Friday, January 6, 2012

No, Robin, No!

Up until now, I haven't agreed with Robin wanting to go it alone but I could understand.  Now, she is just wrong on so many levels.  Winding Elizabeth up and pointing her at her husband!  What on earth is she thinking?  Elizabeth is never going to be happy with one man.

And it certainly isn't up to Robin to pick her successor.  Should she die, Patrick will mourn and then he can decide if and when and who he marries again.  Robin has always been controlling but this is going way too far.

Apparently next Friday, we are in for a wedding.  If Tracy can't find a way out of it, she will again marry into the mob.  Can't wait to see this one.  Anthony definitely went to the right person to plan the wedding as long as Maxie isn't still getting help from Spinelli.  His Friends of Spinelli may be able to do anything but after her last disaster with him 'helping' I think she had better do this one herself particularly as her life might depend on it.

Maybe we will also finally find out what is going on with Jason since he passed out at the hospital today after already undergoing tests.  Sam is going to be one stressed out lady next week pregnant with who knows who's child and then her husband's brain problems yet again.  I'm still hoping Jason remembers some of his old Q days so we can get Edward and Monica back on the canvas again.

So this week we find out that the lady in white is not a figment of Ethan's imagination and she now has three men after her.  One of them is her doctor or so he says.  I'd just as soon he take her away and this whole story shut down.  It isn't doing anything for me.

Another thing that I hope doesn't catch on is this lying about on gurney's staring at the supposed stars in the ceiling tiles.  It was sort of fun watching the new doc use this as a way to get Elizabeth to open up but  I've had enough of that one too.  I did laugh when Elizabeth said she was grateful her boys got to spend so much time with their grandmother.  They have to spend time there as she is always working - and I respect that - or chasing a man - which I don't respect.  It isn't that I don't want Elizabeth to have a social life but she doesn't have to do the chasing.  There is always a willing man just never the one she seems to want.

The best scene of the week goes to Alexis, Sonny, Mac and oddly, former Mayor Floyd.  I was nearly hysterical with laughter watching Alexis' reaction to Floyd's announcement of his headline about Jasper (who is apparently not a ghost after all).  I do hope they do something serious with this menopause storyline eventually but for now, Alexis hot flashes and emotional outbursts are a bit of levity.

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