Friday, February 10, 2012

Breaking Up is

not so hard to do.  Really, who couldn't see that Maxie and Matt needed to break up.  Have they even been a couple the last few months? With his ego and her accusations, schemes and jealousy, there was no room anywhere for them to connect.  I never liked this pairing mostly because I don't like Matt.  I really hated it when it turned Maxie into a shrill woman I'd just as soon see written off.

I'd love to keep Maxie if Kristen Storms were in the role. I was warming to Jen Lilly for awhile but then she became almost unbearable to watch.  I am not one to blame the writers for everything.  No one ever criticizes the actors or even acknowledges that there is a director somewhere who must be telling these people how to play a scene.  In this case, I think everyone is to blame.  The writing does make it tough to have sympathy for Maxie, but Kristin Storms always made it work no matter what they had her do. I did however, come on the scene post-Maxie/Lucky so maybe I didn't see Maxie at worst.

Maxie does get points for her appraisal of Elizabeth.  Sure she goes a little overboard.  Yet, she so has Elizabeth pegged with her comments about Elizabeth always going after unavailable men and her numerous pregnancies all with different fathers.  The last one even had two possible fathers.  And yet, Elizabeth is loved by all.  Well, not me.

What kind of psychiatrist is Dr. Keenan?  Does this man know no boundaries with his patients? Is Elizabeth is patient.  I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to date your patient no matter what your specialty and certainly no psychiatry.  He also is sort of living with 'Cassandra' and renting her a castle.  I would just as soon be rid of him and Miss Snowflake.  (Score another for Maxie for giving us that name.)

Speaking of psychiatrists, I'm pretty sure Kate isn't seeing one and definitely needs to.  I don't think they are going for multiple personalities - at least I hope not - but they are going for some sort of unhealthy behavior with Kate getting decked out in red lipstick and clubbing type clothes to go down to the lobby and write ideas on napkins. I think not.  She is finding a way to escape the rigid persona she created for herself.  This has potential as a story. One could argue that Coleman satisfied the wild child in her for a time and now she has graduated to far more risky behavior.  I can now see why Kate was recast.  I would have had a hard time seeing Megan Ward in this role though she did a fine job with the original Kate.

The most intriguing potential story for me oddly is Molly's My Face persona.  I say, oddly, because I usually don't care much for teen stories.  Correction, I didn't care much for them on ATWT but on GH, they give these stories a lot of meat, a lot of connection to the adults.  It isn't just teens acting out with other teens around.  How long before Molly becomes 'Desdemona.'  Gee, no one is themselves these days.

Johnny clearly isn't who he thought he was.  Yet, Johnny is still there.  There is hope that this won't destroy him. Ironic that Carly is the one trying to keep him from disintegrating into a vengeful thug.  Then again I guess she has a lot of experience with this personality type.

My favorite scenes of the week were Alexis with her girls.  The Davis girls get the best lines and deliver them like no one else.  Alexis, Sam, and Molly are an example of when writing, acting and directing work beautifully.  Throw in Diane who is always perfectly played and I just love everything they say and do.  It is relatable viewing.

I'm glad we got to see a scene with Jason and Monica.  It is just too bad these are too rare. Why couldn't Monica have come back to find him lying on the floor and then accompanied him to the hospital?

We saw little of Anthony and none of Luke for days.  I miss Tracy, too.  There are so many stories in the air it is hard to know what to hope for.  My wish is that we wrap up Cassandra and company soon, permanently stick Matt in the OR, and give Elizabeth much quality time with her boys off screen so we can get back to all the other really good ones.

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