Thursday, January 26, 2012

A little too dark

I like some drama but things have gotten too dark for me lately.  The only light spots today were Ethan and Elizabeth sort of making up and Alexis hanging out the window. I hope this isn't going to end up with them together but since Ethan is leaving, I think not.  And since he is leaving, why bother?

Alexis is so much fun to watch no matter what she does.  I'm glad she knows about the baby.  Sam is going have to find a way to tell her mother if this child isn't Jason's.   Surely they won't pretend it is his.

Oh, Johnny.  I loved seeing you grin at all the women in town and now you are drowning in misery.  I suppose this Claudia is really his mother stuff is about growing the character of Johnny.  I can only seem him getting more violent and dangerous.  He won't be going in the direction I'd like to see him take.  The only good thing is more screen time with Anthony.

Actually there was one other sort of light spot.  Everyone at the Q mansion is in on something to help Tracy is my guess.  Edward and Luke have conspired in some way.  At least I hope this is the case.  I hope they let Monica in on it because she shouldn't have to put up with a mobster under her roof (unless it is her son).

While it was dark, the scenes with Sonny and Anthony were must see.  They are bitter rivals yet seldom get any screen time together and today's was very well written with great lines on both sides of the desk.  I think Michael has already been picked as Anthony's target. Setting up someone for a murder is Anthony's MO.  It has worked so well for him in the past.

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