Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jerry's Wrath

Well, we know who isn't going to be poisoned by Jerry's nefarious scheme.  Anna and Luke are undercover - probably literally before we are done - in Switzerland.  Spinelli is in route to the frozen north in what seemed to be the least believable reason to write someone out of this storyline.    Would there really be anything to find in Alaska after all these years assuming Ewen and Jax were there at the same time?  Finally, Trey and Kristina have eloped to Vegas.  I'm figuring Starr and Michael have shaken Michael's bodyguard by now and are chasing down the soon-to-be newlyweds.  I laughed when Sonny put Milo, personally, on Kristina's safety.  Honestly, Sonny, don't you know by now that a 2 year old could get by Milo?

This saves a few people from Jerry's wrath and gives them some other storylines to interject during the drama in Port Charles.  The real question that remains is WHY?  Why is Jerry doing this?  He says for money but given his dreadful cough and his insinuations about his health and I can't see why a dying man would be doing it for the money.  He's got to be looking for a cure for what ails him or for revenge.

Unbeknownst to Jerry, one of his victims will be his brother, Jax.  I was less than thrilled to see Jax return.  I suppose it was inevitable but let's make it quick, shall we?  He's already been arrogant and judgmental.  I don't want Jerry to kill him just get him out of town.

A delightful surprise is Tracy's fling with Joe She-doesn't-even-know-his-last-name.  I know Joe is scum but it really is a shame.  I can't see a way to redeem the murderer and rapist though it has certainly been done before.  What amazes me is the idea that Sonny wouldn't have investigated what Joe has been doing all these years just taking Joe's word that Kate's baby died.  Joe was convincing but Sonny should know better.  I also don't get how Kate has no more remorse over the baby.  I know she wasn't herself yet this should be almost crippling to think you killed your own child.  Dr.  Kennan just isn't that good.

As for Dr. Kennan, it didn't take much to transform his pretty face in the devil, did it?  Olivia has a whole new angle as a pychic.  Would someone please fix her hair?  I get it that she doesn't want to do it herself what with seeing Heather staring back at her in the mirror, but couldn't Connie run a comb through that mess?  I'm not used to seeing Olivia anything but put together.

The most puzzling thing in this storyline to me is why Todd would sell the cable station so suddenly.  A suitcase full of money would be appealing to anyone but you've got to know there is something illegal going on and Todd is rich.  It isn't like he needed the money.  It would have been a better story if they had given him a reason to need the cash.  I get it that Todd will do practically anything but everyone has to have a motive to commit a crime which Todd must surely know he is doing on some level.

The entire story is gripping. I was on the edge of my seat when Alexis and Joss' fever's broke.  I knew they weren't being killed off but I was still wondering.  I bet there will be a few more of these moments before we are through.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Connections

So Jerry is connected to Joe Scully.  Interesting.  There is an underworld to the underworld in Port Charles.  Finally someone is getting Joe out of jail.  He doesn't deserve it but I'm a little tired of these bar side chats and not the ones at The Floating Rib.

Another character headed for Port Charles is apparently Jax.  Not surprising now that his brother is back in town.  Please make it brief.  Jax is one of my least favorite characters.  He is supposed to be a white knight but all I see is an arrogant, boring, hypocrite.  Let's get him in and out quickly.

I'll give Elizabeth credit for keeping her expression as neutral as possible when Jason told her he and Sam were divorcing.  I know inside she was jumping for joy.  Ewan is committing all these crimes to save Elizabeth from knowing about him.  If only he knew that he is a mere placeholder, perhaps he would come clean and expose Jerry.  But then, what fun would that be?

Thursday's episode is about to come on so here is my guess.  Jerry injected Alexis and Joss with whatever is wrong with him so he can get the great doctors at GH to come up with a cure.  If so, why get rid of Robin?  She was the one who specialized in miracle cures.

Only a guess.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

What's the hurry?

If Sam and Jason are giving up this easy, I don't think they needed to be married in the first place. Who would have guessed that Dante and Lulu would be a model for how to work out your problems?  Wonder how they will adjust to baby on board.  You know Lulu has got to be pregnant.

Spinelli in the gym was hysterical!  Good thing Heather is off to jail.  She might have answered his on-line dating profile.

Jerry has me guessing.  What has he kidnapped Alexis for?  I know he wants to terrorize Carly by kidnapping Jossyln.   I hope Shawn rescues Alexis from whatever Jerry has planned.

With each visit to his Dad, Trey should be getting more and more clues to the fact that he is being used. Joe Scully is scum.  I really feel sorry for Trey.  I never thought I'd like this character but he is more likeable by the episode.   But wouldn't Sonny or Alexis run a background check on him.  It should be easy enough to find out who his parents - ah, parent - is.  Does everyone who attends and Ivy League school and doesn't have a perfect pedigree change their names? First Connie Falconeri and now Joseph Mitchell Scully.

Elizabeth isn't so sure of Ewen or is she unsure of herself? Her reservations may serve her well from getting in too deep with the mysterious doctor.

So many good storyline here and I bet the villianous Jerry and Joe bring them all together for us.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Jerry's Back

I got one right!  Jerry is Robin's kidnapper.  Jerry is a super villion and not just because almost no one is beyond his aim.  He is super to watch, too.  Now what does he have on Ewan that would make him kidnap his co-worker, stage her death and lie to her husband, his patient and lie to his girlfriend, Robin's best friend?  Well, it could be anything seeing as we know next to nothing about Ewan.  Actually now that I think of it, I should have been expecting bad things from him for a long time.  He is a man of mystery after all.  Really, I  never cared much for this character.  He is just now getting interesting.  The only thing that would have made this story about Robin's fake death more interesting is if they hadn't shown her to us so soon after her 'death.'  We needed to grieve too in order to really appreciate the surprise.

Another character that is holding my interest these day is Trey.  It is pretty sad when you care more about Trey than Kristina who we watched grow up.  This is not a reflection on the actress but on casting and writing.  At least this horrid reality show is kaput.  I was again surprised today when Trey confided in Starr and bonus points to him for questioning his dad.  He should be wondering why his Dad suddenly wants revenge and his family fortune back after all these years.  Apparently, he had been perfectly content in New Orleans not worrying one bit about what Sonny was doing until he landed in jail. This should be a serious red flag for Trey who is proving to be worthy of his Ivy League education.  He is going to need this to get by Sonny who is already suspicious of him and will be even more so if Trey and Kristina get engaged.  Trey better go for an elopement.

That little Aiden is so cute.  I hope we see more of him.  Less of Elizabeth and Jason, thank you.  I just don't like them as a couple - friends, fine - but not a couple.  Sam though is so much more interesting with McBain perhaps because John can carry on a conversation.  I like Jason but I love watching John McBain.  I do give Natalie points for hiding his passport.  That was genius.  No matter what he did, taking his son out of the country was wrong though.

Bring me a tall glass of lemonade and not because it was hot outside.  It was plenty hot inside.  Watching Shawn play pool is something I hope gets repeated.  All the scenes at the Floating Rib were welcome entertainment last week, but what happened with the woman who jumped in Shawn's arms just as Alexis was about to ask him out?  I want to see Alexis and Shawn together particularly so Carly can see what she missed out on by picking Johnny.

I used to love Johnny. I still like watching him and hope for his redemption but his cavalier interest in Olivia's condition was just the final straw.  And why is Olivia still not out of her drug induced coma?  It's time to get her up and moving around and testifying against Crazy.  With Jerry back, I think Heather definitely needs to go.  She was fun but one mania running around Port Charles is enough.