Thursday, December 8, 2011

Been watching

While I haven't been posting, I have been watching GH.  I'll admit there have been great scenes mixed in with some real dull stuff.

First, the good.  Earlier this week Lucky and Elizabeth had a great emotional scene in her hospital room.  While I completely understand his not wanting to renew their relationship, I think she is right in nailing him about how he is in and out of his children's lives. He is far more responsible than Luke but that doesn't mean that he didn't just drop out of the boys lives to go to Ireland this time and last time for that matter.  Sure he had good reasons, but little children do need to be taken care of.

Love seeing Diane back on canvas and as a nosy columnist.  With Cougar Town down a few shows for their upcoming season, I hope we see more of her.  I could do without the former Mayor though.  He is still a pompous jerk no matter what his occupation and he had the nerve to blame everything on his late wife.  I can't even remember what all she did except get herself flattened by Edward's car but he is no innocent.  Happy to see Mac having more of a presence to and I can completely understand his desire to protect Maxie and Robin.

I hope they don't kill off Robin's character though it would make a fantastic storyline.  I hate to see a character who has been played by the same actor since childhood go.  It actually makes her the right age and the history is fantastic.  It also sends another signal of GH possibly not surviving ABC's poor programming choices (that's been generous with the wording, isn't it?)  I know they have killed off characters in the past, but Robin has been so central and she really is the link that keeps Patrick in Port Charles.

Matt is missing and I couldn't care less.  I hope he and his king size ego stay gone.

Now the both good and bad.  I'm liking Sonny and Kate together.  Sonny's scenes at his childhood home were good drama but they are done.  I couldn't believe they were talking about going back there again today.  Enough!  I know Sonny had a traumatic childhood.  He has dealt with it for years.  If Kate was going to marry him the last time without going through all this, surely she can have dinner with him without him having to exorcise all the ghosts of his past.

The tedious.  Dante and Lulu.  Enough, break up, stay apart.  You're done.

My jaw dropped when I realized who that woman was in Jake's yesterday- the new cop.  I knew she was supposed to be there but what a change!  No wonder Johnny was practically panting over her the first time he met her.

On one more thing I liked - Maxie and Anthony.  Though Anthony and anyone is must watch.  Maxie does have some nerve.  I'm still anxious for Kristin Storms to get back.

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