Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Coming clean

The last couple of weeks of General Hospital has brought some important storylines to a climax.  What has surprised me are the people who seem to be coming clean about what they knew.

I found Franco's reveal delightful.  Carly has used Michael as a reason for every selfish thing she has ever done.  She reminds me of Maura West's character on ATWT also called Carly.  She is supposed to be considered a good mother but I think she is far from it.  Today she said, she 'just cared about her kids.'  If that were the case, she wouldn't have covered up what Sonny did.  She puts herself in jeopardy of going to jail and where does that leave Josslyn - who is already one step from juvie anyway.

Kiki confessed and with her, Morgan had no choice but to come clean to that they had known Sonny killed AJ for about a month.  Finally, Rosalie admits why she was hanging around Michael so much.  And Rosalie is the one Michael chooses to forgive.  Is it because she didn't go as far as she was being blackmailed to do or was she just convenient?  It was a cliche I could have done with out - getting drunk and sleeping with someone to ease the pain.  A poor end to an otherwise well done story.

Franco really didn't commit a crime as far as I can tell unless it is a crime to tape someone without their knowledge and I guess that depends on the state.  We are back to bad Franco and I enjoy him more this way.  He's helping Nina for now.

Watching Michelle Stafford, Donna Mills, and Maura West has been the biggest treat of all. There scenes were amazing.  GH has done some great casting.

Speaking of, I think the new Jason is a treat to watch as well.  I'm suspecting we will have two new/old Quartermaines soon.  I predict that Michael will take the Q name and Jason's memories will return of some of his early life.  I don't see them fitting Jason into Sonny's world as Sonny has plenty of other problems right now.

Disappointed to learn than Felix is now dropped to recurring.  I love his character and he deserves so much more than being Sabrina's sidekick. Mercifully Sabrina has been absent for days.  She can return to Puerto Rico anytime she likes and I'll just forget she ever returned and tried to make Ava miscarry. Really, no one would really notice.

The Luke reveal seems to be stalled in a slow detour with Ned's father who I really care nothing about.  Why do we keep revisiting these characters apparently long time viewers barely remember?  I've heard nothing of when Anthony Geary will return.  I hope he is alright. His 6 months should be up and putting him back on set.  Perhaps there was a delay and this is part of that delay.  Personally, I'd rather Tracy just think he has disappeared and get her pulled into another storyline until Luke can return.

While GH has such a wonderful cast, I do wish they would use just a tiny bit of money for the set.  That hotel style room was supposed to be Monica's?  It wasn't the least bit feminine or personal.  The office sets are obviously from decades ago.  A few upgrades should not be that expensive.

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