Sunday, July 29, 2012

Surprise, surprise!

We were treated to a few surprises this week on GH.

Anna pulled a gun on Heather in the interrogation room rather than give into Heather's demands.  Bravo!  Now, if Anna will just do a more thorough investigation of Ferncliff than talking to one nurse she might learn something about Robin's location.  BTW why would anyone give a barely conscious Robin a pamphlet on the facility she is being transferred to?

Even more surprising was that Ewen was the one 'treating' Robin and he is doing someone's bidding.  We still don't know who.  I've heard various theories of for people I've never heard of.  So I really don't know.  The only clue is that at one time Ewen seemed to have a strange reaction to the name Jasper Jax.  I can't imagine Jax having anything to do with Robin's disappearance but what about his dastardly brother Jerry?  I don't know why other than Robin is important to many people in Port Charles including Jason.  She was working on a cure for Jason when she died.

Friday left us with a big surprise.  Johnny knows about the baby switch. How?

Blair wasn't back for Todd but to tell him she was engaged to another man.  This didn't surprise me but her assertion that she 'might' have been sending him mixed signals made me laugh.  Might?  She was all cuddled up to him at the club, responding to his kiss, telling him she did love him.  I'd say those are some powerful signals.

I was surprised that Luke seems to want Tracy to wait on him and she is agreeing to - in her own way.  They do have a weird relationship.

Finally, I'm surprised Patrick checked himself in for treatment.  I'm happy this branch of the story may come to a close.  I'm puzzled that any doctor would want to be treated for substance abuse in his own hospital.  I realize his boss and co-workers would find out, but surely he wouldn't want them to see him go through detox.

Lots to look forward to again next week.  I'm particularly interested in what Johnny knows and how he knows it.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Don't call her 'crazy'

Todd had better never let Heather hear his hilarious ringtone! "Crazy calling, Crazy calling"  Oh, too funny! Olivia is the latest to make the mistake of calling Heather "crazy."  Of course anyone could see that Olivia had put herself right in the line of fire.  She isn't one to back down under any circumstances and Heather is between her and her man. Personally, I think Olivia should have just cut her losses.  If Steve is too stupid to see what this woman who sold him as a baby is doing now, he just isn't worth it.  I loved Steve when he first came to town and wanted to see more of him.  Now I have and they can put him back on the back burner or wisen him up.  This version of Steve is nobody's prize.

Anna has already done more as police commissioner in a few weeks than Mac did in the entire time I've watched GH.  She actually goes out and investigates!  It's amazing to find someone who wants to get their hands dirty.  She'd better hustle on over to that cabin before Luke becomes toast.

Luke!  I just can't get over the idea that a man who has been kidnapped as many times as he has wouldn't carry around a few James Bond style tools up his sleeve, hidden in his watch or something.  He is just now realizing he has been held captive in a tool shed!  Didn't Maxie and Elizabeth escape within minutes of being held captive.  Luke hasn't even tried until now and his grand plan was to burn his ropes off?  Was the alcohol keeping him savvy all these years?

I'm assuming Tracy got a letter too and we just didn't see or hear about it.  I like Tracy and Luke better than Anna and Luke.  Mostly though I'm delighted that Anthony Geary is around for the summer at least so far.  He is too important right now to take a vacation.

Wanna bet that isn't really "Connie" paying Johnny a late night visit?  I'm thinking Kate is trying to figure out what Johnny knows and she is just pretending to be Connie.  I want Kate to know she didn't cause the accident but I so hate to bring Johnny down.  I know what he did is awful yet I can't help but want him redeemed.  I've always loved Johnny.  With Todd spying on him though I doubt he will be able to keep many secrets.

I was very pleased to see actual extras being used at the club opening.  Too often there is some big event and we only see the show regulars.  The club was and should have been packed.  I do have to say though I'm not nearly as impressed with Starr's singing as everyone else is.  She is OK but I've heard far better from other soap regulars.  Martha Bryne of ATWT comes to mind.  That is something they could do with Steve - let him sing!

Lulu and Dante are having marital problems - what a shock!  I never thought they would actually get married so it has already lasted longer than I expected.  Lulu was wrong to blow off work to comfort Johnny and Dante was wrong to show up at the Haunted Star and practically demand she go home with him for his romantic dinner - hasn't he learned by now that his never married Mother is not the best source of relationship advice?   There are wrongs on both sides and plenty of room to compromise.  I hope they keep this going at least a bit longer and prove me wrong.

Finally, we didn't see too much of Sam and Jason this week.  Todd now knows the truth of the baby paternity and everyone is on Heather's trail for Maggie's murder.  Will Heather get caught and if so will all her secrets come out?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Unexpected Week

I've been too busy watching this wonderful show to write about it!  First off, a big congratulations to Anthony Geary, Nancy Grahn, and Jonathan Jackson for Emmy wins on their amazing performances!  Much deserved!  Also a big congrats to the entire GH Team particularly the directing team for their wins in Best Drama Series and Directing.

We saw more great performances this week and there were some unexpected little twists as least I thought so.  I expected Trey to walk in on Sonny trying to kill his father.  Instead it was John. Joe Jr. tried to lay a guilt trip on John about his sister's death.  He did an awfully good job of it but fact is, Joe pulled the trigger.  I knew John and Sam were getting closer but the kiss surprised me.

Starr and Michael's heat did not surprise me at all.  One of the columnists at Soap Central has been wanting Michael to have some fun and we certainly saw that today - at the Quartermaine's no less.  Wish we would have had a few Q's celebrating but at least they weren't totally ignored, nor was the 4th of July holiday.  I do miss the way ATWT always celebrated with Bob manning the bbq and making a patriotic toast.  We also didn't have reruns on the 4th.

But back to the present.  Another surprise was Luke's scenes this week.  I'd forgotten that Anthony Geary takes bi-annual vacations until Heather kidnapped him.  He has been so in demand and on screen that I just forgot we might have to live without him for a few weeks.  Now I don't know whether he is off or not.  He is in the previews for Monday, too.  Did they just shoot some of this ahead an give Geary his vacation or is Luke going to be ping ponging between 3 women for the rest of the summer.

Anna is proving her worth as the new police commissioner by figuring out Heather kidnapped Anthony's body and hopefully she will arrest Heather pronto.  I don't think that will happen as Heather is so integrated in storylines all over town.  I'm getting more used to this character in a 'love to hate' kind of way. Her lines with Todd are hilarious, but she definitely gained hate points when she got Diane fired.  Will we ever get Diane back?  Inquiring minds want to know that!  Of all the actors to put out of work, Carolyn Hennesy was not one of them!  Plus, half of Port Charles needs defending on any given day so Diane could always return to the law.

A little thing I noticed today that I thought was clever was Michael saying to Starr "No worries."  This is an Aussie phrase that he could have picked up from Jax.  Nice move, writers!  Mind you I don't miss Jax one bit so let's keep him away.  Sonny is probably still scratching that itchy trigger finger so Jax may still be a target.

Back to Trey.  He didn't walk in on daddy tied to a chair but he did get an eye full from Kristina.  Honey, if a man can look at you in that bikini and turn you down flat, he just isn't that into you!  Save some of your dignity and move on. Oh, right, you have no dignity given that you are constantly trying to parade your family's faults on camera.  When Trey, the reality show producer and character we know nothing and care nothing about is more sympathetic than Kristina - a legacy character - there is something wrong.  Let's send these two back to Jersey to help out dear old Dad and bring Kristina back fresh in a few months and just start over minus the camera crew.

Is Alexis overreaccting?  Yes and no.  Molly lied but I think Alexis punishment of never seeing TJ again was too harsh.  Alexis, when your daughter has Romeo and Juliet memorized you have to be on the lookout for her Romeo.  As usual, Alexis is completely clueless about what his happening in her own house.  At least this time she has a good reason defending Sonny and Kate has kept her plenty busy.

I hope Patrick's drug addition story wraps up soon.  We've been here on this topic many times.  I think grief can be shown without the pills.  At least Maxie is back to her stylish self, now let's get her back to work.  I thinks he would make a fun addition to Manning Enterprises.  Maybe she could help Kate stage some sort of coup for Crimson.  It is very unrealistic that Maxie and Kate haven't connected somewhere in all their troubles.  I know they never had a friendship but they did have some sort of relationship.

Finally, I love, love, love seeing Spinelli in private eye mode and semi normal speech.  Sans Maxie, this character is opening up and there is far more for him to do.  I hope guarding Olivia is on his list because I fear her days are numbered as she is definitely on the Cuckoo's radar.