Friday, November 14, 2014

Not the sum of its parts

I enjoy watching Nashville.  I like the cast, I love the music.  I like the setting and the pace.

I just wish the storyline writers were as good as the songwriters.  The end result is that this show just isn't as good as the sum of its parts.

The problem I believe is that the storylines don't intersect.  This is real life but it doesn't make for good TV.  The characters cross paths in brief one or two line scenes and then go off for their own stories - so many stories where with all the music, there just isn't enough time to tell them all.

The most interesting story is Juliette and Avery.  But then Juliette has been the most interesting character from the beginning. Her backstory and personality give her a rich character you can do almost anything with. Plus Hayden Panitierre is the best of a great ensemble. Jonathan Jackson has finally been given the scenes he deserves.

The dullest story is Gunner and his new found son but then Gunner has been the least interesting character to me since the beginning.  He was briefly watchable when his brother turned up but mostly he is just boring.  Add in Zoe and you get more than twice the boredom.  I have less than zero interest in the child or his mother.

Scarlett is the most out of touch with the rest of the cast even her uncle whose house she lives in.  Why did they keep her on if they weren't going to really do anything with her regarding the other stories?

Rayna's hard work at keeping her career alive, her record label afloat, and satisfying her family is engaging enough.  The issue here is that I don't care for Luke at all so I'll be happy when their relationship blows up.  I have no confidence in a wedding ever taking place especially since we saw her in her wedding dress prior to the altar.  That is always a sign no wedding will take place,

When the season started, I thought they had a great story with Will.  Would he come out?  Would he be outted? How would this affect his career?  I don't know that this has ever happened in country music so I was anxious to see where it would go but it is going no where.  Now they are trying to make us like Layla - another character we could be rid of.

Hopefully Deacon's girlfriend-on-the-road is gone.  I don't remember her name.  I don't care.  The fact that I almost forgot to talk about Deacon - the heart and soul of the show - at all is indicative of the issues with the show.

Someone needs to review all the characters and stories and get this show on track. You have a great concept, cast, setting and musical talent.  What you need is good showrunner.

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