Thursday, January 19, 2012


I guess now that 2012 is here and a decision about General Hospital's fate is imminent, there are going to be rumors regularly.  The latest one which I think was probably floated by ABC to see how people react is that GH might become a summer series in Primetime.  While I'd much prefer it it stay in daytime - much, much much prefer!!! - this is certainly better than cancellation.  If only they would have done this during the past summer along with the daytime offering and picked up viewers. If only they would promote GH, the way NBC does Days in their nighttime programming.  If only they would promote it when you are watching something on ABC on-line.  If only they would promote GH, period!!!

It is hard to believe that a network that brings us Man-Up (who on earth didn't see what a stupid idea that was???), Wife-swap, the repetitive and ultra silly Wipe-out, senseless Happy Ending, etc, etc, can create any quality programming at all.  Yet ABC has many super shows including GH.  And they promote all of them, except GH.

Onto the show, Luke has dirt on Johnny but it is too late for Carly who I don't think really minds sleeping with Johnny all that much.  What a terrible price she has to pay - (sarcasm inserted here.)

I hope Tracy and Anthony do marry as we will get to see far more of Tracy and with Anthony always a hoot.  It may happen as Luke is certainly distracted with other things.  Unfortunately, his daughter isn't one of those.

Lulu is pathetic.  I can't believe she would fall for some on-line job hunting scheme.  At least she didn't sink any money into it - just an afternoon and a bottle of wine.  This job hunting has been cute but enough. There are real people working incredibly hard who have actual skills and education who can't find jobs and realize how tough it is. Lulu needs a dose of realism to make this story interesting.

Casting has been letting us down lately.  I'm undecided about TJ.  He may grow on me, but so far he has been thrust on viewers and we are expected to feel sorry for him and let him into our living rooms and our hearts.  Not so fast.  I want to get to know this kid and see whether his story is really worthy of my screen time.

My mind is more than made up about Miss Snowflake and her keeper. They can both go.  Where did Helena and her knife run off to?

Sonny made a good point today.  I'd forgotten about Bernie's shooting.  We know that Anthony shot Dante and I assumed that Jax shot Sonny but it definitely wasn't Jax who shot Bernie.  So who was behind that?  Sonny has a lot of enemies.

Loved Jason and Sam's honest conversation yesterday. I didn't realize you could determine paternity this early.

Oh and one other casting note, the real Maxie will be back soon.  yeah!  Maxie 2 was growing on me until yesterday.  She was back to her arrogant, just can't stand her, character when talking to Matt and Elizabeth.  I know the writing has a lot to do with it but so does the acting.  The current actress struggles to make Maxie likeable.

Oops, one more casting note.  Jax has been back a few days and while the story will be entertaining, I hope it is brief.  Never liked Jax, never will so let's get this moved along quickly.

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