Sunday, April 7, 2013

50 Years

This is my first nurse's ball and I'm enjoying it immensely.  It seems that this is going on into next week so there will be plenty of entertainment.  I'm glad they cut Mac's 'performance' short.  I hope Felicia chooses Frisco and they both sail off into the sunset pronto.

I'm also hoping we don't see anymore of Richard Simmons but that isn't likely to be a wish granted.

When it comes to Brenda, I'm in complete agreement with Carly.  Brenda is one of the most useless women I've ever seen in daytime.  I've watched some of the old scenes and I still don't get the attraction to her.  She's the ultimate drama queen.  Plus when a beautiful woman complains about having to get dressed up and walk the red carpet and be admired?  Really?  I'm supposed to feel sympathy for that.

Of all the characters who have returned, I'd most like to see Anna and Laura hang around.  Most of the rest, particularly Lucy, need to wrap up their storylines and move on.  It's fun for longtime fans such as yourself and entertaining for all of us but I want to see characters that I can become invested in because I know they are hanging around.

Hope that Helena isn't dead; she is just too good a villain. We've lost Anthony, we can't lose her too.  Who will we blame everything on?

Finally, I'm ashamed of myself for going back on my vow to never watch Katie Couric again after her show ousted GH from their time slot.  I got what I deserved in that insipid 'tribute.'  It was a montage with 10 second (if that) interviews.  Worthless.  Even only watching the show a few years, I only learned one thing in an hour and that was that Luke shared his champagne with Elizabeth Taylor.  Katie managed to accent all the stereotypes of daytime drama (while calling it a soap at every opportunity) and very little of the true value of this medium. How many times did we have to see her screw up her own scene? The only thing her special proved was how bad daytime would be if she and her fellow talk show hosts were to take over.

To another good week...

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