Thursday, February 12, 2015

They have all lost their senses

It is pretty sad when the smartest person in town is Kiki.

Kiki wisely thinks that Sonny is a poor choice to raise Avery. She's right.  Her mother wouldn't have been a great choice either but two wrongs don't make a right.  Alexis made several good points that she can argue for Kiki's case and I guess this is why they are keeping the character around.  If we have to put up with this character, at least we have a good storyline to go forward.  Someone is finally suing Sonny for custody of one of his children, probably in court.  I look forward to it.  And I expect Michael to be one of Kiki's witnesses.  He may not like her at the moment but she is preferable to Sonny in his opinion.  Although I side with Julian.  Michael is awfully ungrateful to the man who saved his life.

It is hard to decide who is the stupidest person in town.  Is it Maxie who helped Johnny escape and somehow doesn't see that that might jeopardize her recently acquired visitation rights with her daughter?

More likely it is Tracy and Lulu who have once again latched onto the first theory they came to about Luke.  Helena brainwashed him.  Maybe she did or more likely she didn't.  They should come up with more evidence before springing grandmother Cassadine.

Or is it Nicholas who thinks that he can actually believe Helena?  He never gets the upperhand with her.  Why does he think this time will be different?

Or maybe it is Carly who isn't really stupid just an incredibly bad friend?  She tried playing the 'I have a new man in my life' card with Sonny before admitting that Jake was in jail and she basically doesn't care or ever plan to see him again.  Well, he is Jason after all. Jason was there for her every time she needed him and she did basically nothing for Jason. Carly is a taker. No wonder that Carly and Sonny together never lasts.

Olivia isn't ringing up any intelligence points for thinking she might have the 'flu.'  Sure, right.  I'd say she is about 6 weeks along now.  Ned knows he has lost Alexis to Julian but he isn't quite ready to admit it yet.

Elizabeth just saw the light with Rick.  But then she did it for Jake who as far as she knows is well, a gun for hire.  Even if Helena is brainwashing him, she knows nothing more about the guy.  We know he is Jason but she doesn't.  And Rick was a complete idiot for telling Elizabeth - bragging no less - that it was his idea for Jake to move out.  That really earned him some points.

Sam gets points for figuring out it was Jake all along but loses them for thinking that he is in jail - problem solved. Who actually stays at the PCPD?

Nathan should get points for solving so many crimes (it's clearly a station record) but then he bought Carlos' story about forcing Sabrina to help him.  Can he go back and interrogate and arrest Sabrina?  With Carlos in jail and her with no job or ties to anyone else, surely, surely they will get rid of this character.

And finally Franco thought it was a good idea to inject himself with LSD to stay with Nina.  Maybe he is crazy after all.