Saturday, February 25, 2012


Friday's episode had so much action that it was impossible to turn away.  I was riveted on every word out of Kate's mouth waiting for her to confess to being Sonny's shooter.  I'm guessing here but I agree with Anthony, she was suspicious.  If she shot him after the benefit was she also the amateur who shot him in his office.?  She would have had to be in some sort of altered state as she was very upset then, too, when she found out he had been shot.  It is hard not to hang onto every word of a woman wearing a sleeveless, blood soaked wedding gown on a pier in February.

At the hospital the drama over whether or really when Patrick would agree to help Jason continued.  Anna got through to him thankfully.  He would have regretted it if he'd let Jason die.  Of course, we know Jason isn't going anywhere. In this age of casting spoilers, there are no secrets.

Which is why if someone has to die at Wyndemere it will be Ethan.  I hope that isn't the case. I hope they just write him out with a way to return.  I could not care less what happens to Cassandra.  Her story is so cliche.  It isn't even good enough to make me want to see more of Helena. Normally I love to watch Helena but there is so much else going on right now, I'd as soon they wrap this up quickly and send the lot of them packing - well, except for Luke.

I've missed Luke and surely he will have something to do now that his 'dear niece' is falling into bed with another member of the mob, Tracy's is still buried in her marriage to the marked Anthony and Lulu is well, happy, but that can't last.

No, let's give Cassandra, Ewen and Helena a ticket back to wherever and focus on the newcomers.  I'm already intrigued by the couple and child in the car who are about to be part of Anthony's accident.  Since they come form OLTL, they have a good backstory yet I know nothing about it.  So there is a lot here to share with GH viewers.  I already like both of them.  I wonder if Sonny will take them under his wing seeing them as young lovers the way Robin and Stone once were.

Dante had quite a change of heart in a few hours.  Will it stick or will he go back to hating his father in a few days?

Of course the scene to really hang onto happened at the Quartermaines.  You could see the wheels turning in Tracy's head as Sonny was offering her a way out of her marriage. Yet, she couldn't do it.  And she wasn't seriously worried about stains on the carpet, either.  She is coming to care a bit for Anthony. I know he is fun and charming, Tracy.  Don't forget, he is a killer.

So much is set up to happen next week.  I don't think we will get to the bottom of Kate's problems soon. Yet there is the accident, Jason's upcoming surgery, and the grief over Robin's death.  Maxie and Robert don't even know yet along with most of the town.

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