Friday, January 20, 2012

Can't wait til Monday

Now this is how a Friday should end.  I can't wait until Monday to find out...

What Sonny now has on Johnny that has him actually giddy?  It looked like a certificate of some kind.  A birth certificate?  A marriage certificate?  No, that doesn't fit in.  I'm just clueless.

Who Kate was meeting at the airport bar?  Likely we won't find that out yet, but I still want to know her secret.  So I guess we will have to see if she keeps Jax secret. I'm sure she will. Why spill?

How Luke plans to stop the wedding?  Or does he?  Tracy was absolutely radiant when she spotted Luke.  I don't think it is just because she needed saving.

How will Patrick and Robin cope with her change in HIV status?  Did she get good news on her trip?  I think not from her expression.

Regarding other Friday happenings, Johnny and Carly may have dropped their deal but the chemistry is thicker than ever.  This is definitely not over.

If a fashion diva dropped by with couture clothes and shoes for me, I'd certainly be a lot nicer and more grateful than Olivia.  Now I think Olivia is beautiful and beautifully dressed most of the time.  Actually she is one of the most consistently well attired on the show.  Still, who doesn't love a beautiful dress especially if you have somewhere to wear it and Olivia has a job that requires her to dress for events.  We were back to Bensonhurst for awhile.  When are they ever going to let all that go?

If I thought Jax truly came back to help Michael, he would move up a notch for me.  But no, I think he came back to get revenge and to protect himself.  Jax and Michael never had that close a relationship.

So there are tons of things to look forward to on Monday including many stories we didn't even see today like Sam's pregnancy.

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