabeth and Jason, thank you.  I just don't like them as a couple - friends, fine - but not a couple.  Sam though is so much more interesting with McBain perhaps because John can carry on a conversation.  I like Jason but I love watching John McBain.  I do give Natalie points for hiding his passport.  That was genius.  No matter what he did, taking his son out of the country was wrong though.

Bring me a tall glass of lemonade and not because it was hot outside.  It was plenty hot inside.  Watching Shawn play pool is something I hope gets repeated.  All the scenes at the Floating Rib were welcome entertainment last week, but what happened with the woman who jumped in Shawn's arms just as Alexis was about to ask him out?  I want to see Alexis and Shawn together particularly so Carly can see what she missed out on by picking Johnny.

I used to love Johnny. I still like watching him and hope for his redemption but his cavalier interest in Olivia's condition was just the final straw.  And why is Olivia still not out of her drug induced coma?  It's time to get her up and moving around and testifying against Crazy.  With Jerry back, I think Heather definitely needs to go.  She was fun but one mania running around Port Charles is enough.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Surprise, surprise!

We were treated to a few surprises this week on GH.

Anna pulled a gun on Heather in the interrogation room rather than give into Heather's demands.  Bravo!  Now, if Anna will just do a more thorough investigation of Ferncliff than talking to one nurse she might learn something about Robin's location.  BTW why would anyone give a barely conscious Robin a pamphlet on the facility she is being transferred to?

Even more surprising was that Ewen was the one 'treating' Robin and he is doing someone's bidding.  We still don't know who.  I've heard various theories of for people I've never heard of.  So I really don't know.  The only clue is that at one time Ewen seemed to have a strange reaction to the name Jasper Jax.  I can't imagine Jax having anything to do with Robin's disappearance but what about his dastardly brother Jerry?  I don't know why other than Robin is important to many people in Port Charles including Jason.  She was working on a cure for Jason when she died.

Friday left us with a big surprise.  Johnny knows about the baby switch. How?

Blair wasn't back for Todd but to tell him she was engaged to another man.  This didn't surprise me but her assertion that she 'might' have been sending him mixed signals made me laugh.  Might?  She was all cuddled up to him at the club, responding to his kiss, telling him she did love him.  I'd say those are some powerful signals.

I was surprised that Luke seems to want Tracy to wait on him and she is agreeing to - in her own way.  They do have a weird relationship.

Finally, I'm surprised Patrick checked himself in for treatment.  I'm happy this branch of the story may come to a close.  I'm puzzled that any doctor would want to be treated for substance abuse in his own hospital.  I realize his boss and co-workers would find out, but surely he wouldn't want them to see him go through detox.

Lots to look forward to again next week.  I'm particularly interested in what Johnny knows and how he knows it.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Don't call her 'crazy'

Todd had better never let Heather hear his hilarious ringtone! "Crazy calling, Crazy calling"  Oh, too funny! Olivia is the latest to make the mistake of calling Heather "crazy."  Of course anyone could see that Olivia had put herself right in the line of fire.  She isn't one to back down under any circumstances and Heather is between her and her man. Personally, I think Olivia should have just cut her losses.  If Steve is too stupid to see what this woman who sold him as a baby is doing now, he just isn't worth it.  I loved Steve when he first came to town and wanted to see more of him.  Now I have and they can put him back on the back burner or wisen him up.  This version of Steve is nobody's prize.

Anna has already done more as police commissioner in a few weeks than Mac did in the entire time I've watched GH.  She actually goes out and investigates!  It's amazing to find someone who wants to get their hands dirty.  She'd better hustle on over to that cabin before Luke becomes toast.

Luke!  I just can't get over the idea that a man who has been kidnapped as many times as he has wouldn't carry around a few James Bond style tools up his sleeve, hidden in his watch or something.  He is just now realizing he has been held captive in a tool shed!  Didn't Maxie and Elizabeth escape within minutes of being held captive.  Luke hasn't even tried until now and his grand plan was to burn his ropes off?  Was the alcohol keeping him savvy all these years?

I'm assuming Tracy got a letter too and we just didn't see or hear about it.  I like Tracy and Luke better than Anna and Luke.  Mostly though I'm delighted that Anthony Geary is around for the summer at least so far.  He is too important right now to take a vacation.

Wanna bet that isn't really "Connie" paying Johnny a late night visit?  I'm thinking Kate is trying to figure out what Johnny knows and she is just pretending to be Connie.  I want Kate to know she didn't cause the accident but I so hate to bring Johnny down.  I know what he did is awful yet I can't help but want him redeemed.  I've always loved Johnny.  With Todd spying on him though I doubt he will be able to keep many secrets.

I was very pleased to see actual extras being used at the club opening.  Too often there is some big event and we only see the show regulars.  The club was and should have been packed.  I do have to say though I'm not nearly as impressed with Starr's singing as everyone else is.  She is OK but I've heard far better from other soap regulars.  Martha Bryne of ATWT comes to mind.  That is something they could do with Steve - let him sing!

Lulu and Dante are having marital problems - what a shock!  I never thought they would actually get married so it has already lasted longer than I expected.  Lulu was wrong to blow off work to comfort Johnny and Dante was wrong to show up at the Haunted Star and practically demand she go home with him for his romantic dinner - hasn't he learned by now that his never married Mother is not the best source of relationship advice?   There are wrongs on both sides and plenty of room to compromise.  I hope they keep this going at least a bit longer and prove me wrong.

Finally, we didn't see too much of Sam and Jason this week.  Todd now knows the truth of the baby paternity and everyone is on Heather's trail for Maggie's murder.  Will Heather get caught and if so will all her secrets come out?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Unexpected Week

I've been too busy watching this wonderful show to write about it!  First off, a big congratulations to Anthony Geary, Nancy Grahn, and Jonathan Jackson for Emmy wins on their amazing performances!  Much deserved!  Also a big congrats to the entire GH Team particularly the directing team for their wins in Best Drama Series and Directing.

We saw more great performances this week and there were some unexpected little twists as least I thought so.  I expected Trey to walk in on Sonny trying to kill his father.  Instead it was John. Joe Jr. tried to lay a guilt trip on John about his sister's death.  He did an awfully good job of it but fact is, Joe pulled the trigger.  I knew John and Sam were getting closer but the kiss surprised me.

Starr and Michael's heat did not surprise me at all.  One of the columnists at Soap Central has been wanting Michael to have some fun and we certainly saw that today - at the Quartermaine's no less.  Wish we would have had a few Q's celebrating but at least they weren't totally ignored, nor was the 4th of July holiday.  I do miss the way ATWT always celebrated with Bob manning the bbq and making a patriotic toast.  We also didn't have reruns on the 4th.

But back to the present.  Another surprise was Luke's scenes this week.  I'd forgotten that Anthony Geary takes bi-annual vacations until Heather kidnapped him.  He has been so in demand and on screen that I just forgot we might have to live without him for a few weeks.  Now I don't know whether he is off or not.  He is in the previews for Monday, too.  Did they just shoot some of this ahead an give Geary his vacation or is Luke going to be ping ponging between 3 women for the rest of the summer.

Anna is proving her worth as the new police commissioner by figuring out Heather kidnapped Anthony's body and hopefully she will arrest Heather pronto.  I don't think that will happen as Heather is so integrated in storylines all over town.  I'm getting more used to this character in a 'love to hate' kind of way. Her lines with Todd are hilarious, but she definitely gained hate points when she got Diane fired.  Will we ever get Diane back?  Inquiring minds want to know that!  Of all the actors to put out of work, Carolyn Hennesy was not one of them!  Plus, half of Port Charles needs defending on any given day so Diane could always return to the law.

A little thing I noticed today that I thought was clever was Michael saying to Starr "No worries."  This is an Aussie phrase that he could have picked up from Jax.  Nice move, writers!  Mind you I don't miss Jax one bit so let's keep him away.  Sonny is probably still scratching that itchy trigger finger so Jax may still be a target.

Back to Trey.  He didn't walk in on daddy tied to a chair but he did get an eye full from Kristina.  Honey, if a man can look at you in that bikini and turn you down flat, he just isn't that into you!  Save some of your dignity and move on. Oh, right, you have no dignity given that you are constantly trying to parade your family's faults on camera.  When Trey, the reality show producer and character we know nothing and care nothing about is more sympathetic than Kristina - a legacy character - there is something wrong.  Let's send these two back to Jersey to help out dear old Dad and bring Kristina back fresh in a few months and just start over minus the camera crew.

Is Alexis overreaccting?  Yes and no.  Molly lied but I think Alexis punishment of never seeing TJ again was too harsh.  Alexis, when your daughter has Romeo and Juliet memorized you have to be on the lookout for her Romeo.  As usual, Alexis is completely clueless about what his happening in her own house.  At least this time she has a good reason defending Sonny and Kate has kept her plenty busy.

I hope Patrick's drug addition story wraps up soon.  We've been here on this topic many times.  I think grief can be shown without the pills.  At least Maxie is back to her stylish self, now let's get her back to work.  I thinks he would make a fun addition to Manning Enterprises.  Maybe she could help Kate stage some sort of coup for Crimson.  It is very unrealistic that Maxie and Kate haven't connected somewhere in all their troubles.  I know they never had a friendship but they did have some sort of relationship.

Finally, I love, love, love seeing Spinelli in private eye mode and semi normal speech.  Sans Maxie, this character is opening up and there is far more for him to do.  I hope guarding Olivia is on his list because I fear her days are numbered as she is definitely on the Cuckoo's radar.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jason's regret

Who could feel sorry for Jason?  I certainly can't or I shouldn't but then I see the pain that Steve Burton conveys from this character and I give just a little.  He rejected Sam's baby, made a federal case ogut of her confiding in John McBain and finally had John beat up.  His timing could not have been worse.  John was unable to drive Sam to the hospital so she goes wandering around in the dark and gets her baby switched.  So soapy and improbable.

I still wish Heather would disappear tomorrow.  Yet while we have to watch her she might as well be entertaining and she is.  She gets the best lines of this week.  Her dialogue with Todd was perfect.  I love it that she kept referring to burying Anthony as her "gardening."  I fear that Olivia's suspicions will be her death sentence.  I know a lot of people are tired of Olivia but I still really like this character.

I'm not too happy with Steve though.  He can't be that dumb regarding his mother can he?  At least there is much for Spinelli to do.  He needs to figure out Heather's secret and hopefully Sam will enlist him to confirm her suspicions that the baby was switched.  I'm glad that have let Sam has this doubt.  She is way too smart not to figure this out.

So what now for Mac?  He was a terrible police commissioner so maybe something else would suit him better.  I have mixed feelings about Felicia.  I can totally see her as Maxie's mother but there is little depth in this character.  If she moved on, I wouldn't mind.

Many of the main players were absent or back burnered this week - Sonny, Carly, Kate, Elizabeth.  The baby switch has been as good as an old storyline like that can be but let's mix it up and get back to some of our other stories.  Carly is forgiving Johnny.  Kate is still in the hospital and is still in the dark on who really shot out Anthony's tires.

Much, much going on in Port Charles this summer.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I wish I meant that a character on GH was betraying another.  What I mean by "betrayals" is the writers and an actor are betraying daytime with their actions this week.

The first betrayal is this awful, horrible, worst storyline ever of Kristina's Mob Princess reality show. Reality shows are the enemy of scripted shows.  They are cheap, often (but not always) trashy, replacements for good writing.  I call them unreality shows.  There absolutely nothing realistic about putting a bunch of people on an island and have them do silly contests to see who can 'survive' the longest or race across the globe to on what is essentially a scavenger hunt or find a mate in a few weeks or live in the same house together with a bunch of people you have never met before, etc, etc.

So bringing 'reality' tv into daytime is a betrayal.  And not only that it is ridiculous to think that people could just walk into Alexis - lawyer Alexis - home and start running cameras.  I truly wanted Alexis to slap Kristina silly today.  If Kristina wants to be treated like an adult that is what she deserved because that is what would have happened to another adult woman who started running her mouth the way she was.  I truly HATE this storyline.

Another betrayal are the promos I've seen for the Chew where Laura Wright is appearing.  Perhaps she is there to talk up daytime but I'd rather she not be associated with the enemy at all.  The Chew and all the replacements ABC, NBC and CBS try out in their former daytime drama time slots are enemies of our programs.  Don't show up on the Chew and pretend to care about what these people are pushing, Laura.

Again what I'm enjoying are the Tracy/Luke scenes.  Luke sure got caught red handed today and there is ample evidence that his real crime is still being in love with Tracy. He was dying for her to use his name as the one she swore her oath on but she picked Lila instead.  This storyline also gives Brandon Brash more opportunities to shine.

I knew what Maxie was up to.  It was a good plan only it keeps Dr. Selfish around a while longer.  And poor Spinelli!  His heart is breaking and he doesn't even have Sam or Jason to go to for support as they are caught up in their own problems and drama.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Season Finales

All the primetime shows I watch have now had their season finales - and a couple of series finales whether planned or not.  Here are some thoughts on the series finales:

Desperate Housewives - I wasn't pleased with the ending.  While I'm glad Bree isn't in jail and Karen taking the blame was unexpected and poignant, the rest didn't seem to fit.  Why would Renee be so desperate to marry the broke Aussie who lied to her?  Tom and Lynette probably deserve each other but if anyone needed to be apart it was them.  They are NOT good together and what it is with Tom telling Lynette she is never happy. Tom, who quit his job to stay home with the kids then start a pizza business then go back to school then go back to the corporate world then be so in love with Jane, is the one who is never happy!

Gabby will never have a happy ending without her biological daughter.  What happened to Bree's son Andrew?  He was one of the best characters they had and wasn't even in the finale or anything leading up to it.

What I most disliked was moving everyone away and them never reuniting again.  Bree nearly went to prison for these women and then it can all be over just like that?

The Firm - Just watched the last one of these.  It is a shame this hasn't been renewed.  I know it got terrible ratings but NBC has so little.  They didn't do enough to promote this and gave it a terrible time slot.  The acting and writing were good and of course the premise is something we all know.  I think that was the issue.  My husband didn't want to watch because he thought it was a repeat of the book which was repeated by the movie.

The season ender which turned into the series finale left everything unsettled.  Tammy had gone off to obtain a divorce she thought she aleady had and wasn't even in the episode at all. Abby was in Kentucky kissing another man.  Mitch was finally being confronted by the mob boss' son who says he doesn't want to kill him but hire him.  There is much story here to tell.  Maybe Grisham will write us another great book and someone will make that into a movie and then a series...

Harry's Law - this is NBC's big mistake for the year canceling Harry's Law.  I read it got 8 million viewers.  They were just older.  Well, sell your ads to companies for products for an older populations.  They may be the only people who actually have money anyway.  This show just kept getting better.  The finale was well done with cases, office romances, and Harry's love for and of her people.

I really liked watching Harry, too and I'll miss it.  NBC could do a lot worse - they ARE doing a lot worse.  I hope they change their minds on this one.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Genuinely shocked

The last time I was genuinely shocked by a storyline was...  I can't remember!  It is still hard to believe that Johnny shot his grandfather.

I'm not going to be 4 for 4 either - on identifying the culprit.  Johnny shot out Anthony's tires and got Connie to take the blame.  Quite a piece of writing.  It is even more surprising that they put this on a Monday/Tuesday. When we had the cliffhanger Friday, I just assumed Johnny was lying.  I never dreamed it would go this way.

I'll certainly miss Anthony.  Yes, he was a killer.  He would do anything to protect himself or Johnny.  He even 'took care of' Maxie's problem for her to repay his debt.  But he was so much fun to watch.  I suppose this will take care of the last loose end of Maxie's case.  I wondered how they were going to get her off of conspiring with Anthony to kill the first mate.  Now she can just blame it all on him.

I assume that Johnny's timing has a lot to do with opportunity.  He knows that Tracy was trying to kill Anthony so he has the perfect one to frame. Luke is getting caught up in this for sure.

On the other side of town, Tea is the latest beautiful woman to use John McBain for a sounding board.  I do wish costume burns that awful maternity getup they have her in.  And would someone please give her a proper pregnancy pad so she doesn't have to hang onto it like a kid clutching a basketball.  I guess she is afraid it is going to fall out.

I know I'm supposed to be mad at Jason but I can't help but see his point of view.  No, I don't think he should suggest to Sam that they give this baby up for adoption and just make another one.  He gave away one child and then later regretted it.  But I do see how it is going to be hard for him to raise Franco's child.  And of course we have Nurse Nosy on hand to stick her two cents in and be his shoulder to cry on.

So who is Shawn dating or does it matter?  Apparently they decided against a Carly/Shawn pairing.  Is this racial or do they think Shawn is just too good a guy for Carly?  Todd sure isn't so I guess that is her next one.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Great writing

The storylines are superb these days!  I think the tie in's with OLTL are very good.  Even though I never watched the show, it is obvious that Kate/Connie DID story is written with these fans in mind.  Even though I don't know the OLTL characters, I'm getting into their stories very easily.

Kelli Sullivan should get an Emmy for her fantastic performance as Kate/Connie.  She finally has Sonny believing her.  While I think it was beyond insensitive for Sonny to not even listen to everyone telling him what was going on with Kate, I don't think they should get back together.  If Kate is so afraid of a life with Sonny that she had to develop another personality to deal with it, there is really no hope for these characters.  Ewan told Kate that they personalities would have to merge.

And I got another one right!  Not that they made it too hard for me.  Dr. Hunter is Lisa Niles' murderer.  Another case of good writing here as most of us had long ago lost interest in Dr. Niles or who killed her.  To resurrect this storyline and make it attention grabbing took talent. I'd always hoped it would be Matt so we could be rid of this character.  I have nothing against the actor and am glad he found other work.  I just find the character of Matt incredibly self-absorbed and unnecssary.  Yes, this will be a blow to Patrick but it is definitely time to move Dr. Hunter along and get Maxie out of prison before we have to see more of her in that hideous orange complete with black eye.

There is still too much murder going on or attempted murder.  Friday left us with wondering who is telling the truth - Johnny or Connie in their confessions of who shot out Anthony's tires.  Johnny has an alibi; it's Kate I'm sure.  I've thought it was her all along. Hey, I'm 3 for 3 already.

Anthony is right about one thing, the Mrs. is trying to kill him.  I laughed at Tracy's constant complaint that Luke didn't have a plan.  And she does??? Tracy is being very sloppy about this.  I don't think Luke is going to murder Anthony so I'm particularly anxious to see what he has in mind and to see more of three of my favorite characters.

Speaking of favs, we are seeing lots of Alexis these days and Molly is back on screen.  The Molly and TJ romance is a bit hard to buy as we didn't see the lead in for this.

The only sour note is Jason and his poor treatment of his wife.  I can see why he is having trouble accepting this baby but I can't see why he is pushing Sam away and totally ignoring her feelings about the baby.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lulu is deluded

I got a good laugh out of Lulu this week.  She told Luke that she could think and act under pressure.  That she was good at it. Huh?  The way I saw it, Sam was the one who suggested to Ronnie the Haunted Star and dropped the matchbook.  It was Sam who untied them.  It was Lulu who got herself shot and Sam who avoided getting shot by faking a fainting spell.  Lulu did figure out it was Ronnie but then my her own admission, turned her back on him and got herself kidnapped.  Lulu isn't going to last 10 minutes if she gets herself into any more adventures particularly if Dante, Luke or John or all three aren't hot on her trail.

Tea arrived this week.  I like her so far.  I'd love to know what she and Padilla were saying about Johnny in Spanish.  Todd is back and so far he is interesting and not too annoying.  He is frank about his past which I appreciate.

It is going to be hard to get past what all Johnny has done lately but I can't help but want Carly to forgive him.  I know Johnny isn't all bad but his actions are saying otherwise.

Ronnie is gone.  Matt is on his way out.  Both of these I've wanted rid of.  Now, if we could get rid of Heather, all the aggravating characters would be gone.  Maggie was also written out.  I didn't have an opinion one way or another.

I wonder of Connie will reappear and bust out of jail.  I kind of hope so I'm not anxious for this storyline to end.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Jason is a jerk!

I'm so disgusted with Jason.  His only redeeming quality right now is that he has figured out Kate's dual personality.  I swear I thought someone was going to have to draw Carly a map.  She reads a medical file with a term she doesn't understand and she rushes over to Johnny's.  She doesn't at least Google it?

Back to Jason.  Your wife is pregnant after being raped by a maniac and all you can worry about are her conversations with another guy - a guy who has been supportive.  Jason is just a jerk in this entire scenario.  I get that this affects him too.  I can see why he wonders if he can raise this baby as his own.  But he has done that before with Michael.  He saw Lucky do that with Jake.  The least he can do is support Sam until he figures out what he is going to do.

I see a lot of criticism of Starr Manning's character. I have no prior history with this character.  It is easy to see why she can't let the death of her child and boyfriend go.  It is easy to see why she thinks Sonny is really guilty.  He's skated by before. Everything really pointed to him.  So I get her anger and can put up with her ranting for awhile.  However, if they pulled the character tomorrow, I wouldn't miss her.

The OLTL crossover I do love is John McBain.  He and Alexis are the only people in town who make any sense.  I wish he were unattached so he could hook up with Alexis and then there is all that chemistry with Sam.  But they keep going to great lengths to talk about his family, for him to have conversations albeit brief with his wife.  Surely at some point he will be free romantically or he will cheat.  I'd hate to see him cheat. He really does seem like a good guy for a change.

And speaking of 'good guys' and change.  Johnny who was always trying to escape his upbringing then swung over to the dark side is trying to swing back.  I hope he makes it.  It's hard to root for Johnny with all he is into.

Will Tracy knock off her hubby?  I doubt it, but the scenes with her, Luke and Anthony were predictably priceless.  I mean if you tell me those three are going to be in a scene together, I know I'm going to laugh and love it.  But Tracy, dear, Luke is not smitten enough to try to kill Anthony.  First of all, Anthony has more lives than a cat and he has a gangster son or grandson who no matter how much he protests is still blood.  You don't mess with these people and Luke knows it.  Then there are the instructions Anthony supposedly left with his attorney to expose Tracy should he die.  No, Tracy you are stuck for the time being.   What a treat for us.

Two things I predicted are coming true and I'm happy about both. Ronnie is the abuser and is surely going down.  Not a minute too soon.  I've been wanting rid of this annoying character for months.  Matt is Lisa's killer. It explains Maxie's behavior to a point.  I still can't believe she would go to these lengths to cover for her.  If Max wanted to change Maxie's mind, he should have had her sent to prison prior to sentencing to see what it was really like.  I think that might have done more to persuade her that she was taking her guilt over Robin's death too far.

Back to Kate, again I'm riveted everytime this story is on the screen.  The writing and acting are fantastic. I certainly understand the recast.  I just can't see Megan Ward with her hair down like Connie - even if she had long hair.

The only dark spot for me storywise is Heather. I still hate this character.  The idea that Maggie would fall for her act is silly.  Is this a way to write out Maggie?  I'm not crazy about the character but we didn't need to kill her off.  Although if it gets Heather off my screen sooner, I'll take it.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Show Favorites

I like this new trend of debuting new shows at different times of the year.  It isn't all about Fall anymore.

So far this spring, there are two shows I'm loving - Smash and ABC's Scandal.  Just to get things out of the way, ABC has had plenty of bombs.  I suffered through one episode of GCB, I think my husband watched two before giving it up.  It is just silly - I think that is the best word for it and a true waste of a wonderful former Designing Woman.  I've also tried the other "B" show and don't care for it either.  Shows filled with characters you just don't like or respect are unappealing.

So back to Smash which is the only thing I watch on NBC.  It is about creating a musical and building the careers of two very talented young women.  But what makes the show are all the sub plots and there are plenty.  EVERYbody on this show has a story.  Thankfully it has already been renewed for Fall.

I was a little concerned about Scandal thinking that it might be just too much of the character Olivia Pope wearing her 'big white hat' and always saving the day.  She does her job well but her famous instincts start failing her in the first episode.   The show reinforces the knowledge that Washington is filled with the fallible and they are much more fun to watch in fiction than reality.

ABC has had a few other premieres I haven't even bothered with like Missing and the River which were unappealing to me from the previews.  Seems like I didn't miss anything.

I haven't watched much on CBS.  With a fairly successful lineup already, they haven't introduced much.  They just brought back Rules of Engagement which surely will get canceled this year.  It should have gone after about season 2.  Rob was awful but I hear it may come back anyway.

Wonder if there will be any new things for the summer.  With the regular season winding down it would be nice to have one or two things to watch over the summer months.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The green-eye monster has camped out in Port Charles.  Sonny and Carly certainly have reason.  Johnny didn't have to actually sleep with Kate to make Sonny jealous and break them up.  Olivia is right; Johnny has turned into someone we don't even know.  It is a shame because I love the original Johnny.

Sonny and Carly couldn't be more predictable.  Of course, Kate is going to walk in on them.  Kate is the only one I feel sorry for in this situation.

Jason has some reason to be jealous.  Sam thinks she is innocently confiding in John McBain but anyone can see the chemistry and where this is going.  I'm not letting Jason off the hook.  He was completely oblivious to Sam's predicament when she found out about the baby and Franco.  It isn't that she didn't tell him, she just waited a few days to know the full story.

The new writing team does a good job they are just sometimes a bit too obvious.  Dante racing off to Memphis is clearly to keep him out of town so Lulu can be Ronnie's next victim.  Finally!  Maybe we will get rid of Ronnie for good.

Loved watching Spinelli in front of the Avengers poster trying to figure out who actually killed Lisa. No one else really cares.  We just want Maxie out of jail and back to displaying her fashion sense.  Someone has to run the magazine.

So many references to Kristina.  Is she returning?

Friday, April 13, 2012


I love blogging.  I'm having a lousy day.  I've spent all morning on a project and truly have to start over from scratch.  I'll do that but first I need a break, a vent at someone besides myself.  So I think I'll take my frustrations out on whoever decided it was a good idea to bring Heather Webber back.

I never knew this character before and what I know of her now, I'd just as soon forget.  She is completely, totally unlikeable and utterly unsympathetic.  I'm with Olivia - send her back to Ferncliff.  The only thing I do like is the expression on Luke's face when she is around. It does make me laugh - which I could use right now.

Another part of the issue with having Heather is the larger issue of too many stories and too many characters.  There is so much going on it is hard to know what to focus on.  It isn't boring, that is for sure. But I could use a little breathing room.

What I want to focus on is Sonny's trial.  There are conversations at Kelly's over a cup of coffee that take 3 days to tell and yet in half an episode the prosecution has trotted out almost all its witnesses.

Now that I have my grievances aired, I'll say that the TV will be on promptly at 3 so I can see what Connie Falconeri is going to do next. I've been riveted to this story from the beginning.  We are getting close to everyone knowing that Kate has another personality.  Spinelli is anxiously awaiting records to be delivered which will tell him what is happening.  Jason is about to go the court house.  And there is Kate on the stand saying she is someone else.  Will she come back to Kate in time or has Connie really broken free?

Hopefully we will also see Tracy bust in on Anna and Luke today.  So far they just have a friendship but I love seeing Tracy all worked up.  I wonder when she testified if she was reluctant to tell the truth about Sonny because she wants him to stay out of jail so he can finish of Anthony.  More Tracy, Monica and Alice and less Heather is all I'm saying.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Great news!

Yeah!  Yippee!  General Hospital is being renewed and the Revulsion - ah, I mean, the Revolution - is being cancelled. This wasn't a huge surprise if you looked at the numbers. Yet, ABC has made such awful choices regarding its daytime, and nighttime, line-ups that it is always hard to guess.  Yes, they have had some winners in the evening - Revenge, for example - the losers are outnumbering them.  Amongst the losers, I count shows that are doing well in ratings just because of their time slot.  Suburgatory is a good example.

Anyway, I'm delighted that ABC saw the benefit of keeping General Hospital on air and I do appreciate the importance of viewership.  It is an expensive show to produce and they can't keep it around just for a few fans.  So keep the TV on at 3:00 or whatever time GH comes on.  Let's show them that we do want daytime drama to survive and thrive!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What will Sam do?

What a dilema to find yourself in.  Your husband had a twin brother who was a pshyopath who terrorized you and may have impregnated you without your knowledge or consent.  Your husband has already killed the brother he never new existed.  And you the wife have to decide whether to tell him and what to do about the baby now quite a bit further along.

Only on a daytime drama.  No, they would do this on Criminal Minds in a heartbeat if they were smart enough to think it up.

It's pretty obvious Sam isn't going to run to Jason and tell him.  He wasn't home so now she has time to think, time for John McBain to get into her head and time to put off the inevitable truth coming out.  I'm delighted to see Sam have more of her own story even if it is creepy.

What I'm not delighted about is finding out Robin is alive.  I thought she would be eventually but I'd have rather not known now.  I haven't read any spoilers so I don't know if Kimberly McCullough had a change of heart or just wants to leave the door open.  If it is the latter, we really didn't need to know now.

I'm loving the Kate/Connie story more by the day.  I don't think it will stay a secret much longer what with Connie coming out more and more.  I laughed at the completely puzzled Jason today.  Connie gets to tell everyone off and they are so stunned they don't know what to do.  Give her a scene with Olivia, please.  The only question here is who is going to figure it out first:  Sonny, Alexis, Olivia, Steve, Jason, John, or Anna.  Now I can see why Maxie had to be in jail.  No way could Connie fool Maxie.

Steve is making a big mistake taking in his mother.  I know nothing about Heather other than the recent dialogue but it is easy to see she will use him and she probably has some master plan she wants to carry out.  Olivia, run, now!

Saturday, March 31, 2012


Mostly, I'm enjoying the show as always, but I have a few issues with how things are going.

Where is Shawn?  Has his character been written out?

Finally Ewan finds out that Cassandra is dead and he feels terrible.  I don't buy it.  He drops her or lets her drop him and he never gave her a backwards glance until he gets a call from Alexis weeks after her murder.  Now he is sorry.  Ewan is just a convenient character for the Kate/Connie storyline.  I'm not worried about Elizabeth getting too attached though, she has so many other men in waiting.

Why would anyone put a man and woman opposite each other in jail - aren't the sexes kept separate?  And putting Maxie and the man she fingered together.  If she is lying, he's going to lean on her.  If she isn't, they are going to conspire to cover up their crimes.  It is just plain dumb and lazy writing.

The return of Ronnie.  Let's just make him the stalker and kill two birds with one stone - an unnecessary storyline and Ronnie who has grated on my nerves since day one.  I hear the Padilla is getting an on screen husband which means they are going to drag this out.  I'm not happy.  Not only do we not need another new character, but we don't need this story at all.  Wrap it up and move on.

Wednesdays are always a hoot and this week was no exception.  The fight at the police station between Spinelli and Matt was hysterical.  However, if I were Mac, I'd fire that statue of an officer who just stood there and let them brawl all over Dante's desk.

Loved Tracy's jealousy over Anna moving in with Luke.

Since I'm onto things I love, let me get those out, too.  Jason telling Carly she can't see Johnny any more and her defying him.  Kate's - ah, I mean, Connie's session with Ewan.  Lulu is working an not moping about her life anymore.  Alexis has two clients with one heading to court very soon.  I've not really seen Alexis much in the courtroom and I'm looking forward to it.  Michael is attending college and he is getting a new love interest with lots of potential drama for the young couple.

Now Sam is off to see another returning character who I don't know:  Heather Webber.  I'm guessing Steve and Elizabeth's Mother isn't a very nice person since she is never mentioned.  I've seen this woman in previews and she doesn't look old enough to be Steve's mother.  Apparently she has a link to the past.

I noticed a preview this evening that shows Katie Couric getting her feet wet at ABC by hosting the morning show.  Well that puts her back where she belongs.  If only she would stay there and they would drop this whole idea of yet another talk show.  Then again if it takes her talking ABC into keeping GH, I'll deal with the time change.  Anything to keep GH and get rid of the Revulsion.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Loving John McBain

I'm loving the new character (for GH) of John McBain.  I want to know more about him.   What is his history with Sonny?  Is he really in love with his wife or is there a chance he will come to Port Charles looking for love?

I love the fact that Jason will have a new rival.  It also looks like Dante will as well.  We haven't seen the annoying Ronnie in forever so anything to keep him off the canvas as well.

Luke just gets better and better. This week he explained to Anna - and to those of us who had been wondering - why Robin never called for her Mother's expert help in dealing with Lisa.  I don't get the Jake's name change.  Oh, I can see why, I just don't understand the new name. I like references to the show's history as this is a nod to longtime viewers.  But explain them to the rest of us, please!

This morning I read where OWN - Oprah's network - is struggling.  I didn't watch Oprah but I've certainly seen one of her regular shows or two and I certainly admire her.  I don't wish her ill will.  However, I do think this is a sign the ABC daytime folks need to pay attention to.  If Oprah Winfrey can only get 800,000 people to watch her interview Lady Gaga, they need to realize that talk is way, way overdone.  It isn't what viewers want.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Robin's Funeral

Just a few quick thoughts on the last week or so...

Carly is ridiculously obsessed and Sam should turn in her PI license.  If Sam wants to protect her husband, she should stay in his room!  Leaving him alone for long periods of time is just inviting Carly or any of the hospital staff who knew Robin in to tell him.  Her conversation with Epiphany and her confession to the naked Ewen was sloppy writing.  Carly doesn't care one way or the other about Jason she just wants to get back at Sam. Period.

Jason Thompson has been magnificent in portraying the grieving spouse.

I continue to love seeing this new side of Luke continuing to help out one friend after another without even the tiniest sip of alcohol.  He does it in Luke style.

Many people have tired of DID storylines but I only remember one and that was about 30 years ago on ATWT.  It was magnificently done.  This one with Kate/Connie is also well done by all parties and I'm hanging on her every word.  I particularly love how Johnny and Anthony have been drawn in.

Finally, on Robin's funeral, my only gripe is Emma being present for the entire thing.  I know she doesn't really understand but still wouldn't a child be upset.  This just seems unrealistic.

Maxie storming in in her fashion faux pas red dress is classic.  Will this make Maxie change her obscenely selfish ways and get back to a person I can love to watch?  I hope so.

So sad to see Robin go.  I know the actress wanted out, just hate to see this made permanent. But then in daytime drama, nothing is permanent.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

They're listening!

I love it when people listen to our suggestions!  Oh, I don't know if my rants and e-mails made any difference but I hope they or someone's did.  Maybe the producers at ABC just figured this all out for themselves.  Nevertheless, it is all good.

First, Miss Snowflake is gone.  I fear it was all a staged ruse and she isn't really dead but whatever, just as long as she is off my screen. The rest of this trite little tale (to use Helena language) can go by the wayside, too.  It is too predictable and there are so many more interesting stories already in the works.

Second, Michael is back on the side of good and front and center in a new storyline.  Just put him back to work at ELQ interacting regularly with Edward and Tracy and we can all be happy.

Third, Monica is in Jason's life again.

Fourth, Sam is pregnant with Jason's baby - as far as we know. We can be happy for awhile about that.

Fifth, the fallout from Robin's death is bringing about wonderful performances, no surprise there but today we even got a flashback!

Sixth, more familiar faces are apparently headed back to town such as Dr. Noah Drake.  It always amazed me that a character could be killed off and their closest family not even be mentioned at a funeral.  Having Patrick's father return just makes sense.

Seventh, OLTL stars are going to pop up.  Now this certainly wasn't a suggestion of mine as I never watched the show but I thought it was a good idea from the start.  So to whoever asked for this, bravo.  Of course, this all starts of tragically - the death of another child.  Yet, tragedy gives us the best drama.

Eighth, Matt is remembering things that might make him Lisa Niles murderer.  Everyone has probably long lost interest in this one but if it gets the egotistical Dr. Hunter off my screen, I'll all for it.  I wanted him to be the killer all along.

Ninth and perhaps most importantly, I saw the new GH promo today and I'm delighted.  Delighted that there is a promo at all.  I hope this will be popping up all over the place.  My e-mail to ABC was to run the promo at night during shows like Revenge that could have the same audience as General Hospital.  I understand the ratings for the Revolution are terrible so this may be an indication that ABC wants to save GH for another season.  Hopefully they are getting the message that people don't want their so called lifestyle shows and do want our daytime dramas.

So with every day full of drama, 3:00 on ABC is definitely the place to be.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Friday's episode had so much action that it was impossible to turn away.  I was riveted on every word out of Kate's mouth waiting for her to confess to being Sonny's shooter.  I'm guessing here but I agree with Anthony, she was suspicious.  If she shot him after the benefit was she also the amateur who shot him in his office.?  She would have had to be in some sort of altered state as she was very upset then, too, when she found out he had been shot.  It is hard not to hang onto every word of a woman wearing a sleeveless, blood soaked wedding gown on a pier in February.

At the hospital the drama over whether or really when Patrick would agree to help Jason continued.  Anna got through to him thankfully.  He would have regretted it if he'd let Jason die.  Of course, we know Jason isn't going anywhere. In this age of casting spoilers, there are no secrets.

Which is why if someone has to die at Wyndemere it will be Ethan.  I hope that isn't the case. I hope they just write him out with a way to return.  I could not care less what happens to Cassandra.  Her story is so cliche.  It isn't even good enough to make me want to see more of Helena. Normally I love to watch Helena but there is so much else going on right now, I'd as soon they wrap this up quickly and send the lot of them packing - well, except for Luke.

I've missed Luke and surely he will have something to do now that his 'dear niece' is falling into bed with another member of the mob, Tracy's is still buried in her marriage to the marked Anthony and Lulu is well, happy, but that can't last.

No, let's give Cassandra, Ewen and Helena a ticket back to wherever and focus on the newcomers.  I'm already intrigued by the couple and child in the car who are about to be part of Anthony's accident.  Since they come form OLTL, they have a good backstory yet I know nothing about it.  So there is a lot here to share with GH viewers.  I already like both of them.  I wonder if Sonny will take them under his wing seeing them as young lovers the way Robin and Stone once were.

Dante had quite a change of heart in a few hours.  Will it stick or will he go back to hating his father in a few days?

Of course the scene to really hang onto happened at the Quartermaines.  You could see the wheels turning in Tracy's head as Sonny was offering her a way out of her marriage. Yet, she couldn't do it.  And she wasn't seriously worried about stains on the carpet, either.  She is coming to care a bit for Anthony. I know he is fun and charming, Tracy.  Don't forget, he is a killer.

So much is set up to happen next week.  I don't think we will get to the bottom of Kate's problems soon. Yet there is the accident, Jason's upcoming surgery, and the grief over Robin's death.  Maxie and Robert don't even know yet along with most of the town.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sadness and Beautiful performances

The terrible truth is that a soap opera death of a much loved character brings about the best performances.  Losing Robin - Kimberly McCulough is a great blow for General Hospital.  Not only is she a wonderful actor, her character has tremendous story potential yet to show and a connection to almost everyone in town.  I've always liked Robin.  She gets a lot of criticism for putting her nose where it doesn't belong and for always having to be right but I don't mind that.  I like her and I identify with her to some degree.

With the loss of her character we do get some fantastic scenes that pull the best out of her family and friends.  It is hard to know where to start.  Patrick is struggling with his loss and wanting to take it out on Jason who he doesn't believe should get to live if Robin can't live also.  I can see his twisted logic.  I know he will do the right thing eventually.  We get to see Sam beg for her husband's life.  She desperately wants to save Jason for herself and her child.  I imagine Monica will be in on this soon, too.  Perhaps even Elizabeth will talk Patrick into doing what Robin wanted.  She has yet to learn of her friend's death.

Mac and Anna have lost a child.  It's heartbreaking to watch.  And it is certainly understandable to see Mac lash out at Sonny.  The passion in Mac is something I haven't gotten to witness as he has mostly been in the background in the years I've watched.  Sonny is angry and devastated.  Cheers to makeup for making Sonny look so pale following his shooting and the shock of losing Robin.

There is so much left here to tell.  Maxie will be pivotal as she takes another loss.  Maxie, who has never gotten over Georgie's death, has to lose Robin who was also like a sister to her.  Will Maxie realize she is the one who turned on the gas in the lab?  I hope they do this right and someone does.

Will Carly feel guilty for barging into the lab and distracting Robin earlier. It had no bearing really, but she and Robin didn't get along, still there is another connection.

There has been much done wrong in terms of logic in the last few days.  Why didn't Dante call an abulance and backup when Sonny was shot.  Why on earth would he go several stories back up into the hotel to get Steve to come down there with a first aide kit when help could have already been there.  And wouldn't someone have come running to the lab area when the alarms went off.  Dante couldn't get an ambulance to a hotel and Patrick could get the fire department to arrive before any one in the hospital showed up from a floor up or down.  It makes no sense.

Still, minor things in otherwise fabulous storytelling.  In tragedy we get some of our best scenes, we just have to look through the tears to find them.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Seriously underestimated

Sonny has seriously underestimated Johnny.  It isn't Johnny's business powers that are the problem for Sonny.  It is how much every woman in town adores Johnny.  It certainly isn't Johnny's fault how he came into the world.  Johnny has befriended very one of those women and they are not going to easily forgive Sonny for humiliating Johnny.  Many of them thought Sonny went to far with Claudia who certainly had it coming.  No, Sonny has made a bad miscalculation.

This party was just such a waste.  They have turned generous donations and opportunities to get the entire cast together into predictable scenes that carry little value.

Can Maxie be saved?   I do blame Robin for not throwing her out, but she shouldn't have to.  For some reason, Maxie thought her love life or lack thereof was more important than saving Jason's life.  Of the two, I think I'll forgive Sonny before I forgive Maxie for her pettiness that has now caused a fire in the lab and possibly the loss of this magic medicine to save Jason.

I did have one good laugh today amid the tragedies unfolding and that was seeing Matt with his mouth hanging open in disbelief after Elizabeth said she hadn't been going after him.  What a blow to his ego.  A very much needed blow.  Though it would take a cannon to pierce his ego and bring it down to a reasonable size.  Maybe he and Maxie do need to get back together and move somewhere else.  Poor Spinelli for being tied to this story.

Where is Michael?  Shouldn't he have been at his father's party?  Maybe he is on TJ's guest list.  I have a feeling the party at the lake house is going to come to an abrupt halt.  Alexis surely won't be staying out late since the Metrocourt bash is collapsing.  Oh, and I guess there was one other good moment of humor when Alexis' blue dress nearly clashed with her green skin.  She is so jealous of Diane and Mac who I think are putting on an act for her benefit.

Emma is adorable and I like her scenes with her grandmother.  I do think that Grandma needs to be interacting with the adults soon though.  I understand Anna has a lot of history with many people in town and I'd like to see that.

Maybe next week.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Seriously annoying day!

Ok, Robin, here is what you do.  Physically push Maxie out the door of the lab and lock it behind her.  Then call Monica, the chief of staff and mother of your dying patient, and tell her to station someone outside the lab door letting no one except maybe, and I do mean maybe, Patrick inside.  Really!  Having the almost insufferable Matt and Maxie ranting about the dissolution of their relationship that was nothing more than a few dates and tons of fighting was just too much to watch.  I understand Carly's point and why she was upset but she sure wasn't helping either.

Sonny is right, Carly. If Jason wanted you to know, he would have called you.  Jason is married now and even before it was Sam he was confiding in, not you.  Heaven help anyone who confides in Carly anyway.

Carly already has her hands full as yet another of her parties is about to turn into a shouting match.  Why does anyone want to have an event at the Metrocourt.  Are the appetizers that good?

Olivia, go back to dressing yourself.  That designer gown Kate so generously gave you is hideous.  Now I see why you weren't so gracious in receiving her gift in the first place.  Also, if a designer made this for magazine publication it would have probably been fitted for someone considerably taller than Olivia so hemming it should be perfectly fine, Kate.  Geez, does no one know anything anymore?

Dante, decide whether you are going to see Sonny as a father or a gangster and stick to it.  I'm tired of you vacillating.

Finally, in the real world, apparently some fans have been sending Maxie's current portrayer, Jen Lilley, hateful messages. (per an article on SoapCentral) That is just awful thing to do. I've been critical of her work, I admit but I certainly have never sent her a message of any kind.  I've also said that the issue with Maxie these days is all three-  writing, acting and directing.  No one could have made me like Maxie today with her written to storm into the lab and rant about her love life at this time.  No one can make that work.  It certainly isn't Lilley's fault that Kristin Storms hasn't returned.  Personally, I'd rather see Maxie scaled back some until Kristin Storms can return.  I think we have been on Maxie overload lately and there are tons of other stories and characters that could take the stage. I was starting to like Lilley in the role until her character went back to being a mad woman.  So writers and directors, tone her down or write her out a bit for awhile but fans should not be hateful to her for playing the part she was hired to play.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Not much love in the air

Was Dante the only romantic today?  And he wasn't very original with his roses and candy.

Patrick did give Robin a wonderful gift though as he says it was not very traditional. I guess I like my Valentine somewhere between a heart shaped box of chocolates and a visiting relative.

It seems Valentine's Day was scrapped in Port Charles in favor of the upcoming party to celebrate another of Sonny's gifts.  The guy must really be loaded.  Maybe this is where the $20 mill that Spinelli had to locate is going.  Anyway, I'm sure it will be a night to remember. All of the Metrocourt functions are. I'm enjoying Kate and Carly as partners already.  Fireworks are sure to be on the menu whether planned or not.

Maxie seems to be regretting her spontaneous reporting of Elizabeth to Monica.  I had certainly hoped we would see at least a bit more of Monica in this.  Perhaps she will drop in on Jason or be at the hospital benefit.  She'll have to fight Carly for a place next to Jason's bedside.  Carly is concerned and already irked that no one called her about Jason's health. She is clearly outside his key circle these days.

Lulu needs to see an allergist.  It will come as no surprise when it is Lulu who digs up something in all those files.  And I've never understood why Deloris doesn't have access to the evidence room.  Isn't she on the same level as Dante and Ronnie?  Makes no sense.

TJ is causing trouble, no surprise there.  Well, Alexis wanted Molly to get a social life.  As usual Alexis has no idea what her kids are up to.

Inoperable is improbable

At GH?  They can't do surgery?  Isn't this unheard of?  I sure hope Robin has one of her famous drug protocols to treat Jason.

Meanwhile, Michael continues to get his life back on tract despite the examples of his parents and step-father.  He is enrolling in college and hopefully working with Shawn. It is time Michael gave Shawn a chance.  Will Carly give Shawn a chance and have two gorgeous men on a string?  What a choice?  I don't see her marrying either of them - Johnny is too young and volatile and Shawn just isn't a leading man character to me, at least not yet.  He was a teacher in his former life.  Teachers have one of the hardest jobs in the world but no one makes them the key character in a drama - not one that lasts long anyway.

Maxie, Maxie, what are we going to do with you?  I don't like Elizabeth either but I wouldn't put a single mother out of work.  Stealing drugs is hardly a pattern for Elizabeth and it sounds like the pot calling the kettle black - a point Monica made.  Best thing here is that Monica has a story that will at least keep her on the screen a couple more days.

Much as a dislike Matt's ego, he is right about Ewen.  There is something there that just doensn't add up.

Jason Thompson continues to show range in his work.  He went from giddy husband planning a surprise for his wife to straight forward surgeon in a heartbeat.  He knows Jason keeps secrets.

So lots to keep tuning in for!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Breaking Up is

not so hard to do.  Really, who couldn't see that Maxie and Matt needed to break up.  Have they even been a couple the last few months? With his ego and her accusations, schemes and jealousy, there was no room anywhere for them to connect.  I never liked this pairing mostly because I don't like Matt.  I really hated it when it turned Maxie into a shrill woman I'd just as soon see written off.

I'd love to keep Maxie if Kristen Storms were in the role. I was warming to Jen Lilly for awhile but then she became almost unbearable to watch.  I am not one to blame the writers for everything.  No one ever criticizes the actors or even acknowledges that there is a director somewhere who must be telling these people how to play a scene.  In this case, I think everyone is to blame.  The writing does make it tough to have sympathy for Maxie, but Kristin Storms always made it work no matter what they had her do. I did however, come on the scene post-Maxie/Lucky so maybe I didn't see Maxie at worst.

Maxie does get points for her appraisal of Elizabeth.  Sure she goes a little overboard.  Yet, she so has Elizabeth pegged with her comments about Elizabeth always going after unavailable men and her numerous pregnancies all with different fathers.  The last one even had two possible fathers.  And yet, Elizabeth is loved by all.  Well, not me.

What kind of psychiatrist is Dr. Keenan?  Does this man know no boundaries with his patients? Is Elizabeth is patient.  I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to date your patient no matter what your specialty and certainly no psychiatry.  He also is sort of living with 'Cassandra' and renting her a castle.  I would just as soon be rid of him and Miss Snowflake.  (Score another for Maxie for giving us that name.)

Speaking of psychiatrists, I'm pretty sure Kate isn't seeing one and definitely needs to.  I don't think they are going for multiple personalities - at least I hope not - but they are going for some sort of unhealthy behavior with Kate getting decked out in red lipstick and clubbing type clothes to go down to the lobby and write ideas on napkins. I think not.  She is finding a way to escape the rigid persona she created for herself.  This has potential as a story. One could argue that Coleman satisfied the wild child in her for a time and now she has graduated to far more risky behavior.  I can now see why Kate was recast.  I would have had a hard time seeing Megan Ward in this role though she did a fine job with the original Kate.

The most intriguing potential story for me oddly is Molly's My Face persona.  I say, oddly, because I usually don't care much for teen stories.  Correction, I didn't care much for them on ATWT but on GH, they give these stories a lot of meat, a lot of connection to the adults.  It isn't just teens acting out with other teens around.  How long before Molly becomes 'Desdemona.'  Gee, no one is themselves these days.

Johnny clearly isn't who he thought he was.  Yet, Johnny is still there.  There is hope that this won't destroy him. Ironic that Carly is the one trying to keep him from disintegrating into a vengeful thug.  Then again I guess she has a lot of experience with this personality type.

My favorite scenes of the week were Alexis with her girls.  The Davis girls get the best lines and deliver them like no one else.  Alexis, Sam, and Molly are an example of when writing, acting and directing work beautifully.  Throw in Diane who is always perfectly played and I just love everything they say and do.  It is relatable viewing.

I'm glad we got to see a scene with Jason and Monica.  It is just too bad these are too rare. Why couldn't Monica have come back to find him lying on the floor and then accompanied him to the hospital?

We saw little of Anthony and none of Luke for days.  I miss Tracy, too.  There are so many stories in the air it is hard to know what to hope for.  My wish is that we wrap up Cassandra and company soon, permanently stick Matt in the OR, and give Elizabeth much quality time with her boys off screen so we can get back to all the other really good ones.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

What's to Love

Since this is the month of love, here's what I'm loving about General Hospital right now:

the new sober Luke.  Luke is back and back in touch with everyone meaningful in his life yet he hasn't lost his naughty edge.  He is engaged with his children in relevant conversation.  He is helping Carly though I'm not sure she found it so helpful.  He cashed his info into Sonny so he is back supporting himself.  His scenes with Tracy and Anthony are fantastic. I know he and Edward are in cahoots on the Tracy situation.  I just hope they will be able to control the fallout from this marriage.  I love Luke's every scene these days.

Patrick and Robin are working together again.  After a year or so of tugging their marriage apart, they have a common goal and are fighting together.  That is a relationship I want to see.

Franco is gone - or at least dead, I hope.

Alexis' menopause story.  I love everything about this story.  OK, it is a bit unbelievable that Alexis wouldn't recognize the signs but then she has been in denial about her personal life before.  I can only ever remember one other menopause story and that was Lisa on ATWT back in the day when such things were whispered.  Well, with Diane on the case, there is no whispering.  That is for sure!  Even Coleman is getting some good stuff here by pegging what Alexis is really looking for.  We are seeing more of Mac these days, too.

Johnny is getting tons of screen time.  Sure, there are plenty of issues here and I have worries.  For now I'll just delight in seeing him practically daily.  I do love that he and Carly are growing closer. Plus it looks like he might be mixing it up with the Quatermaine's.

Michael is on a path back to ELQ I'm betting.

Ronnie may be the assailant of the dancers and now the detective.  I hope so as that might finally get him OFF MY SCREEN.

Spinelli is reeling Maxie in and it is delicious to watch.  He is no longer a cyber geek but a kingpin of a group swapping information.  I'm sure there is something illegal here but I'm not worried.  No one in Port Charles really goes to jail at least for long.  I'm enjoying the development of Spinelli from geek to Casanova way too much to worry.

Ewen doesn't seem to be falling under Elizabeth's spell.  She actually didn't trap a man in her web.

And finally, Elena is back, knife in hand. Let's hope she doesn't get interrupted.