Sunday, May 20, 2012

Great writing

The storylines are superb these days!  I think the tie in's with OLTL are very good.  Even though I never watched the show, it is obvious that Kate/Connie DID story is written with these fans in mind.  Even though I don't know the OLTL characters, I'm getting into their stories very easily.

Kelli Sullivan should get an Emmy for her fantastic performance as Kate/Connie.  She finally has Sonny believing her.  While I think it was beyond insensitive for Sonny to not even listen to everyone telling him what was going on with Kate, I don't think they should get back together.  If Kate is so afraid of a life with Sonny that she had to develop another personality to deal with it, there is really no hope for these characters.  Ewan told Kate that they personalities would have to merge.

And I got another one right!  Not that they made it too hard for me.  Dr. Hunter is Lisa Niles' murderer.  Another case of good writing here as most of us had long ago lost interest in Dr. Niles or who killed her.  To resurrect this storyline and make it attention grabbing took talent. I'd always hoped it would be Matt so we could be rid of this character.  I have nothing against the actor and am glad he found other work.  I just find the character of Matt incredibly self-absorbed and unnecssary.  Yes, this will be a blow to Patrick but it is definitely time to move Dr. Hunter along and get Maxie out of prison before we have to see more of her in that hideous orange complete with black eye.

There is still too much murder going on or attempted murder.  Friday left us with wondering who is telling the truth - Johnny or Connie in their confessions of who shot out Anthony's tires.  Johnny has an alibi; it's Kate I'm sure.  I've thought it was her all along. Hey, I'm 3 for 3 already.

Anthony is right about one thing, the Mrs. is trying to kill him.  I laughed at Tracy's constant complaint that Luke didn't have a plan.  And she does??? Tracy is being very sloppy about this.  I don't think Luke is going to murder Anthony so I'm particularly anxious to see what he has in mind and to see more of three of my favorite characters.

Speaking of favs, we are seeing lots of Alexis these days and Molly is back on screen.  The Molly and TJ romance is a bit hard to buy as we didn't see the lead in for this.

The only sour note is Jason and his poor treatment of his wife.  I can see why he is having trouble accepting this baby but I can't see why he is pushing Sam away and totally ignoring her feelings about the baby.

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