Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jason's regret

Who could feel sorry for Jason?  I certainly can't or I shouldn't but then I see the pain that Steve Burton conveys from this character and I give just a little.  He rejected Sam's baby, made a federal case ogut of her confiding in John McBain and finally had John beat up.  His timing could not have been worse.  John was unable to drive Sam to the hospital so she goes wandering around in the dark and gets her baby switched.  So soapy and improbable.

I still wish Heather would disappear tomorrow.  Yet while we have to watch her she might as well be entertaining and she is.  She gets the best lines of this week.  Her dialogue with Todd was perfect.  I love it that she kept referring to burying Anthony as her "gardening."  I fear that Olivia's suspicions will be her death sentence.  I know a lot of people are tired of Olivia but I still really like this character.

I'm not too happy with Steve though.  He can't be that dumb regarding his mother can he?  At least there is much for Spinelli to do.  He needs to figure out Heather's secret and hopefully Sam will enlist him to confirm her suspicions that the baby was switched.  I'm glad that have let Sam has this doubt.  She is way too smart not to figure this out.

So what now for Mac?  He was a terrible police commissioner so maybe something else would suit him better.  I have mixed feelings about Felicia.  I can totally see her as Maxie's mother but there is little depth in this character.  If she moved on, I wouldn't mind.

Many of the main players were absent or back burnered this week - Sonny, Carly, Kate, Elizabeth.  The baby switch has been as good as an old storyline like that can be but let's mix it up and get back to some of our other stories.  Carly is forgiving Johnny.  Kate is still in the hospital and is still in the dark on who really shot out Anthony's tires.

Much, much going on in Port Charles this summer.