Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fantasy Disallusionment

I couldn't help but wonder today as Sam shared her fantasy of what might have happened with Jason how I would have felt about this if I didn't know that Steve Burton was leaving his role of Jason.

If he weren't leaving, Sam's fantasy might be possible.  Of course, she couldn't have a pre-delivery shower or hospital delivery.  Jason and Monica couldn't share a touching moment before the birth.  That time is gone but new memories for their family could be created.  Little Emily might come to be.  With Burton leaving though, these things aren't likely to happen.  I'm assuming Jason won't be recast.  I'm certainly hoping Jason won't be recast.  Recasts seldom work.

Heather sure has a strange way of making things right.  She kills a nurse to escape so she can tell Tea her baby is really Sam's.  I don't think this will endear Heather to Steve.  Surely Heather won't stay on the loose for long.

One thing that puzzles me is how no one except Sam seems to want to spend their final hours with the ones they love.  Carly never seems to spend time with Joss unless she is sick.  This week, she was off seeing Johnny and leaving her daughter with the sitter, one I assume is sick.  Great mothering, Carly.

Tracy seems to want to spend more time with Joe than with her father.  Sonny hasn't even sought out his children.  I'm not sure he even knows where Kristina is.  Of course we know they aren't going to die.  It is just a miss in the story.

Otherwise, it continues to be must-see TV.

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