Sunday, September 30, 2012

Let's party!

If the bachelor and bachelorette parties are any indication, the wedding will be some kind of blow out or blow up if things go more as usual.

Let's start with the guys.  Spinelli just gets more endearing all the time.  The look on his face when he realized he had lost to Jason was priceless.  There were lots of good side conversations, too as Dante was trying to get up to speed on Sonny's latest enemy.  Spinelli was doing everything he could to convince Jason there must still be a mistake in the lab.  Sonny confronted Trey about his father. Why Trey even showed up for this is beyond me.   I like Trey more and more.  I just wish they would give him a different Kristina or get rid of her character altogether.

Across town at the Floating Rib, Milo started a new career, one he may need when he leaves town and tries to change his identity.  This may be essential when Sonny hears that he 1) ditched his bodyguard duties 2) did a striptease for the ladies including Sonny's fiance and 3) was covered with Kate's lipstick.  Poor Milo.  It is amazing he has lasted this long.

Watching Lulu coach him on being a stripper and the Mac having to rescue him were highlights.

One thing that puzzled me was why Elizabeth was invited to this party at all.  She is not in the inner circle of either the bride or groom.  Of course, her presence gave us the opportunity to hear Nurse Nosy and now presumably Nurse forger a chance to brag about her latest conquest, Jason.  Lulu should never have solicited this conversation right by Sam.  And Sam was stupid enough to buy into it.

I still don't know what Connie had Johnny doing but it must be really bad.  That is what Olivia needs to have premonition about.  I will say again that Connie is infinitely more interesting than Kate so I'll be sorry to see her go when they finally bring this story to a close.

Also Jax left town - Yeah!  Shawn got a little more background on Alexis.  It hardly matters as he is very clearly smitten.  Finally, someone for Alexis.

We also got more of the Cinderalla story - Brit (I finally learned her name) and Sabrina.  Patrick really didn't prepare Emma for his first date.  As much as he was absent, I doubt Emma just missed her Daddy.  She knows something is up.  Hopefully she will know that Brit is no good for daddy and that Sabrina is clearly too young to be her new stepmother.  I'm rooting for Emma to be a little demon and keep Patrick from either of these women.

Loved watching Anna question Todd.  He and Johnny haven't got long before their houses of cards come tumbling down.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Get them off my screen!

Is there anyway to eject the daydreaming Sabrina and whoever that pushy doctor is that is chasing Patrick - I really never bothered catching her name - off my screen???  I seriously dislike both of these characters.

The pushy doctor is obvious.  She is obvious in her intentions and it is obvious why I can't stand her.  And who believes an actress that is supposed to be playing a doctor and saying "anyways."  It is 'anyway.'  Geez!  Truly, just get her off my screen and we can forget it ever happened kind of like I'd forgotten the hideous character of Cassandra until I was reminded yesterday thinking about awful character introductions.

Sabrina is supposed to be a sympathetic character but she is so cliche and she was simply forced upon us with no warning.  This story is a complete waste of Ephiphany and Patrick.  I'm already predicting a Maxie makeover of Sabrina who is no doubt stunning behind those horrid glasses.  Again, what a cliche!

This is the bump in the otherwise scenic road that is General Hospital these days.  The baby switch story is finally becoming must-see TV with all the characters engaged in what they do best.  I loved it when Jason called John for help and even when he played the "if you really care about Sam" card.  John is hardly blameless in this trio.  Steve Burton will soon film his final scenes - this week I think so the character of Jason has to wrap up.

An actor who played A.J. is coming back to GH.  I certainly hope they are not recasting Jason with him or anyone.  He may be a fine actor but he won't be Jason.  GH doesn't do recasts well at least in my time.  When I first started watching Greg Vaughn played Lucky.  I thought Lucky was a rather slow fellow who was led around by the woman in his life currently Elizabeth and previously Maxie.  When Jonathan Jackson resumed the role, the character was instantly transformed into a sensitive man and savvy cop.   No recasts, please.

I'm predicting the actor will play Rick.  Molly mentioned she didn't know how to get in touch with her father anymore during the water crisis.  That is a sure sign that something is happening with this character, Sonny's brother, Molly's father and Alexis' ex.

I'm also thrilled to see Connie resurface.  The current version of Kate is so nice and boring.  I was hoping for a integration that had more pizzazz.  Since the personalities clearly aren't integrated perhaps that will happen yet.

Again, please someone realize Olivia is not crazy and spring her from the hospital so she can really get in the middle of what is going on.

Sonny and Kate's wedding is bound to have drama.  I don't know what Kate has asked Johnny to do and then there is Joe.  What are his plans for his child's Mother's and his worst enemy's wedding day?

Finally, it was sad week to learn that John Ingle had died.  I always enjoyed seeing Edward and Mr. Ingle played him perfectly.  I assume the last time we will see him on screen was when he managed to donate the syrum to Emma.  It was such a sweet final scene from this GH icon.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Perfect Ending

A perfect ending to a rivoting story was the finish to Wednesday's episode.  Before the ending, I cried when Edward wanted Emma to have the only vial of antiserum.  I was delighted to see Sonny climb back up on the dock without Jax.  I was let down when he showed up the next day.  I never figured they would kill him off but they could have lost him for awhile.  I still can't stand him.  Jerry isn't dead either I'm sure and will pop back up in Port Charles one of these days.  After all there are many unanswered questions.  Jerry claimed to be doing this to buy himself a cure but from whom and why did this person - I assume the guy who has Robin - want to kill off everyone in Port Charles.  Surely someone wants some answers.

I admit the only thing I could think of when Dante and Lulu were in the shower baby making was "I hope you emptied your hot water heater from the tainted water."  I loved Olivia and Steve, Sonny and Kate and even Jason and Elizabeth all on the roof soaking up the clean 'rain.'

Now I'm ready for Olivia to get out of the hospital and start using her new gift.  I'm also ready for Kate to figure out she is Trey's mother.  She is close but I think it will be Connie who really knows who he is.  We aren't done with Connie, that is for sure.

Todd and Johnny have a new pact.  I'm not quite sure how this differs from the old one.  Todd is going to need some help when he finds out Heather has escaped.  He will surely know where she has gone or at least he should be worried about it.  Todd though seems very reactionary.  He doesn't seem to anticipate what his enemies might do.

I'm also curious if they are going to get their money back.  Eighty eight million is a lot of money.  I'm guessing it is pretty much all Johnny had.  I didn't really think he had that much stashed back.  Without a nest egg, will he decide he does want back into the mob and claim his place in the Sorento family?  He hasn't been seeing his father in awhile.  I miss Anthony.  I think Johnny's conscience should pay him another visit.

While this plot was filled with sub plots - Alexis and Shawn's new romance, TJ and Molly's bucket list, Sam and Jason's what if, Elizabeth's kidnapping, Olivia's visions, Cook's death, Maxie's return and on and on - the most intriguing is Tracy's new romance with Joe I-don't-even-know-your-last-name.

I'm not sure how to redeem Joe but I really hate to see him fall out of grace too soon.  He does light up Tracy, brings her and now Monica on the screen and gives some meaning to the character of Trey.  Plus he isn't hard on the eyes.  New male characters of a certain age are often missing in daytime.  Actually he shouldn't be more than early 50's but that is old for TV anymore.

Spinelli has given Maxie and ultimatum and Felicia has given her daughter some advice.  I hope she takes it before Spinelli falls for the new lab tech who has so many lines she can't possibly be just an extra.  I give GH many points for truly having a hospital full of people during the crisis. Typically they are skimpy on the extras and even skimpier on getting them to do or say anything.  Ellie may be just the thing Spinelli and Maxie need to get their relationship back.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fantasy Disallusionment

I couldn't help but wonder today as Sam shared her fantasy of what might have happened with Jason how I would have felt about this if I didn't know that Steve Burton was leaving his role of Jason.

If he weren't leaving, Sam's fantasy might be possible.  Of course, she couldn't have a pre-delivery shower or hospital delivery.  Jason and Monica couldn't share a touching moment before the birth.  That time is gone but new memories for their family could be created.  Little Emily might come to be.  With Burton leaving though, these things aren't likely to happen.  I'm assuming Jason won't be recast.  I'm certainly hoping Jason won't be recast.  Recasts seldom work.

Heather sure has a strange way of making things right.  She kills a nurse to escape so she can tell Tea her baby is really Sam's.  I don't think this will endear Heather to Steve.  Surely Heather won't stay on the loose for long.

One thing that puzzles me is how no one except Sam seems to want to spend their final hours with the ones they love.  Carly never seems to spend time with Joss unless she is sick.  This week, she was off seeing Johnny and leaving her daughter with the sitter, one I assume is sick.  Great mothering, Carly.

Tracy seems to want to spend more time with Joe than with her father.  Sonny hasn't even sought out his children.  I'm not sure he even knows where Kristina is.  Of course we know they aren't going to die.  It is just a miss in the story.

Otherwise, it continues to be must-see TV.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Can't wait for tomorrow

Actually I guess I can't wait for Tuesday.  Tomorrow is Labor Day and I expect a rerun.  General Hospital is so good, I don't want it to end each day yet I can't wait for the scenes from the next day to preview.

I've no doubt that counteragent or whatever will be found in time to save the entire town.  And I can overlook things like John McBain who apparently hasn't even worked for the FBI being put in charge.  There's no National Guard presence as there would be if this were a real emergency.  Yet, I can overlook all this because the story is that good and it brings in everyone who didn't escape Port Charles before they drank the water.  Even those who did are still getting their storylines.

Luke came clean with Anna.  Good for him.  Now he is off to find Robert so I fear this is Luke's vacation just a bit late.  I hope he won't be gone long because we don't want to leave this story to dry up.  Plus, he has to get back to rescue Tracy from her now boyfriend the gangster.  I really thought Joe was just playing Tracy until he gave her his treatment for the poison.  That was a big surprise and a bit out of character for Joe, what we know of Joe.  I don't see him sacrificing his life for Tracy no matter how smitten.  I figure he will try to get more out of Jerry so he, too, can survive this disaster.  What I don't get is if he knew the water was poisoned and he did since he poisoned it, why didn't he just stay out of the shower and drink bottled water, avoid coffee and only eat packaged food.  This doesn't seem that difficult.  Better yet, he could have gotten out off town.

Joe had to spill his secret about his son to Sonny to stay alive.  What will Sonny do with this info?  Sonny should have investigated Joe ages ago.  It wouldn't have been hard to ask around New Orleans and find out that Joe had a son named Joe, Jr. who now goes by Trey.  But then we wouldn't have had that entertaining Las Vegas ceremony and seen Trey dance around the truth.  Surely Starr isn't this dumb but we will see.   Is Kristina that dumb?  Yes, definitely.

Kristina is a supremely unpopular recast and I wonder what the folks at GH are going to do about it.  Obviously her character is in an important storyline.  I suggest another recast and pronto.

Speaking of recast, will Jason be recast when Steve Burton leaves?  I really doubt it as there just wouldn't be another Jason.  I don't think they will kill him off either as absolutely no one would believe he was dead.  How to get him off the canvas when he finally has a son is a mystery.

Again speaking of recast, the old Maxie, Kristin Storms, should be back on soon. I'm assuming this is why we haven't seen much of Maxie lately.  They are probably giving a little space between the two actresses. I didn't care for Jen Lilly's portrayal of Maxie to begin with but I grew to like her. All the same, I'll be happy to have the old Maxie back and hopefully reunited with Spinelli soon.  Spinelli will definitely be lost without Stone Cold.

Elizabeth is in the middle of another mess.  I wonder how many times this character has been kidnapped.  I'm never a fan of the woman on a soap who no man can resist.  Yes, she is beautiful, but no one is that wonderful that every man in town has to have her.  We are finally finding out what Ewen has done in his past.  Again, it is a great story.

Olivia must surely realize by now that she is psychic that is if someone has told her and Steve that Ewen kidnapped Elizabeth.  People need to pay attention to Olivia's visions.  Finally all her preaching can have some truth behind it.