Tuesday, February 28, 2012

They're listening!

I love it when people listen to our suggestions!  Oh, I don't know if my rants and e-mails made any difference but I hope they or someone's did.  Maybe the producers at ABC just figured this all out for themselves.  Nevertheless, it is all good.

First, Miss Snowflake is gone.  I fear it was all a staged ruse and she isn't really dead but whatever, just as long as she is off my screen. The rest of this trite little tale (to use Helena language) can go by the wayside, too.  It is too predictable and there are so many more interesting stories already in the works.

Second, Michael is back on the side of good and front and center in a new storyline.  Just put him back to work at ELQ interacting regularly with Edward and Tracy and we can all be happy.

Third, Monica is in Jason's life again.

Fourth, Sam is pregnant with Jason's baby - as far as we know. We can be happy for awhile about that.

Fifth, the fallout from Robin's death is bringing about wonderful performances, no surprise there but today we even got a flashback!

Sixth, more familiar faces are apparently headed back to town such as Dr. Noah Drake.  It always amazed me that a character could be killed off and their closest family not even be mentioned at a funeral.  Having Patrick's father return just makes sense.

Seventh, OLTL stars are going to pop up.  Now this certainly wasn't a suggestion of mine as I never watched the show but I thought it was a good idea from the start.  So to whoever asked for this, bravo.  Of course, this all starts of tragically - the death of another child.  Yet, tragedy gives us the best drama.

Eighth, Matt is remembering things that might make him Lisa Niles murderer.  Everyone has probably long lost interest in this one but if it gets the egotistical Dr. Hunter off my screen, I'll all for it.  I wanted him to be the killer all along.

Ninth and perhaps most importantly, I saw the new GH promo today and I'm delighted.  Delighted that there is a promo at all.  I hope this will be popping up all over the place.  My e-mail to ABC was to run the promo at night during shows like Revenge that could have the same audience as General Hospital.  I understand the ratings for the Revolution are terrible so this may be an indication that ABC wants to save GH for another season.  Hopefully they are getting the message that people don't want their so called lifestyle shows and do want our daytime dramas.

So with every day full of drama, 3:00 on ABC is definitely the place to be.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Friday's episode had so much action that it was impossible to turn away.  I was riveted on every word out of Kate's mouth waiting for her to confess to being Sonny's shooter.  I'm guessing here but I agree with Anthony, she was suspicious.  If she shot him after the benefit was she also the amateur who shot him in his office.?  She would have had to be in some sort of altered state as she was very upset then, too, when she found out he had been shot.  It is hard not to hang onto every word of a woman wearing a sleeveless, blood soaked wedding gown on a pier in February.

At the hospital the drama over whether or really when Patrick would agree to help Jason continued.  Anna got through to him thankfully.  He would have regretted it if he'd let Jason die.  Of course, we know Jason isn't going anywhere. In this age of casting spoilers, there are no secrets.

Which is why if someone has to die at Wyndemere it will be Ethan.  I hope that isn't the case. I hope they just write him out with a way to return.  I could not care less what happens to Cassandra.  Her story is so cliche.  It isn't even good enough to make me want to see more of Helena. Normally I love to watch Helena but there is so much else going on right now, I'd as soon they wrap this up quickly and send the lot of them packing - well, except for Luke.

I've missed Luke and surely he will have something to do now that his 'dear niece' is falling into bed with another member of the mob, Tracy's is still buried in her marriage to the marked Anthony and Lulu is well, happy, but that can't last.

No, let's give Cassandra, Ewen and Helena a ticket back to wherever and focus on the newcomers.  I'm already intrigued by the couple and child in the car who are about to be part of Anthony's accident.  Since they come form OLTL, they have a good backstory yet I know nothing about it.  So there is a lot here to share with GH viewers.  I already like both of them.  I wonder if Sonny will take them under his wing seeing them as young lovers the way Robin and Stone once were.

Dante had quite a change of heart in a few hours.  Will it stick or will he go back to hating his father in a few days?

Of course the scene to really hang onto happened at the Quartermaines.  You could see the wheels turning in Tracy's head as Sonny was offering her a way out of her marriage. Yet, she couldn't do it.  And she wasn't seriously worried about stains on the carpet, either.  She is coming to care a bit for Anthony. I know he is fun and charming, Tracy.  Don't forget, he is a killer.

So much is set up to happen next week.  I don't think we will get to the bottom of Kate's problems soon. Yet there is the accident, Jason's upcoming surgery, and the grief over Robin's death.  Maxie and Robert don't even know yet along with most of the town.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sadness and Beautiful performances

The terrible truth is that a soap opera death of a much loved character brings about the best performances.  Losing Robin - Kimberly McCulough is a great blow for General Hospital.  Not only is she a wonderful actor, her character has tremendous story potential yet to show and a connection to almost everyone in town.  I've always liked Robin.  She gets a lot of criticism for putting her nose where it doesn't belong and for always having to be right but I don't mind that.  I like her and I identify with her to some degree.

With the loss of her character we do get some fantastic scenes that pull the best out of her family and friends.  It is hard to know where to start.  Patrick is struggling with his loss and wanting to take it out on Jason who he doesn't believe should get to live if Robin can't live also.  I can see his twisted logic.  I know he will do the right thing eventually.  We get to see Sam beg for her husband's life.  She desperately wants to save Jason for herself and her child.  I imagine Monica will be in on this soon, too.  Perhaps even Elizabeth will talk Patrick into doing what Robin wanted.  She has yet to learn of her friend's death.

Mac and Anna have lost a child.  It's heartbreaking to watch.  And it is certainly understandable to see Mac lash out at Sonny.  The passion in Mac is something I haven't gotten to witness as he has mostly been in the background in the years I've watched.  Sonny is angry and devastated.  Cheers to makeup for making Sonny look so pale following his shooting and the shock of losing Robin.

There is so much left here to tell.  Maxie will be pivotal as she takes another loss.  Maxie, who has never gotten over Georgie's death, has to lose Robin who was also like a sister to her.  Will Maxie realize she is the one who turned on the gas in the lab?  I hope they do this right and someone does.

Will Carly feel guilty for barging into the lab and distracting Robin earlier. It had no bearing really, but she and Robin didn't get along, still there is another connection.

There has been much done wrong in terms of logic in the last few days.  Why didn't Dante call an abulance and backup when Sonny was shot.  Why on earth would he go several stories back up into the hotel to get Steve to come down there with a first aide kit when help could have already been there.  And wouldn't someone have come running to the lab area when the alarms went off.  Dante couldn't get an ambulance to a hotel and Patrick could get the fire department to arrive before any one in the hospital showed up from a floor up or down.  It makes no sense.

Still, minor things in otherwise fabulous storytelling.  In tragedy we get some of our best scenes, we just have to look through the tears to find them.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Seriously underestimated

Sonny has seriously underestimated Johnny.  It isn't Johnny's business powers that are the problem for Sonny.  It is how much every woman in town adores Johnny.  It certainly isn't Johnny's fault how he came into the world.  Johnny has befriended very one of those women and they are not going to easily forgive Sonny for humiliating Johnny.  Many of them thought Sonny went to far with Claudia who certainly had it coming.  No, Sonny has made a bad miscalculation.

This party was just such a waste.  They have turned generous donations and opportunities to get the entire cast together into predictable scenes that carry little value.

Can Maxie be saved?   I do blame Robin for not throwing her out, but she shouldn't have to.  For some reason, Maxie thought her love life or lack thereof was more important than saving Jason's life.  Of the two, I think I'll forgive Sonny before I forgive Maxie for her pettiness that has now caused a fire in the lab and possibly the loss of this magic medicine to save Jason.

I did have one good laugh today amid the tragedies unfolding and that was seeing Matt with his mouth hanging open in disbelief after Elizabeth said she hadn't been going after him.  What a blow to his ego.  A very much needed blow.  Though it would take a cannon to pierce his ego and bring it down to a reasonable size.  Maybe he and Maxie do need to get back together and move somewhere else.  Poor Spinelli for being tied to this story.

Where is Michael?  Shouldn't he have been at his father's party?  Maybe he is on TJ's guest list.  I have a feeling the party at the lake house is going to come to an abrupt halt.  Alexis surely won't be staying out late since the Metrocourt bash is collapsing.  Oh, and I guess there was one other good moment of humor when Alexis' blue dress nearly clashed with her green skin.  She is so jealous of Diane and Mac who I think are putting on an act for her benefit.

Emma is adorable and I like her scenes with her grandmother.  I do think that Grandma needs to be interacting with the adults soon though.  I understand Anna has a lot of history with many people in town and I'd like to see that.

Maybe next week.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Seriously annoying day!

Ok, Robin, here is what you do.  Physically push Maxie out the door of the lab and lock it behind her.  Then call Monica, the chief of staff and mother of your dying patient, and tell her to station someone outside the lab door letting no one except maybe, and I do mean maybe, Patrick inside.  Really!  Having the almost insufferable Matt and Maxie ranting about the dissolution of their relationship that was nothing more than a few dates and tons of fighting was just too much to watch.  I understand Carly's point and why she was upset but she sure wasn't helping either.

Sonny is right, Carly. If Jason wanted you to know, he would have called you.  Jason is married now and even before it was Sam he was confiding in, not you.  Heaven help anyone who confides in Carly anyway.

Carly already has her hands full as yet another of her parties is about to turn into a shouting match.  Why does anyone want to have an event at the Metrocourt.  Are the appetizers that good?

Olivia, go back to dressing yourself.  That designer gown Kate so generously gave you is hideous.  Now I see why you weren't so gracious in receiving her gift in the first place.  Also, if a designer made this for magazine publication it would have probably been fitted for someone considerably taller than Olivia so hemming it should be perfectly fine, Kate.  Geez, does no one know anything anymore?

Dante, decide whether you are going to see Sonny as a father or a gangster and stick to it.  I'm tired of you vacillating.

Finally, in the real world, apparently some fans have been sending Maxie's current portrayer, Jen Lilley, hateful messages. (per an article on SoapCentral) That is just awful thing to do. I've been critical of her work, I admit but I certainly have never sent her a message of any kind.  I've also said that the issue with Maxie these days is all three-  writing, acting and directing.  No one could have made me like Maxie today with her written to storm into the lab and rant about her love life at this time.  No one can make that work.  It certainly isn't Lilley's fault that Kristin Storms hasn't returned.  Personally, I'd rather see Maxie scaled back some until Kristin Storms can return.  I think we have been on Maxie overload lately and there are tons of other stories and characters that could take the stage. I was starting to like Lilley in the role until her character went back to being a mad woman.  So writers and directors, tone her down or write her out a bit for awhile but fans should not be hateful to her for playing the part she was hired to play.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Not much love in the air

Was Dante the only romantic today?  And he wasn't very original with his roses and candy.

Patrick did give Robin a wonderful gift though as he says it was not very traditional. I guess I like my Valentine somewhere between a heart shaped box of chocolates and a visiting relative.

It seems Valentine's Day was scrapped in Port Charles in favor of the upcoming party to celebrate another of Sonny's gifts.  The guy must really be loaded.  Maybe this is where the $20 mill that Spinelli had to locate is going.  Anyway, I'm sure it will be a night to remember. All of the Metrocourt functions are. I'm enjoying Kate and Carly as partners already.  Fireworks are sure to be on the menu whether planned or not.

Maxie seems to be regretting her spontaneous reporting of Elizabeth to Monica.  I had certainly hoped we would see at least a bit more of Monica in this.  Perhaps she will drop in on Jason or be at the hospital benefit.  She'll have to fight Carly for a place next to Jason's bedside.  Carly is concerned and already irked that no one called her about Jason's health. She is clearly outside his key circle these days.

Lulu needs to see an allergist.  It will come as no surprise when it is Lulu who digs up something in all those files.  And I've never understood why Deloris doesn't have access to the evidence room.  Isn't she on the same level as Dante and Ronnie?  Makes no sense.

TJ is causing trouble, no surprise there.  Well, Alexis wanted Molly to get a social life.  As usual Alexis has no idea what her kids are up to.

Inoperable is improbable

At GH?  They can't do surgery?  Isn't this unheard of?  I sure hope Robin has one of her famous drug protocols to treat Jason.

Meanwhile, Michael continues to get his life back on tract despite the examples of his parents and step-father.  He is enrolling in college and hopefully working with Shawn. It is time Michael gave Shawn a chance.  Will Carly give Shawn a chance and have two gorgeous men on a string?  What a choice?  I don't see her marrying either of them - Johnny is too young and volatile and Shawn just isn't a leading man character to me, at least not yet.  He was a teacher in his former life.  Teachers have one of the hardest jobs in the world but no one makes them the key character in a drama - not one that lasts long anyway.

Maxie, Maxie, what are we going to do with you?  I don't like Elizabeth either but I wouldn't put a single mother out of work.  Stealing drugs is hardly a pattern for Elizabeth and it sounds like the pot calling the kettle black - a point Monica made.  Best thing here is that Monica has a story that will at least keep her on the screen a couple more days.

Much as a dislike Matt's ego, he is right about Ewen.  There is something there that just doensn't add up.

Jason Thompson continues to show range in his work.  He went from giddy husband planning a surprise for his wife to straight forward surgeon in a heartbeat.  He knows Jason keeps secrets.

So lots to keep tuning in for!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Breaking Up is

not so hard to do.  Really, who couldn't see that Maxie and Matt needed to break up.  Have they even been a couple the last few months? With his ego and her accusations, schemes and jealousy, there was no room anywhere for them to connect.  I never liked this pairing mostly because I don't like Matt.  I really hated it when it turned Maxie into a shrill woman I'd just as soon see written off.

I'd love to keep Maxie if Kristen Storms were in the role. I was warming to Jen Lilly for awhile but then she became almost unbearable to watch.  I am not one to blame the writers for everything.  No one ever criticizes the actors or even acknowledges that there is a director somewhere who must be telling these people how to play a scene.  In this case, I think everyone is to blame.  The writing does make it tough to have sympathy for Maxie, but Kristin Storms always made it work no matter what they had her do. I did however, come on the scene post-Maxie/Lucky so maybe I didn't see Maxie at worst.

Maxie does get points for her appraisal of Elizabeth.  Sure she goes a little overboard.  Yet, she so has Elizabeth pegged with her comments about Elizabeth always going after unavailable men and her numerous pregnancies all with different fathers.  The last one even had two possible fathers.  And yet, Elizabeth is loved by all.  Well, not me.

What kind of psychiatrist is Dr. Keenan?  Does this man know no boundaries with his patients? Is Elizabeth is patient.  I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to date your patient no matter what your specialty and certainly no psychiatry.  He also is sort of living with 'Cassandra' and renting her a castle.  I would just as soon be rid of him and Miss Snowflake.  (Score another for Maxie for giving us that name.)

Speaking of psychiatrists, I'm pretty sure Kate isn't seeing one and definitely needs to.  I don't think they are going for multiple personalities - at least I hope not - but they are going for some sort of unhealthy behavior with Kate getting decked out in red lipstick and clubbing type clothes to go down to the lobby and write ideas on napkins. I think not.  She is finding a way to escape the rigid persona she created for herself.  This has potential as a story. One could argue that Coleman satisfied the wild child in her for a time and now she has graduated to far more risky behavior.  I can now see why Kate was recast.  I would have had a hard time seeing Megan Ward in this role though she did a fine job with the original Kate.

The most intriguing potential story for me oddly is Molly's My Face persona.  I say, oddly, because I usually don't care much for teen stories.  Correction, I didn't care much for them on ATWT but on GH, they give these stories a lot of meat, a lot of connection to the adults.  It isn't just teens acting out with other teens around.  How long before Molly becomes 'Desdemona.'  Gee, no one is themselves these days.

Johnny clearly isn't who he thought he was.  Yet, Johnny is still there.  There is hope that this won't destroy him. Ironic that Carly is the one trying to keep him from disintegrating into a vengeful thug.  Then again I guess she has a lot of experience with this personality type.

My favorite scenes of the week were Alexis with her girls.  The Davis girls get the best lines and deliver them like no one else.  Alexis, Sam, and Molly are an example of when writing, acting and directing work beautifully.  Throw in Diane who is always perfectly played and I just love everything they say and do.  It is relatable viewing.

I'm glad we got to see a scene with Jason and Monica.  It is just too bad these are too rare. Why couldn't Monica have come back to find him lying on the floor and then accompanied him to the hospital?

We saw little of Anthony and none of Luke for days.  I miss Tracy, too.  There are so many stories in the air it is hard to know what to hope for.  My wish is that we wrap up Cassandra and company soon, permanently stick Matt in the OR, and give Elizabeth much quality time with her boys off screen so we can get back to all the other really good ones.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

What's to Love

Since this is the month of love, here's what I'm loving about General Hospital right now:

the new sober Luke.  Luke is back and back in touch with everyone meaningful in his life yet he hasn't lost his naughty edge.  He is engaged with his children in relevant conversation.  He is helping Carly though I'm not sure she found it so helpful.  He cashed his info into Sonny so he is back supporting himself.  His scenes with Tracy and Anthony are fantastic. I know he and Edward are in cahoots on the Tracy situation.  I just hope they will be able to control the fallout from this marriage.  I love Luke's every scene these days.

Patrick and Robin are working together again.  After a year or so of tugging their marriage apart, they have a common goal and are fighting together.  That is a relationship I want to see.

Franco is gone - or at least dead, I hope.

Alexis' menopause story.  I love everything about this story.  OK, it is a bit unbelievable that Alexis wouldn't recognize the signs but then she has been in denial about her personal life before.  I can only ever remember one other menopause story and that was Lisa on ATWT back in the day when such things were whispered.  Well, with Diane on the case, there is no whispering.  That is for sure!  Even Coleman is getting some good stuff here by pegging what Alexis is really looking for.  We are seeing more of Mac these days, too.

Johnny is getting tons of screen time.  Sure, there are plenty of issues here and I have worries.  For now I'll just delight in seeing him practically daily.  I do love that he and Carly are growing closer. Plus it looks like he might be mixing it up with the Quatermaine's.

Michael is on a path back to ELQ I'm betting.

Ronnie may be the assailant of the dancers and now the detective.  I hope so as that might finally get him OFF MY SCREEN.

Spinelli is reeling Maxie in and it is delicious to watch.  He is no longer a cyber geek but a kingpin of a group swapping information.  I'm sure there is something illegal here but I'm not worried.  No one in Port Charles really goes to jail at least for long.  I'm enjoying the development of Spinelli from geek to Casanova way too much to worry.

Ewen doesn't seem to be falling under Elizabeth's spell.  She actually didn't trap a man in her web.

And finally, Elena is back, knife in hand. Let's hope she doesn't get interrupted.