Thursday, January 12, 2012

What a great day!

I've noticed that we often get really good shows on Wednesday.  I have no idea why.  Maybe it is just because the writers are building to a Friday finish when they don't realize that the building up is half the fun.

Luke is back!  And just in time.  I can't believe that Carly really needs him but I'll go along with it.  I do know that Tracy needs him and Anthony already knew he picked Friday the 13th so why go along with the delay?  I'm sure he had his reasons.  His funny and simultaneously creepy version of the wedding march may be another type of Prelude.  Of course it had to be Luke who is kidnapping Tracy.

Also loved the conversation between Dante and his mother about her love life for a change.  A lot of people find her and Steve boring.  I don't think they have to be; there just hasn't been any conflict until now.  Maggie is a pot stirrer - a beautiful one, too, which makes her even more threatening to Olivia who is usually the most beautiful woman in the room.

And the most fun of all was listening to Diane and Spinelli.  These unlikely friendships are the most interesting of all.  They might ought to listen to each other. Max was mentioned.  Will he be back in Diane's life?  Most importantly will Diane get her own story so we can see more of her?

The only downside was more time with the lady in white.  I have to admit, I tune most of this out.  I did see Helena lurking about - surprise, surprise.  I don't see why we need Cassadine stories when the only Cassadine in town is Alexis and she isn't even really in on this.

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