Saturday, January 14, 2012


Well, I guess I got my wish, didn't I?  Franco is gone but then again he may live on.  With Sam's announcement, Jason just found out what it was that Franco had information about that went to the grave with him.  Still, even Franco doesn't know who the father of this baby is if he, ah, was involved at all.

I was wrong on who kidnapped Tracy or at least I think I am because if Luke did it, he certainly turned his attention in another direction awfully fast.  He is chasing Skye to get info on Anthony for Carly.  This seems like a ploy to get Ethan written out.  I hate to see Ethan go.  I would love to see him unwound from the woman in white.  Just get rid of her and keep Ethan around.

Someone shot Sonny and you know who will be blamed - Johnny.  Of course, it wouldn't be Johnny.  Jax would be the most likely culprit.  I can't blame him. Still I'd much rather have Sonny around than Jax any day.  At least Sonny eventually fesses up to the messes he makes.

Elizabeth certainly didn't keep the secret long. Here again, I can't really blame her.  While it wasn't her place, she should have been put in the position of keeping this secret anyway.  Robin needs to get home to her husband or have him join her at whatever hospital she is seeking treatment.  For a moment there on Friday I had the sickening realization that Jason and Elizabeth were the two people who knew Robin's secret and it would somehow bring them together.  Whew!  Elizabeth spilled before that could happen.  Jason has enough on his plate as it is.

There were a few revelations off screen as well.  Four members of OLTL are coming to GH.  While I don't mind the crossover, I'm dismayed to hear that one is played by Roger Howarth who I had to endure on ATWT.  He is simply a terrible actor.  The man ends every scene with that completely deadpan look. I seldom criticize an actor.  I don't really need to.  There are only two actors currently in daytime that I know of who I think are ridiculously overrated.  I won't critique the other one because it isn't relevant and I haven't watched him enough to be fair.

On a positive note, Kristin Storms is coming back as Maxie.  Yeah!  The new Maxie grew on me, but I'll be happy to have the original (for me) back.

Finally, to all the fans of One Life to Live, I feel your pain.  Losing any soap is a television tragedy.  Shame on ABC for cancelling it and even more shameful for dancing on their grave with that plug for the new show during the final credits.

I hope NO ONE WATCHES the Revolution!!!

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