Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Alexis and the Manipulative Liz

One of the things writer Guza has given us is more Alexis and I couldn't be happier.  Whether she was keeping Ethan relatively honest, brainstorming ways to keep Jason our of prison or cleverly avoiding a date with the ex-mayor, Alexis was the one to watch in yesterday's episode.  Actually all she had to do with the mayor was site a conflict of interest since he would the prosecution's chief witness against her client but what fun would that be.  Much better to say she was having a romance with Mac - another character we have been treated to lately.

I have to admit I tuned out some of Liz and Lucky today especially after she was so clearly faking her 'dependence' that somehow got her into Shadybrook.  I can't believe she actually asked Lucky if he thought she was that manipulative.  Well, yes, she is.  I can't believe Lucky still falls for it.  I"m glad they didn't write this character off because there have been many good storylines around her but I'm not a Liz fan.  Don't these people have insurance that has to clear their medical treatment?

Have we seen and heard the last of Abby?  If so, Michael is getting another big dose of guilt dumped on him for getting her sent to Chicago in the first place.  And who will find the DVD?  Spinelli would be the logical one since he lives there and it doesn't look like Jason is getting sprung that fast.  I'm not sure Spinelli can handle what is bound to be on that DVD.

I am glad that Jason turned down Robin's request.  We finally know what is going on with her. It was easy to guess though I admit I didn't guess that Lisa had messed with the meds.  I figured she really had injected Robin with something while she and Patrick were both unconscious.  Jason's marriage has made him see the meaning of 'for better or worse.'  Also, Robin may be able to help Jason find out what is really wrong with him.  Maybe she will be the one to get him out of jail at least to see his neurosurgeon who is getting too chummy, too fast with the new pediatrician.

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