Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I wish I meant that a character on GH was betraying another.  What I mean by "betrayals" is the writers and an actor are betraying daytime with their actions this week.

The first betrayal is this awful, horrible, worst storyline ever of Kristina's Mob Princess reality show. Reality shows are the enemy of scripted shows.  They are cheap, often (but not always) trashy, replacements for good writing.  I call them unreality shows.  There absolutely nothing realistic about putting a bunch of people on an island and have them do silly contests to see who can 'survive' the longest or race across the globe to on what is essentially a scavenger hunt or find a mate in a few weeks or live in the same house together with a bunch of people you have never met before, etc, etc.

So bringing 'reality' tv into daytime is a betrayal.  And not only that it is ridiculous to think that people could just walk into Alexis - lawyer Alexis - home and start running cameras.  I truly wanted Alexis to slap Kristina silly today.  If Kristina wants to be treated like an adult that is what she deserved because that is what would have happened to another adult woman who started running her mouth the way she was.  I truly HATE this storyline.

Another betrayal are the promos I've seen for the Chew where Laura Wright is appearing.  Perhaps she is there to talk up daytime but I'd rather she not be associated with the enemy at all.  The Chew and all the replacements ABC, NBC and CBS try out in their former daytime drama time slots are enemies of our programs.  Don't show up on the Chew and pretend to care about what these people are pushing, Laura.

Again what I'm enjoying are the Tracy/Luke scenes.  Luke sure got caught red handed today and there is ample evidence that his real crime is still being in love with Tracy. He was dying for her to use his name as the one she swore her oath on but she picked Lila instead.  This storyline also gives Brandon Brash more opportunities to shine.

I knew what Maxie was up to.  It was a good plan only it keeps Dr. Selfish around a while longer.  And poor Spinelli!  His heart is breaking and he doesn't even have Sam or Jason to go to for support as they are caught up in their own problems and drama.

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