Sunday, May 6, 2012

Jason is a jerk!

I'm so disgusted with Jason.  His only redeeming quality right now is that he has figured out Kate's dual personality.  I swear I thought someone was going to have to draw Carly a map.  She reads a medical file with a term she doesn't understand and she rushes over to Johnny's.  She doesn't at least Google it?

Back to Jason.  Your wife is pregnant after being raped by a maniac and all you can worry about are her conversations with another guy - a guy who has been supportive.  Jason is just a jerk in this entire scenario.  I get that this affects him too.  I can see why he wonders if he can raise this baby as his own.  But he has done that before with Michael.  He saw Lucky do that with Jake.  The least he can do is support Sam until he figures out what he is going to do.

I see a lot of criticism of Starr Manning's character. I have no prior history with this character.  It is easy to see why she can't let the death of her child and boyfriend go.  It is easy to see why she thinks Sonny is really guilty.  He's skated by before. Everything really pointed to him.  So I get her anger and can put up with her ranting for awhile.  However, if they pulled the character tomorrow, I wouldn't miss her.

The OLTL crossover I do love is John McBain.  He and Alexis are the only people in town who make any sense.  I wish he were unattached so he could hook up with Alexis and then there is all that chemistry with Sam.  But they keep going to great lengths to talk about his family, for him to have conversations albeit brief with his wife.  Surely at some point he will be free romantically or he will cheat.  I'd hate to see him cheat. He really does seem like a good guy for a change.

And speaking of 'good guys' and change.  Johnny who was always trying to escape his upbringing then swung over to the dark side is trying to swing back.  I hope he makes it.  It's hard to root for Johnny with all he is into.

Will Tracy knock off her hubby?  I doubt it, but the scenes with her, Luke and Anthony were predictably priceless.  I mean if you tell me those three are going to be in a scene together, I know I'm going to laugh and love it.  But Tracy, dear, Luke is not smitten enough to try to kill Anthony.  First of all, Anthony has more lives than a cat and he has a gangster son or grandson who no matter how much he protests is still blood.  You don't mess with these people and Luke knows it.  Then there are the instructions Anthony supposedly left with his attorney to expose Tracy should he die.  No, Tracy you are stuck for the time being.   What a treat for us.

Two things I predicted are coming true and I'm happy about both. Ronnie is the abuser and is surely going down.  Not a minute too soon.  I've been wanting rid of this annoying character for months.  Matt is Lisa's killer. It explains Maxie's behavior to a point.  I still can't believe she would go to these lengths to cover for her.  If Max wanted to change Maxie's mind, he should have had her sent to prison prior to sentencing to see what it was really like.  I think that might have done more to persuade her that she was taking her guilt over Robin's death too far.

Back to Kate, again I'm riveted everytime this story is on the screen.  The writing and acting are fantastic. I certainly understand the recast.  I just can't see Megan Ward with her hair down like Connie - even if she had long hair.

The only dark spot for me storywise is Heather. I still hate this character.  The idea that Maggie would fall for her act is silly.  Is this a way to write out Maggie?  I'm not crazy about the character but we didn't need to kill her off.  Although if it gets Heather off my screen sooner, I'll take it.

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