Saturday, March 31, 2012


Mostly, I'm enjoying the show as always, but I have a few issues with how things are going.

Where is Shawn?  Has his character been written out?

Finally Ewan finds out that Cassandra is dead and he feels terrible.  I don't buy it.  He drops her or lets her drop him and he never gave her a backwards glance until he gets a call from Alexis weeks after her murder.  Now he is sorry.  Ewan is just a convenient character for the Kate/Connie storyline.  I'm not worried about Elizabeth getting too attached though, she has so many other men in waiting.

Why would anyone put a man and woman opposite each other in jail - aren't the sexes kept separate?  And putting Maxie and the man she fingered together.  If she is lying, he's going to lean on her.  If she isn't, they are going to conspire to cover up their crimes.  It is just plain dumb and lazy writing.

The return of Ronnie.  Let's just make him the stalker and kill two birds with one stone - an unnecessary storyline and Ronnie who has grated on my nerves since day one.  I hear the Padilla is getting an on screen husband which means they are going to drag this out.  I'm not happy.  Not only do we not need another new character, but we don't need this story at all.  Wrap it up and move on.

Wednesdays are always a hoot and this week was no exception.  The fight at the police station between Spinelli and Matt was hysterical.  However, if I were Mac, I'd fire that statue of an officer who just stood there and let them brawl all over Dante's desk.

Loved Tracy's jealousy over Anna moving in with Luke.

Since I'm onto things I love, let me get those out, too.  Jason telling Carly she can't see Johnny any more and her defying him.  Kate's - ah, I mean, Connie's session with Ewan.  Lulu is working an not moping about her life anymore.  Alexis has two clients with one heading to court very soon.  I've not really seen Alexis much in the courtroom and I'm looking forward to it.  Michael is attending college and he is getting a new love interest with lots of potential drama for the young couple.

Now Sam is off to see another returning character who I don't know:  Heather Webber.  I'm guessing Steve and Elizabeth's Mother isn't a very nice person since she is never mentioned.  I've seen this woman in previews and she doesn't look old enough to be Steve's mother.  Apparently she has a link to the past.

I noticed a preview this evening that shows Katie Couric getting her feet wet at ABC by hosting the morning show.  Well that puts her back where she belongs.  If only she would stay there and they would drop this whole idea of yet another talk show.  Then again if it takes her talking ABC into keeping GH, I'll deal with the time change.  Anything to keep GH and get rid of the Revulsion.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Loving John McBain

I'm loving the new character (for GH) of John McBain.  I want to know more about him.   What is his history with Sonny?  Is he really in love with his wife or is there a chance he will come to Port Charles looking for love?

I love the fact that Jason will have a new rival.  It also looks like Dante will as well.  We haven't seen the annoying Ronnie in forever so anything to keep him off the canvas as well.

Luke just gets better and better. This week he explained to Anna - and to those of us who had been wondering - why Robin never called for her Mother's expert help in dealing with Lisa.  I don't get the Jake's name change.  Oh, I can see why, I just don't understand the new name. I like references to the show's history as this is a nod to longtime viewers.  But explain them to the rest of us, please!

This morning I read where OWN - Oprah's network - is struggling.  I didn't watch Oprah but I've certainly seen one of her regular shows or two and I certainly admire her.  I don't wish her ill will.  However, I do think this is a sign the ABC daytime folks need to pay attention to.  If Oprah Winfrey can only get 800,000 people to watch her interview Lady Gaga, they need to realize that talk is way, way overdone.  It isn't what viewers want.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Robin's Funeral

Just a few quick thoughts on the last week or so...

Carly is ridiculously obsessed and Sam should turn in her PI license.  If Sam wants to protect her husband, she should stay in his room!  Leaving him alone for long periods of time is just inviting Carly or any of the hospital staff who knew Robin in to tell him.  Her conversation with Epiphany and her confession to the naked Ewen was sloppy writing.  Carly doesn't care one way or the other about Jason she just wants to get back at Sam. Period.

Jason Thompson has been magnificent in portraying the grieving spouse.

I continue to love seeing this new side of Luke continuing to help out one friend after another without even the tiniest sip of alcohol.  He does it in Luke style.

Many people have tired of DID storylines but I only remember one and that was about 30 years ago on ATWT.  It was magnificently done.  This one with Kate/Connie is also well done by all parties and I'm hanging on her every word.  I particularly love how Johnny and Anthony have been drawn in.

Finally, on Robin's funeral, my only gripe is Emma being present for the entire thing.  I know she doesn't really understand but still wouldn't a child be upset.  This just seems unrealistic.

Maxie storming in in her fashion faux pas red dress is classic.  Will this make Maxie change her obscenely selfish ways and get back to a person I can love to watch?  I hope so.

So sad to see Robin go.  I know the actress wanted out, just hate to see this made permanent. But then in daytime drama, nothing is permanent.