Sunday, September 16, 2012

Perfect Ending

A perfect ending to a rivoting story was the finish to Wednesday's episode.  Before the ending, I cried when Edward wanted Emma to have the only vial of antiserum.  I was delighted to see Sonny climb back up on the dock without Jax.  I was let down when he showed up the next day.  I never figured they would kill him off but they could have lost him for awhile.  I still can't stand him.  Jerry isn't dead either I'm sure and will pop back up in Port Charles one of these days.  After all there are many unanswered questions.  Jerry claimed to be doing this to buy himself a cure but from whom and why did this person - I assume the guy who has Robin - want to kill off everyone in Port Charles.  Surely someone wants some answers.

I admit the only thing I could think of when Dante and Lulu were in the shower baby making was "I hope you emptied your hot water heater from the tainted water."  I loved Olivia and Steve, Sonny and Kate and even Jason and Elizabeth all on the roof soaking up the clean 'rain.'

Now I'm ready for Olivia to get out of the hospital and start using her new gift.  I'm also ready for Kate to figure out she is Trey's mother.  She is close but I think it will be Connie who really knows who he is.  We aren't done with Connie, that is for sure.

Todd and Johnny have a new pact.  I'm not quite sure how this differs from the old one.  Todd is going to need some help when he finds out Heather has escaped.  He will surely know where she has gone or at least he should be worried about it.  Todd though seems very reactionary.  He doesn't seem to anticipate what his enemies might do.

I'm also curious if they are going to get their money back.  Eighty eight million is a lot of money.  I'm guessing it is pretty much all Johnny had.  I didn't really think he had that much stashed back.  Without a nest egg, will he decide he does want back into the mob and claim his place in the Sorento family?  He hasn't been seeing his father in awhile.  I miss Anthony.  I think Johnny's conscience should pay him another visit.

While this plot was filled with sub plots - Alexis and Shawn's new romance, TJ and Molly's bucket list, Sam and Jason's what if, Elizabeth's kidnapping, Olivia's visions, Cook's death, Maxie's return and on and on - the most intriguing is Tracy's new romance with Joe I-don't-even-know-your-last-name.

I'm not sure how to redeem Joe but I really hate to see him fall out of grace too soon.  He does light up Tracy, brings her and now Monica on the screen and gives some meaning to the character of Trey.  Plus he isn't hard on the eyes.  New male characters of a certain age are often missing in daytime.  Actually he shouldn't be more than early 50's but that is old for TV anymore.

Spinelli has given Maxie and ultimatum and Felicia has given her daughter some advice.  I hope she takes it before Spinelli falls for the new lab tech who has so many lines she can't possibly be just an extra.  I give GH many points for truly having a hospital full of people during the crisis. Typically they are skimpy on the extras and even skimpier on getting them to do or say anything.  Ellie may be just the thing Spinelli and Maxie need to get their relationship back.

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