Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Show Favorites

I like this new trend of debuting new shows at different times of the year.  It isn't all about Fall anymore.

So far this spring, there are two shows I'm loving - Smash and ABC's Scandal.  Just to get things out of the way, ABC has had plenty of bombs.  I suffered through one episode of GCB, I think my husband watched two before giving it up.  It is just silly - I think that is the best word for it and a true waste of a wonderful former Designing Woman.  I've also tried the other "B" show and don't care for it either.  Shows filled with characters you just don't like or respect are unappealing.

So back to Smash which is the only thing I watch on NBC.  It is about creating a musical and building the careers of two very talented young women.  But what makes the show are all the sub plots and there are plenty.  EVERYbody on this show has a story.  Thankfully it has already been renewed for Fall.

I was a little concerned about Scandal thinking that it might be just too much of the character Olivia Pope wearing her 'big white hat' and always saving the day.  She does her job well but her famous instincts start failing her in the first episode.   The show reinforces the knowledge that Washington is filled with the fallible and they are much more fun to watch in fiction than reality.

ABC has had a few other premieres I haven't even bothered with like Missing and the River which were unappealing to me from the previews.  Seems like I didn't miss anything.

I haven't watched much on CBS.  With a fairly successful lineup already, they haven't introduced much.  They just brought back Rules of Engagement which surely will get canceled this year.  It should have gone after about season 2.  Rob was awful but I hear it may come back anyway.

Wonder if there will be any new things for the summer.  With the regular season winding down it would be nice to have one or two things to watch over the summer months.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The green-eye monster has camped out in Port Charles.  Sonny and Carly certainly have reason.  Johnny didn't have to actually sleep with Kate to make Sonny jealous and break them up.  Olivia is right; Johnny has turned into someone we don't even know.  It is a shame because I love the original Johnny.

Sonny and Carly couldn't be more predictable.  Of course, Kate is going to walk in on them.  Kate is the only one I feel sorry for in this situation.

Jason has some reason to be jealous.  Sam thinks she is innocently confiding in John McBain but anyone can see the chemistry and where this is going.  I'm not letting Jason off the hook.  He was completely oblivious to Sam's predicament when she found out about the baby and Franco.  It isn't that she didn't tell him, she just waited a few days to know the full story.

The new writing team does a good job they are just sometimes a bit too obvious.  Dante racing off to Memphis is clearly to keep him out of town so Lulu can be Ronnie's next victim.  Finally!  Maybe we will get rid of Ronnie for good.

Loved watching Spinelli in front of the Avengers poster trying to figure out who actually killed Lisa. No one else really cares.  We just want Maxie out of jail and back to displaying her fashion sense.  Someone has to run the magazine.

So many references to Kristina.  Is she returning?

Friday, April 13, 2012


I love blogging.  I'm having a lousy day.  I've spent all morning on a project and truly have to start over from scratch.  I'll do that but first I need a break, a vent at someone besides myself.  So I think I'll take my frustrations out on whoever decided it was a good idea to bring Heather Webber back.

I never knew this character before and what I know of her now, I'd just as soon forget.  She is completely, totally unlikeable and utterly unsympathetic.  I'm with Olivia - send her back to Ferncliff.  The only thing I do like is the expression on Luke's face when she is around. It does make me laugh - which I could use right now.

Another part of the issue with having Heather is the larger issue of too many stories and too many characters.  There is so much going on it is hard to know what to focus on.  It isn't boring, that is for sure. But I could use a little breathing room.

What I want to focus on is Sonny's trial.  There are conversations at Kelly's over a cup of coffee that take 3 days to tell and yet in half an episode the prosecution has trotted out almost all its witnesses.

Now that I have my grievances aired, I'll say that the TV will be on promptly at 3 so I can see what Connie Falconeri is going to do next. I've been riveted to this story from the beginning.  We are getting close to everyone knowing that Kate has another personality.  Spinelli is anxiously awaiting records to be delivered which will tell him what is happening.  Jason is about to go the court house.  And there is Kate on the stand saying she is someone else.  Will she come back to Kate in time or has Connie really broken free?

Hopefully we will also see Tracy bust in on Anna and Luke today.  So far they just have a friendship but I love seeing Tracy all worked up.  I wonder when she testified if she was reluctant to tell the truth about Sonny because she wants him to stay out of jail so he can finish of Anthony.  More Tracy, Monica and Alice and less Heather is all I'm saying.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Great news!

Yeah!  Yippee!  General Hospital is being renewed and the Revulsion - ah, I mean, the Revolution - is being cancelled. This wasn't a huge surprise if you looked at the numbers. Yet, ABC has made such awful choices regarding its daytime, and nighttime, line-ups that it is always hard to guess.  Yes, they have had some winners in the evening - Revenge, for example - the losers are outnumbering them.  Amongst the losers, I count shows that are doing well in ratings just because of their time slot.  Suburgatory is a good example.

Anyway, I'm delighted that ABC saw the benefit of keeping General Hospital on air and I do appreciate the importance of viewership.  It is an expensive show to produce and they can't keep it around just for a few fans.  So keep the TV on at 3:00 or whatever time GH comes on.  Let's show them that we do want daytime drama to survive and thrive!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What will Sam do?

What a dilema to find yourself in.  Your husband had a twin brother who was a pshyopath who terrorized you and may have impregnated you without your knowledge or consent.  Your husband has already killed the brother he never new existed.  And you the wife have to decide whether to tell him and what to do about the baby now quite a bit further along.

Only on a daytime drama.  No, they would do this on Criminal Minds in a heartbeat if they were smart enough to think it up.

It's pretty obvious Sam isn't going to run to Jason and tell him.  He wasn't home so now she has time to think, time for John McBain to get into her head and time to put off the inevitable truth coming out.  I'm delighted to see Sam have more of her own story even if it is creepy.

What I'm not delighted about is finding out Robin is alive.  I thought she would be eventually but I'd have rather not known now.  I haven't read any spoilers so I don't know if Kimberly McCullough had a change of heart or just wants to leave the door open.  If it is the latter, we really didn't need to know now.

I'm loving the Kate/Connie story more by the day.  I don't think it will stay a secret much longer what with Connie coming out more and more.  I laughed at the completely puzzled Jason today.  Connie gets to tell everyone off and they are so stunned they don't know what to do.  Give her a scene with Olivia, please.  The only question here is who is going to figure it out first:  Sonny, Alexis, Olivia, Steve, Jason, John, or Anna.  Now I can see why Maxie had to be in jail.  No way could Connie fool Maxie.

Steve is making a big mistake taking in his mother.  I know nothing about Heather other than the recent dialogue but it is easy to see she will use him and she probably has some master plan she wants to carry out.  Olivia, run, now!