Sunday, November 23, 2014

What happened to Sam and GH Friday

I so thought I was going to be right.  Early on in How to Get Away with Murder it was just as I expected.  Annalese and Sam have a fight and she leaves.  Rebecca shows up to get the data and Sam is after her.  Here comes Michaela with the trophy or maybe they were in the other order.  No matter, I had the players in the right place all set and then Michaela calls Wes and everyone is there. Soon though Sam goes over the bannister courtesy of Michaela so I had it right.  But wait!  He isn't really dead yet and Wes is the one to bash him with the idol.  So close.

The big reveal though came at the end.  It would have been so easy for ABC to have done a promo on the ending.  "Wait until you see the last 30 seconds" kind of thing but they didn't and I'm glad.  Leading up to that I had a few questions anyway. Why would Bonnie leave the guy at the hotel to chase Asher down?  Now I assume that Annalese called her and told her to keep Asher away from the house at all costs.  She probably said something like, "You want your job back. Here's what you do."  Bonnie knew better than to ask questions.

So Annaliese was in the house during the murder hearing Asher trying to get in or she returned soon after and Wes filled her in.  Either way, she couldn't have him come back because he would not participate in the cover-up.  He had no reason to.  The others are protecting their own involvement.  The other thing that puzzled me was Annaliese's long message to Sam.  Why would she want him back?  Well, now we know that was just another part of the cover.

Scandal wasn't quite as surprising.  I thought the VP was in on the bombing from the beginning.  He made a point of going to talk to the kitchen workers.  I also figured the gun Olivia picked up wasn't loaded.  I've always thought all these stories are tied together. There were plenty of good moments (Mellie telling off Liz) and entertainment nonetheless.

The biggest surprise of the night is that none of these great shows on Thursday will be returning until January 29th!  I knew they weren't coming back until the new year but why wait so long.  Oh, yeah, could it be Thursday night football?  Silly leaving viewers hanging and forgetting for over 2 months.

Fortunately GH will not be off that long only the Thanksgiving weekend. We had a surprise Friday there as Anthony Geary is back.  It was anticipated but I'd read nothing about when he would return so I was happy to see him back on the canvas not just because we need to move the Luke story forward but because this means he is recovered or at least recovering from what sounded like a difficult surgery in the spring.

I think Larry is the fake Luke and I still don't think Anna is telling the real story of what happened to Faison.  She was too quick to come 'clean' about where she and Robert hid him and how did they keep him quiet down there?  How did they sneak over to an island unseen and feed him?  Why would she spill this story and implicate Robert?  No, I think something else is going on.

This coming week I assume we will see another Q Thanksgiving.  The house is filling up and Michael has no idea that he is trading one kind of crazy for another.  Pizza, anyone?

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