Sunday, September 2, 2012

Can't wait for tomorrow

Actually I guess I can't wait for Tuesday.  Tomorrow is Labor Day and I expect a rerun.  General Hospital is so good, I don't want it to end each day yet I can't wait for the scenes from the next day to preview.

I've no doubt that counteragent or whatever will be found in time to save the entire town.  And I can overlook things like John McBain who apparently hasn't even worked for the FBI being put in charge.  There's no National Guard presence as there would be if this were a real emergency.  Yet, I can overlook all this because the story is that good and it brings in everyone who didn't escape Port Charles before they drank the water.  Even those who did are still getting their storylines.

Luke came clean with Anna.  Good for him.  Now he is off to find Robert so I fear this is Luke's vacation just a bit late.  I hope he won't be gone long because we don't want to leave this story to dry up.  Plus, he has to get back to rescue Tracy from her now boyfriend the gangster.  I really thought Joe was just playing Tracy until he gave her his treatment for the poison.  That was a big surprise and a bit out of character for Joe, what we know of Joe.  I don't see him sacrificing his life for Tracy no matter how smitten.  I figure he will try to get more out of Jerry so he, too, can survive this disaster.  What I don't get is if he knew the water was poisoned and he did since he poisoned it, why didn't he just stay out of the shower and drink bottled water, avoid coffee and only eat packaged food.  This doesn't seem that difficult.  Better yet, he could have gotten out off town.

Joe had to spill his secret about his son to Sonny to stay alive.  What will Sonny do with this info?  Sonny should have investigated Joe ages ago.  It wouldn't have been hard to ask around New Orleans and find out that Joe had a son named Joe, Jr. who now goes by Trey.  But then we wouldn't have had that entertaining Las Vegas ceremony and seen Trey dance around the truth.  Surely Starr isn't this dumb but we will see.   Is Kristina that dumb?  Yes, definitely.

Kristina is a supremely unpopular recast and I wonder what the folks at GH are going to do about it.  Obviously her character is in an important storyline.  I suggest another recast and pronto.

Speaking of recast, will Jason be recast when Steve Burton leaves?  I really doubt it as there just wouldn't be another Jason.  I don't think they will kill him off either as absolutely no one would believe he was dead.  How to get him off the canvas when he finally has a son is a mystery.

Again speaking of recast, the old Maxie, Kristin Storms, should be back on soon. I'm assuming this is why we haven't seen much of Maxie lately.  They are probably giving a little space between the two actresses. I didn't care for Jen Lilly's portrayal of Maxie to begin with but I grew to like her. All the same, I'll be happy to have the old Maxie back and hopefully reunited with Spinelli soon.  Spinelli will definitely be lost without Stone Cold.

Elizabeth is in the middle of another mess.  I wonder how many times this character has been kidnapped.  I'm never a fan of the woman on a soap who no man can resist.  Yes, she is beautiful, but no one is that wonderful that every man in town has to have her.  We are finally finding out what Ewen has done in his past.  Again, it is a great story.

Olivia must surely realize by now that she is psychic that is if someone has told her and Steve that Ewen kidnapped Elizabeth.  People need to pay attention to Olivia's visions.  Finally all her preaching can have some truth behind it.

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