Sunday, September 30, 2012

Let's party!

If the bachelor and bachelorette parties are any indication, the wedding will be some kind of blow out or blow up if things go more as usual.

Let's start with the guys.  Spinelli just gets more endearing all the time.  The look on his face when he realized he had lost to Jason was priceless.  There were lots of good side conversations, too as Dante was trying to get up to speed on Sonny's latest enemy.  Spinelli was doing everything he could to convince Jason there must still be a mistake in the lab.  Sonny confronted Trey about his father. Why Trey even showed up for this is beyond me.   I like Trey more and more.  I just wish they would give him a different Kristina or get rid of her character altogether.

Across town at the Floating Rib, Milo started a new career, one he may need when he leaves town and tries to change his identity.  This may be essential when Sonny hears that he 1) ditched his bodyguard duties 2) did a striptease for the ladies including Sonny's fiance and 3) was covered with Kate's lipstick.  Poor Milo.  It is amazing he has lasted this long.

Watching Lulu coach him on being a stripper and the Mac having to rescue him were highlights.

One thing that puzzled me was why Elizabeth was invited to this party at all.  She is not in the inner circle of either the bride or groom.  Of course, her presence gave us the opportunity to hear Nurse Nosy and now presumably Nurse forger a chance to brag about her latest conquest, Jason.  Lulu should never have solicited this conversation right by Sam.  And Sam was stupid enough to buy into it.

I still don't know what Connie had Johnny doing but it must be really bad.  That is what Olivia needs to have premonition about.  I will say again that Connie is infinitely more interesting than Kate so I'll be sorry to see her go when they finally bring this story to a close.

Also Jax left town - Yeah!  Shawn got a little more background on Alexis.  It hardly matters as he is very clearly smitten.  Finally, someone for Alexis.

We also got more of the Cinderalla story - Brit (I finally learned her name) and Sabrina.  Patrick really didn't prepare Emma for his first date.  As much as he was absent, I doubt Emma just missed her Daddy.  She knows something is up.  Hopefully she will know that Brit is no good for daddy and that Sabrina is clearly too young to be her new stepmother.  I'm rooting for Emma to be a little demon and keep Patrick from either of these women.

Loved watching Anna question Todd.  He and Johnny haven't got long before their houses of cards come tumbling down.

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