Wednesday, August 19, 2015

So who killed Silas?

I think it was Madeline.

It wasn't Ava.  It's too obvious and we are trying to get Ava off so Maura West can stay with us and not be in jail.  They did not go to all this trouble to bring Ava back to put her away again.

It also probably wasn't Morgan.  Again they have had a big red arrow pointing to his sulking expression for days and that means it isn't him.  I do think Carly is on to something with the idea he might be bipolar. Then again, I just think he is an arrogant idiot.

Let's move on from this story so we can get rid of Kiki.  This character should have never, ever been recast.  No one liked the character before so why on earth would they recast her and why particularly with an actress who should never have made it past the audition?  That horrid crying scene was enough to make everyone click their way to another channel.  If you are going to keep her, please someone send her to a decent colorist.  Ava's wig looks more authentic.

Also it is time to spring the very talented Michelle Stafford from all the places they keep button holing her character.  Get her out in the world interacting with more people.  She's fabulous but limited when we only see her with Franco, Rick, Madeline or essentially talking to herself at Shadybrook.

I've never liked Scott.  I do like that he is taking up for Franco but he would have done his son much better to have stayed on as DA and hired Diane to represent Franco.  First of all we would have been able to watch the fabulous Diane in action.  Secondly, she would have put on a far better defense.  She would not have alienated the jury as Scott most certainly does with his demeanor and finally, we wouldn't have to deal with Rick at all. Rick is another character who could leave anytime along with Lucy, Felicia, Jordan, and Bobby.

I will thank them for making the summer kid free.  Last summer we were subjected to the romances of 8 year olds.  Thank you for letting these kids grow up off screen.  I fully expect to see them as teenagers next summer anyway.

I can't wait for Jake to find out he is Jason so he can realize what Elizabeth has done and unleash his full fury on her.  She deserves all the grief she is going to get.  Now she knows Hayden is in danger from Nicholas - like she didn't already know this - and is still keeping quiet.  I've never liked Elizabeth or Nurse Nosy as I like to call her and I've certainly never liked her less.

The whole Dante/Valerie/Dillon/Lulu thing is boring.  How many times have we had this storyline before?

I know a lot of people don't like Olivia but I always have and am glad to see her back.

Finally we sort of know Rosalie's secret. The story of how she and Brad met actually rang true.  But we still don't know what they have on each other that makes them have to stay married.  It has got to be connected to the mob stuff.