Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve WOW Episode

First off a note to wardrobe:  Burn that sweater Carly was wearing most of the week.  Actually, scratch that.  Don't burn it, give it to some fisherman.  They can use it for a net and catch an entire school of fish!  It made Carly look 3 sizes bigger.  Just get rid of it.  Also, you can throw in that dress she had on at the New Year's Eve party.  It probably wouldn't catch many fish but it might catch several men on women with as long a legs as she had.  It was shorter than the sweater!  Isn't there a fashion rule about wearing a mini skirt after a certain age.  Now I am in no way bashing Laura Wright who is beautiful.  She deserves much better from wardrobe.

I will give them credit for Olivia, Kate and most of all Maxie for their stunning ensembles for New Year's Eve.  A pity that Maxie never actually makes it to any of these parties.  However, I loved watching Spinelli hook her and slowly reel her in.  Love the new version of Spinelli though I fear something bad is going to happen to him and maybe to Sonny to because of that newly gotten $20 mil.  I can't imagine he found a legal way to get that much cash in such a short time.  If he did, I'm all ears. And passing a check, that's traceable.  Oh well, that is a story perhaps for 2012.

Back to New Year's Eve and the week leading up to it.  I'm with Carly on this one.  If Jax chose to disappear, it is on him, not her.  Of course, I wanted Jax gone for good as I have no use for him. I did not want Sonny to do him in.  I just wanted him to stay gone forever.  Gone and forgotten as far as I'm concerned.  She is right that Sonny had every intention of killing Jax. Sending Morgan away was the right thing to do.  Michael and Jax weren't that close from what I could tell.  This is just Michael's way of dealing with his grief blaming his Mother.  It also gives him an excuse to get into the mob.

That is where they are headed and I'm not really sorry to see it.  I know most people would have liked to see him at ELQ.  I would have liked his summer internship to last longer but eventually he has to do the mob thing.  It is his destiny as Sonny and Carly's son.  He isn't a Quartermaine, really.  And this gives us back the fantastic performances by Chad Duell.  Killing off Abby in an accident was a smart storyline move.

Of course Tracy and Anthony had me in hysterics.  It was no surprise that he was the one who sent the note and the diamond though I did miss the setting part.  I couldn't read the note when she received it on Christmas Eve so I didn't know exactly what was coming.  Anthony must have something on her.  He wouldn't propose if it were an offer she could really refuse.

It is now pretty well known that Ethan will be written out.  It is a shame to see this wonderful actor and fun character go.  He is at a loss with most of his family gone and Kristina away at college. If he has to go, make it soon and get rid of the women in white.  I'm not intrigued except to wonder how she keeps her clothes so white wandering the tunnels of Windemere.

We know where things are headed with Sam.  I just hope this accident gets Jason to the hospital for that checkup.

The writers have set up a lot for 2012 with Micheal's anger, Sam's potential pregnancy, Jason's accident again, Anthony's proposal, and Robin's HIV status.  I hope Sonny is right and someone finds a better 2012.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yes, Virginia, there are Falconeris!

After hearing about the Falconeri clan for years now, we finally get a glimpse of them.  I do think having a wedding reception in the sanctuary of a church is highly inappropriate.

Dante and Lulu are now married.  Dominic Zamprogna did an amazing job with his expressions during the vows.  It was a touching ceremony - almost.  I would take bets on how long this marriage will last.  Lulu so isn't ready to put aside her doubts about Dante's career.  She is doing what she thinks she should do rather than what she really wants - and that she doesn't yet know.

I'm glad the last of Lucky wasn't in that airport.  The fact that we didn't see who he was talking to in the graveyard means it probably wasn't Luke as I'd hoped. More than likely, his visitor was the B&B lady.  I just don't see how this is going to end Lucky's character in a meaningful way.  Hopefully we will get some sort of cliffhanger and a chance for Jonathan Jackson to come back.  Just don't recast!!!

And now Elizabeth is moving on with her next victim - ah, I mean love interest.  The more I see of her, the more I agree with Maxie.   She has everyone convinced she is this sweet, hard working soul when she is really just a manipulator of the highest caliber.  Elizabeth doesn't want just Lucky, she wants every man to fall at her feet.

Robin and Emma looking for Rudolph's nose (a light on a cell phone tower) was very sweet.  I hope she doesn't desert her family.  I can see why she thinks it is best but I hope it doesn't happen that way.  Things will not end well for Patrick if he doesn't get closure with his wife.

I was out on Monday afternoon and looked forward to watching GH when I got home.  I rewound the tape and was so frustrated it didn't record!  Well, it did, it was just a rerun.  I'm still not used to that from the days of watching ATWT that did very little rerunning or preempting.  Today, we should be back to a regular show.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sonny, the comforter

It is hard to picture Sonny as the one listening, dispensing good advice and providing comfort.  Yet, there he was yesterday with Jason and today with Michael.  It was a welcome change from the rants and violence Sonny usually goes in for to fix a problem.  A softer Sonny is most welcome.

Some days I love Maxie to death like when she outs Elizabeth for her unforgivable deceptions.  Other days I want to smack her like today.  Spinelli is clearly her backup plan for Christmas.  My heart breaks for Spinelli every time Maxie rejects him. I know I should hope for him to move on, but when he and Maxie are good, they are great.

A couple that looks great right now is Dante and Lulu.  Sadly, I know this won't last.  The next time Dante takes too much risk, Lulu will either tear into him or turn to the bottle or both.  I know she means well but its just not going to stick.  The marriage may not stick either.  If nothing was open, how are they going to get a marriage license.

Loved seeing the discussion between Monica and Robin today.  I am amazed that Brenda would know anyone who could help Robin.  Then again, I have so little confidence that Brenda can do anything.  I thought having Brenda call in a favor for her was unnecessary bit of dragging an old character back in.  I like it when they mention off screen characters but there needs to be a clear purpose.

Carly was the only one who seemed to get  a happy Thanksgiving and she is on her way to a Merry Christmas, too.  What woman wouldn't want to come home to a decorated tree and a handsome man beside it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A near catch for Liz

Liz almost gets her way... almost.  Go, Maxie!

I can't believe that Lucky is that naive.  Since I know Jonathan Jackson is leaving, I think it is safe to assume that Liz and Lucky are through for now.  But not to worry Elizabeth, there are at least two potential men waiting in the wings - Matt and the new doctor Ewen.  Who on earth picked that name for the character?  Probably the same people who named the "chew."

Shawn, I see a dog in your future.  Carly is sure to play Santa.

It is hard to believe that Kate won't understand why Sonny had to leave and go see about Bernie and whoever is trying to kill Jason.  The man does have a - ah, business to run.

The ending musical scenes were wonderful yesterday full of reminders of the best laid plans...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jason's Vulnerability

Jason and Spinelli's conversation on Friday was awesome.  Spinelli does understand what it is like to lose that all important ability everyone including you rely on.  After being shot and finally coming back to himself, he no longer has any cyber skills.  Jason now can't seem to keep himself under control.  Plus Spinelli was being his usual wonderful friend and Jason was acutally letting him up to a point.

Also Jason was almost vulnerable with Monica.  I certainly hope he takes someone's advice and gets himself to the hospital.  He is wrong about one thing, this really started before Franco.  He was having those funny flashes when he would look in the mirror. And they make Steve Burton look like the younger, thinner Jason in those takes as well. The old Jason is in there.  Is he turning back the clock going back first to the rage he had after his accident? Will he start to remember Jason Quartermaine?

Sam is finally telling someone what happened to her and someone who can really understand - Michael.  It is a lot to put on Michael but he can handle it.  He gets too emotional at times but Michael is remarkably mature for his age.  He does need his father right now though and Sonny is still strolling down memory lane with Kate.  Doesn't she have a business to run?  For that matter, Sonny does too.

So Lulu and Dante are back on. Bets on how long this will last?

Another question, why doesn't the lady in white ever get dirty wandering the secret passage ways of Wyndemere?  And was that big box just for an apple?  I didn't get it.

What I did get right from the start is Elizabeth's manipulation?  Lucky, don't be a patsy.  You are smart enough to see what she is up to.  I guess another wish won't come true.  Matt has already talked about 'killing someone' - someone other than Lisa so he isn't going to be the killer, darn!

Good episode Friday, I'd like more of these!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shattered Michael

While it was easy to see what was coming, I still ached for Michael today.  He blames himself for Abby's death because he sent her to Chicago.  In daytime drama, an accidental death is seldom an accident. Is this Franco's doing, too?

There is only a little over a week until Christmas and there certainly isn't much holiday spirit in Port Charles and I don't think I've seen a single decoration.  It is very dark there, very dark.  Robin's conversation with Jason was a great way to start to bring an end to her character's run and also to take us back to how it all started without completely revisiting Stone.

On the other hand, we can't seem to get away from Sonny and Kate's stroll - literally - down memory lane.  I've had enough of hearing stories of the old days.  How much time did Sonny and Kate have together?  They sure got in enough trouble as teenagers and made plenty of memories.  Hearing other people reminisce is never much fun.  It is enjoyable on a drama if you saw it the first time around.  In this case, we did not so 'enough!'   Get Kate and Sonny back home!

Patrick's ego is back to its normal size thinking that there couldn't possibly be something about Jason's surgery he didn't expect.  Robin is right, there is something wrong with Jason and it is more than an preoccupation with Franco.

Again, it was easy to see coming what Franco had planned for Sam and Jason but how does he know Sam is pregnant and pregnant with his child.  ATWT did an invitro 'who's the Daddy' storyline a few years ago and I'm wondering if this is the same thing as that would increase the chances of the baby being Franco's.  Ugh! I don't even like to think about this.

The temporary Maxie is growing on me though I hope the rumors that Kristen Storms is returning soon are true.  This Maxie is certainly fun to watch with Anthony; she doesn't have any idea what she is has really unleashed.  Of course as she pointed out to Anthony when she asked for her favor, he needs to move suspicion away from himself and Johnny anyway.

Looks like I won't get my wish for Christmas.  I wanted Dante and Lulu to break up.  I think they are headed for a reunion at least for the holidays though I still don't see them taking a trip down the aisle.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Alexis and the Manipulative Liz

One of the things writer Guza has given us is more Alexis and I couldn't be happier.  Whether she was keeping Ethan relatively honest, brainstorming ways to keep Jason our of prison or cleverly avoiding a date with the ex-mayor, Alexis was the one to watch in yesterday's episode.  Actually all she had to do with the mayor was site a conflict of interest since he would the prosecution's chief witness against her client but what fun would that be.  Much better to say she was having a romance with Mac - another character we have been treated to lately.

I have to admit I tuned out some of Liz and Lucky today especially after she was so clearly faking her 'dependence' that somehow got her into Shadybrook.  I can't believe she actually asked Lucky if he thought she was that manipulative.  Well, yes, she is.  I can't believe Lucky still falls for it.  I"m glad they didn't write this character off because there have been many good storylines around her but I'm not a Liz fan.  Don't these people have insurance that has to clear their medical treatment?

Have we seen and heard the last of Abby?  If so, Michael is getting another big dose of guilt dumped on him for getting her sent to Chicago in the first place.  And who will find the DVD?  Spinelli would be the logical one since he lives there and it doesn't look like Jason is getting sprung that fast.  I'm not sure Spinelli can handle what is bound to be on that DVD.

I am glad that Jason turned down Robin's request.  We finally know what is going on with her. It was easy to guess though I admit I didn't guess that Lisa had messed with the meds.  I figured she really had injected Robin with something while she and Patrick were both unconscious.  Jason's marriage has made him see the meaning of 'for better or worse.'  Also, Robin may be able to help Jason find out what is really wrong with him.  Maybe she will be the one to get him out of jail at least to see his neurosurgeon who is getting too chummy, too fast with the new pediatrician.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Agatha Christie style sleuthing

Today's gathering of suspects reminded me of Agatha Christie.   I kept expecting Hercule Poirot to pop out from one of the doorways with the solution.  Of course it was highly unrealistic as few of these people would be there without their attorney present.  It was interesting and they sure all looked guilty even Olivia when Dante discovered her at the end.  Everyone seems to be protecting everyone else.

If Johnny and Anthony hadn't been having dinner together, I would have bet it was Anthony meeting the ship's officer in an alley. He sure was warming up to her on the boat.  But even Anthony can't be in two places at once, so who was she meeting and why?

More action at the police station and Jason went crazy on ex-mayor Floyd...again!  This time he has a cop witness.  I think this is related to his last surgery.  There is still something not quite right about Jason's brain.  I just wish it would lead to him regaining some memory.

Someone who wanted her memory back but may regret it is Sam.  Is that a tape of what really happened in Hawaii?  How will Franco react when he realizes Sam found the tape and Jason hasn't seen it?  That is something she hasn't counted on.  It will definitely change Franco's next step.

Spinelli's imagination, Alexis' legal skills and Mac's detective work are all being revived.  It was a great show today.  I would notice the clock at commercials and be delighted that I still had show left to watch.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Been watching

While I haven't been posting, I have been watching GH.  I'll admit there have been great scenes mixed in with some real dull stuff.

First, the good.  Earlier this week Lucky and Elizabeth had a great emotional scene in her hospital room.  While I completely understand his not wanting to renew their relationship, I think she is right in nailing him about how he is in and out of his children's lives. He is far more responsible than Luke but that doesn't mean that he didn't just drop out of the boys lives to go to Ireland this time and last time for that matter.  Sure he had good reasons, but little children do need to be taken care of.

Love seeing Diane back on canvas and as a nosy columnist.  With Cougar Town down a few shows for their upcoming season, I hope we see more of her.  I could do without the former Mayor though.  He is still a pompous jerk no matter what his occupation and he had the nerve to blame everything on his late wife.  I can't even remember what all she did except get herself flattened by Edward's car but he is no innocent.  Happy to see Mac having more of a presence to and I can completely understand his desire to protect Maxie and Robin.

I hope they don't kill off Robin's character though it would make a fantastic storyline.  I hate to see a character who has been played by the same actor since childhood go.  It actually makes her the right age and the history is fantastic.  It also sends another signal of GH possibly not surviving ABC's poor programming choices (that's been generous with the wording, isn't it?)  I know they have killed off characters in the past, but Robin has been so central and she really is the link that keeps Patrick in Port Charles.

Matt is missing and I couldn't care less.  I hope he and his king size ego stay gone.

Now the both good and bad.  I'm liking Sonny and Kate together.  Sonny's scenes at his childhood home were good drama but they are done.  I couldn't believe they were talking about going back there again today.  Enough!  I know Sonny had a traumatic childhood.  He has dealt with it for years.  If Kate was going to marry him the last time without going through all this, surely she can have dinner with him without him having to exorcise all the ghosts of his past.

The tedious.  Dante and Lulu.  Enough, break up, stay apart.  You're done.

My jaw dropped when I realized who that woman was in Jake's yesterday- the new cop.  I knew she was supposed to be there but what a change!  No wonder Johnny was practically panting over her the first time he met her.

On one more thing I liked - Maxie and Anthony.  Though Anthony and anyone is must watch.  Maxie does have some nerve.  I'm still anxious for Kristin Storms to get back.