Friday, December 9, 2011

Agatha Christie style sleuthing

Today's gathering of suspects reminded me of Agatha Christie.   I kept expecting Hercule Poirot to pop out from one of the doorways with the solution.  Of course it was highly unrealistic as few of these people would be there without their attorney present.  It was interesting and they sure all looked guilty even Olivia when Dante discovered her at the end.  Everyone seems to be protecting everyone else.

If Johnny and Anthony hadn't been having dinner together, I would have bet it was Anthony meeting the ship's officer in an alley. He sure was warming up to her on the boat.  But even Anthony can't be in two places at once, so who was she meeting and why?

More action at the police station and Jason went crazy on ex-mayor Floyd...again!  This time he has a cop witness.  I think this is related to his last surgery.  There is still something not quite right about Jason's brain.  I just wish it would lead to him regaining some memory.

Someone who wanted her memory back but may regret it is Sam.  Is that a tape of what really happened in Hawaii?  How will Franco react when he realizes Sam found the tape and Jason hasn't seen it?  That is something she hasn't counted on.  It will definitely change Franco's next step.

Spinelli's imagination, Alexis' legal skills and Mac's detective work are all being revived.  It was a great show today.  I would notice the clock at commercials and be delighted that I still had show left to watch.

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