Thursday, January 26, 2012

A little too dark

I like some drama but things have gotten too dark for me lately.  The only light spots today were Ethan and Elizabeth sort of making up and Alexis hanging out the window. I hope this isn't going to end up with them together but since Ethan is leaving, I think not.  And since he is leaving, why bother?

Alexis is so much fun to watch no matter what she does.  I'm glad she knows about the baby.  Sam is going have to find a way to tell her mother if this child isn't Jason's.   Surely they won't pretend it is his.

Oh, Johnny.  I loved seeing you grin at all the women in town and now you are drowning in misery.  I suppose this Claudia is really his mother stuff is about growing the character of Johnny.  I can only seem him getting more violent and dangerous.  He won't be going in the direction I'd like to see him take.  The only good thing is more screen time with Anthony.

Actually there was one other sort of light spot.  Everyone at the Q mansion is in on something to help Tracy is my guess.  Edward and Luke have conspired in some way.  At least I hope this is the case.  I hope they let Monica in on it because she shouldn't have to put up with a mobster under her roof (unless it is her son).

While it was dark, the scenes with Sonny and Anthony were must see.  They are bitter rivals yet seldom get any screen time together and today's was very well written with great lines on both sides of the desk.  I think Michael has already been picked as Anthony's target. Setting up someone for a murder is Anthony's MO.  It has worked so well for him in the past.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Johnny's Mother

Well, I didn't see that coming.  Claudia was John's mother, not his sister.  Startling but this revelation is a little late, isn't it?  Claudia is dead and so his John's father who must have been quite a bit older than Claudia who would have had to have been a young teen.  Even in soap years, this is a bit hard to pull off.  I'm just not sure what the point of this is now. We'll see.

So glad that Patrick confronted Robin and they had a good honest discussion.   I suppose there will be a few weeks before we know what is happening there.  Since Robin is supposed to be leaving the show, I'm assuming bad news.

I can see the wheels turning for Elizabeth and I bet Nurse Nosy will be into hospital records before Sam and Jason's elevator hits the ground floor.  She will claim it is out of concern for Jason but she just has to meddle.  How many women do they have to let Elizabeth cozy up to?

So Luke didn't stop the wedding. He even encouraged it.  What is he up to?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Can't wait til Monday

Now this is how a Friday should end.  I can't wait until Monday to find out...

What Sonny now has on Johnny that has him actually giddy?  It looked like a certificate of some kind.  A birth certificate?  A marriage certificate?  No, that doesn't fit in.  I'm just clueless.

Who Kate was meeting at the airport bar?  Likely we won't find that out yet, but I still want to know her secret.  So I guess we will have to see if she keeps Jax secret. I'm sure she will. Why spill?

How Luke plans to stop the wedding?  Or does he?  Tracy was absolutely radiant when she spotted Luke.  I don't think it is just because she needed saving.

How will Patrick and Robin cope with her change in HIV status?  Did she get good news on her trip?  I think not from her expression.

Regarding other Friday happenings, Johnny and Carly may have dropped their deal but the chemistry is thicker than ever.  This is definitely not over.

If a fashion diva dropped by with couture clothes and shoes for me, I'd certainly be a lot nicer and more grateful than Olivia.  Now I think Olivia is beautiful and beautifully dressed most of the time.  Actually she is one of the most consistently well attired on the show.  Still, who doesn't love a beautiful dress especially if you have somewhere to wear it and Olivia has a job that requires her to dress for events.  We were back to Bensonhurst for awhile.  When are they ever going to let all that go?

If I thought Jax truly came back to help Michael, he would move up a notch for me.  But no, I think he came back to get revenge and to protect himself.  Jax and Michael never had that close a relationship.

So there are tons of things to look forward to on Monday including many stories we didn't even see today like Sam's pregnancy.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I guess now that 2012 is here and a decision about General Hospital's fate is imminent, there are going to be rumors regularly.  The latest one which I think was probably floated by ABC to see how people react is that GH might become a summer series in Primetime.  While I'd much prefer it it stay in daytime - much, much much prefer!!! - this is certainly better than cancellation.  If only they would have done this during the past summer along with the daytime offering and picked up viewers. If only they would promote GH, the way NBC does Days in their nighttime programming.  If only they would promote it when you are watching something on ABC on-line.  If only they would promote GH, period!!!

It is hard to believe that a network that brings us Man-Up (who on earth didn't see what a stupid idea that was???), Wife-swap, the repetitive and ultra silly Wipe-out, senseless Happy Ending, etc, etc, can create any quality programming at all.  Yet ABC has many super shows including GH.  And they promote all of them, except GH.

Onto the show, Luke has dirt on Johnny but it is too late for Carly who I don't think really minds sleeping with Johnny all that much.  What a terrible price she has to pay - (sarcasm inserted here.)

I hope Tracy and Anthony do marry as we will get to see far more of Tracy and with Anthony always a hoot.  It may happen as Luke is certainly distracted with other things.  Unfortunately, his daughter isn't one of those.

Lulu is pathetic.  I can't believe she would fall for some on-line job hunting scheme.  At least she didn't sink any money into it - just an afternoon and a bottle of wine.  This job hunting has been cute but enough. There are real people working incredibly hard who have actual skills and education who can't find jobs and realize how tough it is. Lulu needs a dose of realism to make this story interesting.

Casting has been letting us down lately.  I'm undecided about TJ.  He may grow on me, but so far he has been thrust on viewers and we are expected to feel sorry for him and let him into our living rooms and our hearts.  Not so fast.  I want to get to know this kid and see whether his story is really worthy of my screen time.

My mind is more than made up about Miss Snowflake and her keeper. They can both go.  Where did Helena and her knife run off to?

Sonny made a good point today.  I'd forgotten about Bernie's shooting.  We know that Anthony shot Dante and I assumed that Jax shot Sonny but it definitely wasn't Jax who shot Bernie.  So who was behind that?  Sonny has a lot of enemies.

Loved Jason and Sam's honest conversation yesterday. I didn't realize you could determine paternity this early.

Oh and one other casting note, the real Maxie will be back soon.  yeah!  Maxie 2 was growing on me until yesterday.  She was back to her arrogant, just can't stand her, character when talking to Matt and Elizabeth.  I know the writing has a lot to do with it but so does the acting.  The current actress struggles to make Maxie likeable.

Oops, one more casting note.  Jax has been back a few days and while the story will be entertaining, I hope it is brief.  Never liked Jax, never will so let's get this moved along quickly.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Well, I guess I got my wish, didn't I?  Franco is gone but then again he may live on.  With Sam's announcement, Jason just found out what it was that Franco had information about that went to the grave with him.  Still, even Franco doesn't know who the father of this baby is if he, ah, was involved at all.

I was wrong on who kidnapped Tracy or at least I think I am because if Luke did it, he certainly turned his attention in another direction awfully fast.  He is chasing Skye to get info on Anthony for Carly.  This seems like a ploy to get Ethan written out.  I hate to see Ethan go.  I would love to see him unwound from the woman in white.  Just get rid of her and keep Ethan around.

Someone shot Sonny and you know who will be blamed - Johnny.  Of course, it wouldn't be Johnny.  Jax would be the most likely culprit.  I can't blame him. Still I'd much rather have Sonny around than Jax any day.  At least Sonny eventually fesses up to the messes he makes.

Elizabeth certainly didn't keep the secret long. Here again, I can't really blame her.  While it wasn't her place, she should have been put in the position of keeping this secret anyway.  Robin needs to get home to her husband or have him join her at whatever hospital she is seeking treatment.  For a moment there on Friday I had the sickening realization that Jason and Elizabeth were the two people who knew Robin's secret and it would somehow bring them together.  Whew!  Elizabeth spilled before that could happen.  Jason has enough on his plate as it is.

There were a few revelations off screen as well.  Four members of OLTL are coming to GH.  While I don't mind the crossover, I'm dismayed to hear that one is played by Roger Howarth who I had to endure on ATWT.  He is simply a terrible actor.  The man ends every scene with that completely deadpan look. I seldom criticize an actor.  I don't really need to.  There are only two actors currently in daytime that I know of who I think are ridiculously overrated.  I won't critique the other one because it isn't relevant and I haven't watched him enough to be fair.

On a positive note, Kristin Storms is coming back as Maxie.  Yeah!  The new Maxie grew on me, but I'll be happy to have the original (for me) back.

Finally, to all the fans of One Life to Live, I feel your pain.  Losing any soap is a television tragedy.  Shame on ABC for cancelling it and even more shameful for dancing on their grave with that plug for the new show during the final credits.

I hope NO ONE WATCHES the Revolution!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jason, why are you hesitating?

Honestly, Jason, why don't you just shoot him?  Really.  I mean here is this guy who has terrorized you for a year, two, I've lost track.  You've got a clear shot, it is what you do.  Just get rid of him so we can all move on.

This would seem the right way for Jason to go particularly since he doesn't know Sam is pregnant.  But the story will continue.  I do hope Franco ends soon.  Much as I practically melt every time James Franco's smiles, the story has become tedious.

Though not nearly as tedious as a few days with Cassandra.  I can not say enough about how much I hate having that woman taking up screen time.  Nathan Parsons is doing a fabulous job as usual with what they have given him but even he can not make me like, respect or in any way warm to the woman in white.  Perhaps I predisposed to dislike the inhabitants of Windemere.

Alexis and Molly had a relevant argument today.  Apparently Facebook is the equivalent of the diary with the easy open lock we had when I was a kid except it is open to all your 'friends' just not your parents.

Point to Olivia!  I said yesterday that she and Steve wouldn't be boring if they actually got a story.  There was a lot of little details that didn't mean much to us yet between Steve and Maggie.  I think we are soon to find out what happened in Memphis that clearly isn't staying in Memphis  since Johnny knows.

I do adore Johnny and am so glad to see this character and the talented actor get more screen time.  Let them not forget that Brandon Barash does fantastic brooding and angry moods, too.

What a great day!

I've noticed that we often get really good shows on Wednesday.  I have no idea why.  Maybe it is just because the writers are building to a Friday finish when they don't realize that the building up is half the fun.

Luke is back!  And just in time.  I can't believe that Carly really needs him but I'll go along with it.  I do know that Tracy needs him and Anthony already knew he picked Friday the 13th so why go along with the delay?  I'm sure he had his reasons.  His funny and simultaneously creepy version of the wedding march may be another type of Prelude.  Of course it had to be Luke who is kidnapping Tracy.

Also loved the conversation between Dante and his mother about her love life for a change.  A lot of people find her and Steve boring.  I don't think they have to be; there just hasn't been any conflict until now.  Maggie is a pot stirrer - a beautiful one, too, which makes her even more threatening to Olivia who is usually the most beautiful woman in the room.

And the most fun of all was listening to Diane and Spinelli.  These unlikely friendships are the most interesting of all.  They might ought to listen to each other. Max was mentioned.  Will he be back in Diane's life?  Most importantly will Diane get her own story so we can see more of her?

The only downside was more time with the lady in white.  I have to admit, I tune most of this out.  I did see Helena lurking about - surprise, surprise.  I don't see why we need Cassadine stories when the only Cassadine in town is Alexis and she isn't even really in on this.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Johnny the gentleman

darn!  I don't want him to be a gentleman and give Carly so many opportunities to back out of her deal.  Is it wrong that I'd rather see him and Carly than Sonny and Kate together.

I'm not looking forward to Anthony and Tracy's wedding night and neither should he considering what I hear happened to the last mob boss she married.  But before that we will have the elaborate wedding Maxie has yet to lift a finger for.  She is too busy doing Yoga with boots on.  That was ridiculous.  I know they were going for humor but it was just too stupid to even watch.  Let's save the humor for the upcoming wedding.  Hopefully all the Q's will show up along with the Z's and Carly. The former mayor is bound to be the to cover the event. Should be a fun night.

Ronnie is the worst cop to ever wear a daytime drama badge.  I'm sure whoever he has pinned as the dancer's abuser is wrong.  Why don't they ship him back to Brooklyn or better yet boot him out of the force altogether?

I'm assuming this wasn't Robin's farewell as I haven't read anything about it being Kimberly McCullough's last scenes but I know they are coming and I'm sad to see her go.  I still think Robin is making a huge mistake pointing Elizabeth at Patrick even for a short time.

Miss Snowflake can melt for all I care.  She wasn't engaging when she kept silent and she is downright off putting since she started talking.  Amnesia?  That tired storyline with three men hanging on her every word.  Spinelli deserves so much better.  Too bad Maxie is going to be engrossed in wedding plans for a few days.  Why does Windemere bring out the arrogance in all it's occupants?

Friday, January 6, 2012

No, Robin, No!

Up until now, I haven't agreed with Robin wanting to go it alone but I could understand.  Now, she is just wrong on so many levels.  Winding Elizabeth up and pointing her at her husband!  What on earth is she thinking?  Elizabeth is never going to be happy with one man.

And it certainly isn't up to Robin to pick her successor.  Should she die, Patrick will mourn and then he can decide if and when and who he marries again.  Robin has always been controlling but this is going way too far.

Apparently next Friday, we are in for a wedding.  If Tracy can't find a way out of it, she will again marry into the mob.  Can't wait to see this one.  Anthony definitely went to the right person to plan the wedding as long as Maxie isn't still getting help from Spinelli.  His Friends of Spinelli may be able to do anything but after her last disaster with him 'helping' I think she had better do this one herself particularly as her life might depend on it.

Maybe we will also finally find out what is going on with Jason since he passed out at the hospital today after already undergoing tests.  Sam is going to be one stressed out lady next week pregnant with who knows who's child and then her husband's brain problems yet again.  I'm still hoping Jason remembers some of his old Q days so we can get Edward and Monica back on the canvas again.

So this week we find out that the lady in white is not a figment of Ethan's imagination and she now has three men after her.  One of them is her doctor or so he says.  I'd just as soon he take her away and this whole story shut down.  It isn't doing anything for me.

Another thing that I hope doesn't catch on is this lying about on gurney's staring at the supposed stars in the ceiling tiles.  It was sort of fun watching the new doc use this as a way to get Elizabeth to open up but  I've had enough of that one too.  I did laugh when Elizabeth said she was grateful her boys got to spend so much time with their grandmother.  They have to spend time there as she is always working - and I respect that - or chasing a man - which I don't respect.  It isn't that I don't want Elizabeth to have a social life but she doesn't have to do the chasing.  There is always a willing man just never the one she seems to want.

The best scene of the week goes to Alexis, Sonny, Mac and oddly, former Mayor Floyd.  I was nearly hysterical with laughter watching Alexis' reaction to Floyd's announcement of his headline about Jasper (who is apparently not a ghost after all).  I do hope they do something serious with this menopause storyline eventually but for now, Alexis hot flashes and emotional outbursts are a bit of levity.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year and Old Grievances

Don't you just love a good fight?  After the Presidential debate where Perry now infamously forgot one of his three departments, the moderator was being interviewed and he said that until then the debate had been kind of 'boring.'  I don't think that was his exact word but it was the gist.  I turned to my husband and said, "It isn't much of a race, unless there is a wreck."

In that vein, I guess Carly would throw boring parties if there wasn't a fight.  Then again, we will never know because there is always a loud, knock down drag out shouting match.  Remember Claudia's birthday party?  Anyway, this was a really good one and I have to say I'm still on Carly's side.  If anything, she should have pointed out to Alexis and everyone else that Jax was the one who wouldn't even talk about compromising on custody for Jocelyn.  I'm almost never on Carly side yet here I am.  She is dead right that Sonny has something on Alexis - how he pulled strings to get Kristina into Yale.  Alexis did everything she could short of sending Kristina to boarding school to keep Sonny out of her life. Sonny has all these great loves yet he just moves from one to another as is convenient.  Kate, childless as far as we know, has no business telling anyone how to raise their child or protect their child.  Finally, I agree with Carly on something.  If Jax wanted to disappear, it is on him.

Before 2011 disappears completely, here are my picks for best and worst:

Best Couple - Robin and Patrick who worked their way back from all the disaster and doubt Lisa dished out.

Worst Couple - oh, gosh, there are so many to choose from.  I'll go with Sonny and Brenda who spent about 5 minutes together before planning an elaborate wedding that led to a slightly more than 5 minute marriage.

Best Story - Jake's death and Luke's involvement - I hate to pick a child's death as a good story but it created  the best performances of the year.  Steve Burton and Tony Geary were each superb.  I wish both could go home with an Emmy.

Worst Story - The bus crash.  I still can't get over how the bus somehow split into and everyone was thrown out and only two people died - not that I wanted them to die but it was ridiculously unrealistic.  And I-55 does't run anywhere near New York!

Best Dressed:  Maxie, always!
Worst Dressed:  Sam, almost always.  Why does a beautiful women have to wear literally rags?  Brenda would be next in line for those hideous extra long sleeve shirts.

Best casting changes:  Writing out Jax, Brenda and Nicholas.  Someone read my mind when they picked these three main characters to go.  Can't stand any of them!

Worst casting changes:   Considering writing out Elizabeth.  I'm not an Elizabeth fan but she is central to the show particularly as this was just before Jake's death.  It did prove though that fan support can save a character and that gets a 'best.'

Best Villain:  Anthony.  He clicks with everyone and his on-liners that swing from the innocent to the insane to the threatening in a matter of seconds are priceless.

Worst Villain:  Lisa.  It got downright silly and cartoonish by the end.

Most anticipated story for the new year:  What will Michael do now to vent his anger?

I guess we will have to stay tuned to find out.