Wednesday, November 19, 2014

TGIT: Who Killed Sam

Here's my theory for who killed Sam on ABC's How to Get Away with Murder - or just Murder if you, like me, get tired of the long title.

Michaela.   Why?

Michaela has been the most upset about the murder since the very first flashforward.  She is the one huddled in the corner who has to be talked into every move.  She keeps saying she murdered someone.  Yes, I know this is obvious but there are some far less obvious things that have floated down.  And I think I can build a scene where she is the killer.

First, we know that Asher and Bonnie are otherwise engaged.  We don't know the timeline exactly so Bonnie might have committed the murder and then climbed into bed with Asher but I don't buy it.  She cares for Sam and Annaliese and she just couldn't be that calm even if she often is the Ice Queen.

Wes, what's his name that keeps using sex to solve every case, and Laurel are together at Wes' apartment and are going over to the law practice after Rebecca who is trying to steal info from Sam's computer or phone with the flashdrive given to her by the suspended detective.  They are all far too pulled together in the flash forwards to have committed a murder imo.

So Michaela is alone and she has the murder weapon.  She has to be going to the house otherwise the trophy could not be the murder weapon. I think she is either searching for her fellow students to try to become part of the study group or more likely she wants Annaliese to review the prenup.

My theory is that she arrives just before the other three but after Rebecca is on the scene.  Sam has caught Rebecca trying to get information electronically and is assaulting her (based on a brief scene in the previews).  Michaela jumps into action and hits Sam on the head with the trophy.  The other three come in and the coverup begins.

Simple, maybe too simple but it is my theory.

Part of the reason I suspect Michaela is also that we found out something about her in the last episode we didn't know or at least I didn't.  Michaela is poor.  She dresses nice, acts like she is entitled but according to her maybe-soon-to-be Mother-in-law she isn't.  Michaela talked about her bespoke Vera Wang gown that she had bought.  She wants to be rich but apparently she isn't.  Just because she is poor doesn't make her capable of murder but it gives her a mystery that might reveal a past which could be used in her defense later on.  Again, I'm relying on them using some stereotypes and I hope they don't go there but it is my current theory.

Whoever is the killer one thing I do know, the show is well-done. The fact that it could conceivably be any number of people and we just don't know yet is a testament to the writing, directing and acting of this ensemble.

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