Sunday, April 7, 2013

50 Years

This is my first nurse's ball and I'm enjoying it immensely.  It seems that this is going on into next week so there will be plenty of entertainment.  I'm glad they cut Mac's 'performance' short.  I hope Felicia chooses Frisco and they both sail off into the sunset pronto.

I'm also hoping we don't see anymore of Richard Simmons but that isn't likely to be a wish granted.

When it comes to Brenda, I'm in complete agreement with Carly.  Brenda is one of the most useless women I've ever seen in daytime.  I've watched some of the old scenes and I still don't get the attraction to her.  She's the ultimate drama queen.  Plus when a beautiful woman complains about having to get dressed up and walk the red carpet and be admired?  Really?  I'm supposed to feel sympathy for that.

Of all the characters who have returned, I'd most like to see Anna and Laura hang around.  Most of the rest, particularly Lucy, need to wrap up their storylines and move on.  It's fun for longtime fans such as yourself and entertaining for all of us but I want to see characters that I can become invested in because I know they are hanging around.

Hope that Helena isn't dead; she is just too good a villain. We've lost Anthony, we can't lose her too.  Who will we blame everything on?

Finally, I'm ashamed of myself for going back on my vow to never watch Katie Couric again after her show ousted GH from their time slot.  I got what I deserved in that insipid 'tribute.'  It was a montage with 10 second (if that) interviews.  Worthless.  Even only watching the show a few years, I only learned one thing in an hour and that was that Luke shared his champagne with Elizabeth Taylor.  Katie managed to accent all the stereotypes of daytime drama (while calling it a soap at every opportunity) and very little of the true value of this medium. How many times did we have to see her screw up her own scene? The only thing her special proved was how bad daytime would be if she and her fellow talk show hosts were to take over.

To another good week...

Sunday, March 31, 2013

As March ends...

April and General Hospital's 50th Anniversary begins.

I'm looking forward to the Nurses Ball.  I think it will be enjoyable and I am expecting it to have the complex storylines associated with most GH events.  The ball will no doubt be a 2 week event by the time it unfolds.

I'm also looking forward to the end of the Nurses's Ball and the Anniversary as a time to get rid of some characters and silliness that has endured in the spirit of honoring history.  Characters I'm hoping will go away asap are Scotty, Lucy, Frisco, Felicia and Duke.  I hope to never hear the word 'vampire' again.

Scotty and Lucy are virtually the same characters the same actors played on ATWT years ago.  They were beyond annoying then and have not improved.  Frisco and Felicia might have been must see in their day but they are beyond boring now. Same with Duke. Actually it is hard to believe this character was ever interesting.  Anna definitely deserves better.  Laura could stay around and she is one of the most appealing female characters I've seen on GH.

Sabrina has surprised me.  There is a lot more to her than first met the eye.  It's still a Cinderella story yet Patrick has already fallen for her even without a pending makeover.

I've most loved the conversations between characters you wouldn't expect to advise one another:  Carly and Sam; AJ and Spinelli; Tracy and Ellie; Shawn and Rafe.  I'm also delighted that Milo finally has a storyline though the idea that he has so much trouble finding a woman is surprising.

Sabrina was wrong to go out with him without at least talking to Felix about it.  While Felix is dreaming, Milo is not gay.  Felix and Sabrina are friends, good friends and she just brushed aside Felix's feelings and went on.

Of course, everyone wonders if Robin will come back for the ball.  The biggest surprise of the year was the reveal that Britt is the Swiss doctor's daughter.  What does Britt know about Robin's situation? Does she know Dr. Scorpio-Drake is still alive?

The biggest question is what the writers are going to do with the actors formally playing John McBain, Todd Manning and Starr Manning.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Can we get a No Vampire story zone?

Would someone drive a heart through this vampire storyline and kill it quickly?  I truly hate this kind of stuff.  It is what gives daytime drama a bad name.  There wasn't some other way to incorporate Lucy Coe and this kid Rafe who I'm assuming must be the latest Q heir into the storyline?

Otherwise the show is great but you know what people focus on and never forget - the crazy stuff. This is getting crazy.

Also, everyone loves a good murder mystery IF you care about the deceased. Now you can care in that you like them and will miss them or you can care in that you hated them and glad they are gone.  You don't care if the character showed up yesterday and gets stabbed today.  I suppose someone remembers this woman and it matters to them, but to many of us, we don't know her and we don't care.

The kid seems likeable enough and that may help this along but right now I wish today could just be erased.

What I really want to get back to is the ELQ fight.  I'm delighted to see Tracy and Luke scheming.  I love the two of them together in whatever relationship they can get.  I was starting to like Kate/Connie until today but I think that will be temporary.  I particularly enjoyed her scenes with Tracy and their bonding.

I so hope Patrick hear everything Dr. West Nile had to say to Sabrina.  She is the character I thought they might kill off but then we would all be so glad to see her go!

Actually I was hoping Kristina would have something to do with the murder or just anything that might get rid of her. Keep her in lockup, send her to Ferncliff, I really don't care.  Just get rid of her!  And please, please don't give her any more scenes where she has to get emotional.  Again, the bad stuff is what sticks in your mind.

So I'll try to leave on a good note.   I'm starting to enjoy watching A.J.  Monica was on yesterday; Molly was back on today and admitted that her family is too dramatic. If they are too dramatic for Mollly and her imagination, that is really saying something!