Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Johnny the gentleman

darn!  I don't want him to be a gentleman and give Carly so many opportunities to back out of her deal.  Is it wrong that I'd rather see him and Carly than Sonny and Kate together.

I'm not looking forward to Anthony and Tracy's wedding night and neither should he considering what I hear happened to the last mob boss she married.  But before that we will have the elaborate wedding Maxie has yet to lift a finger for.  She is too busy doing Yoga with boots on.  That was ridiculous.  I know they were going for humor but it was just too stupid to even watch.  Let's save the humor for the upcoming wedding.  Hopefully all the Q's will show up along with the Z's and Carly. The former mayor is bound to be the to cover the event. Should be a fun night.

Ronnie is the worst cop to ever wear a daytime drama badge.  I'm sure whoever he has pinned as the dancer's abuser is wrong.  Why don't they ship him back to Brooklyn or better yet boot him out of the force altogether?

I'm assuming this wasn't Robin's farewell as I haven't read anything about it being Kimberly McCullough's last scenes but I know they are coming and I'm sad to see her go.  I still think Robin is making a huge mistake pointing Elizabeth at Patrick even for a short time.

Miss Snowflake can melt for all I care.  She wasn't engaging when she kept silent and she is downright off putting since she started talking.  Amnesia?  That tired storyline with three men hanging on her every word.  Spinelli deserves so much better.  Too bad Maxie is going to be engrossed in wedding plans for a few days.  Why does Windemere bring out the arrogance in all it's occupants?

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