Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Genuinely shocked

The last time I was genuinely shocked by a storyline was...  I can't remember!  It is still hard to believe that Johnny shot his grandfather.

I'm not going to be 4 for 4 either - on identifying the culprit.  Johnny shot out Anthony's tires and got Connie to take the blame.  Quite a piece of writing.  It is even more surprising that they put this on a Monday/Tuesday. When we had the cliffhanger Friday, I just assumed Johnny was lying.  I never dreamed it would go this way.

I'll certainly miss Anthony.  Yes, he was a killer.  He would do anything to protect himself or Johnny.  He even 'took care of' Maxie's problem for her to repay his debt.  But he was so much fun to watch.  I suppose this will take care of the last loose end of Maxie's case.  I wondered how they were going to get her off of conspiring with Anthony to kill the first mate.  Now she can just blame it all on him.

I assume that Johnny's timing has a lot to do with opportunity.  He knows that Tracy was trying to kill Anthony so he has the perfect one to frame. Luke is getting caught up in this for sure.

On the other side of town, Tea is the latest beautiful woman to use John McBain for a sounding board.  I do wish costume burns that awful maternity getup they have her in.  And would someone please give her a proper pregnancy pad so she doesn't have to hang onto it like a kid clutching a basketball.  I guess she is afraid it is going to fall out.

I know I'm supposed to be mad at Jason but I can't help but see his point of view.  No, I don't think he should suggest to Sam that they give this baby up for adoption and just make another one.  He gave away one child and then later regretted it.  But I do see how it is going to be hard for him to raise Franco's child.  And of course we have Nurse Nosy on hand to stick her two cents in and be his shoulder to cry on.

So who is Shawn dating or does it matter?  Apparently they decided against a Carly/Shawn pairing.  Is this racial or do they think Shawn is just too good a guy for Carly?  Todd sure isn't so I guess that is her next one.

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