Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lulu is deluded

I got a good laugh out of Lulu this week.  She told Luke that she could think and act under pressure.  That she was good at it. Huh?  The way I saw it, Sam was the one who suggested to Ronnie the Haunted Star and dropped the matchbook.  It was Sam who untied them.  It was Lulu who got herself shot and Sam who avoided getting shot by faking a fainting spell.  Lulu did figure out it was Ronnie but then my her own admission, turned her back on him and got herself kidnapped.  Lulu isn't going to last 10 minutes if she gets herself into any more adventures particularly if Dante, Luke or John or all three aren't hot on her trail.

Tea arrived this week.  I like her so far.  I'd love to know what she and Padilla were saying about Johnny in Spanish.  Todd is back and so far he is interesting and not too annoying.  He is frank about his past which I appreciate.

It is going to be hard to get past what all Johnny has done lately but I can't help but want Carly to forgive him.  I know Johnny isn't all bad but his actions are saying otherwise.

Ronnie is gone.  Matt is on his way out.  Both of these I've wanted rid of.  Now, if we could get rid of Heather, all the aggravating characters would be gone.  Maggie was also written out.  I didn't have an opinion one way or another.

I wonder of Connie will reappear and bust out of jail.  I kind of hope so I'm not anxious for this storyline to end.

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