Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It's not OK

While I'm thankful this week for all the good television I enjoy these days, I'm also noticing a few things they are selling that I'm not buying.

The first of the week was the idea that Alicia's note about knifing Grace's teacher was a joke and a supposedly funny joke.  I certainly don't believe Alicia would ever assault anyone other than slapping Peter which she is encouraged to do.  I just can't see that it was the least bit funny. And it was incredibly stupid to write this threat down.  It was idiotic of Grace to take it to school. And it was beyond ignorant to leave the principal's office without getting the note back!

I'm not sure what kind of point the writers are trying to make with this story.  If a candidate did that in the real world, their campaign would be over.  There is just no coming back from that in my opinion.  Even if she did mean it as a joke, she is joking about serious violence.  That disqualifies her as a serious candidate.  I suppose this was all meant to lighten the mood of the episode and it failed miserably.

We never really knew how Carey was going to come out. One thing this show excels at is keeping cast changes under wraps. I'm assuming Carey will be written out but then I wonder if there will be some sort of last minute reprieve when they return in January.  If he goes, Christine Baranski should be very worried.  I believe that the direction here is for the law firm to be written out altogether. Alicia will win her election, Diane will hopefully get a judgeship if she doesn't die of some terminal illness, Kalenda will be written out we know already.  There's no one left.  We've already lost Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox), Colin Sweeney, and the always entertaining David Lee. I miss these characters and don't think their stories were done.

It is after all The Good Wife not the good lawyer so this is a viable direction.  I just think it has become about supporting Juliana Margulies roll at the expense of great characters.  Everyone has noticed how she and Archie Panjobi are never in a scene together anymore.  I'm all about a show's characters growing but I think this is an overhaul that is unnecessary.

The Millers is gone.  There are far worse things that should have proceeded them off the air.  The biggest mistake was the addition of Sean Hayes character.  If he were on occasionally it might have worked but they forced him into every scene as though he suddenly fit into these people's lives without them batting an eye.  And the biggest mistake - he isn't funny!  He was in Will and Grace as I remember but then again he was my least favorite on that show.

My biggest beef though is how they could include the bit about beheading in the last episode shown.  It was beyond insensitive.  That should have been known when it was filmed but to air it only days after an actual killing was truly awful.  That part could have been so easily edited out.  Again, not the least bit funny and really offensive.

To round out the unnecessary violence, on General Hospital today Anna said she couldn't possibly compare what Duke did (give Sonny and alibi) and what she did (try to keep Faison in a hole in the ground for a year.)  I can, what she did is torture.  She is a police commissioner.  She is sworn to uphold the law. She broke it and all the faith in the justice system.  Anna was one of the best of the characters they brought back for the 50th but I'm pretty much through with her at this point.  She and Duke are both wrong and two wrongs don't make a right.

The good point of the week came when Luke walked into the Q's Thanksgiving pizza party courtesy of 'Natasha.'  (Oh, why does one character get to have two lovely names?)  I kept searching for signs this was the fake Luke but I really think he is supposed to be the real one. Surely Tracy will give his beard a tug just to be sure.

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