Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sonny, the comforter

It is hard to picture Sonny as the one listening, dispensing good advice and providing comfort.  Yet, there he was yesterday with Jason and today with Michael.  It was a welcome change from the rants and violence Sonny usually goes in for to fix a problem.  A softer Sonny is most welcome.

Some days I love Maxie to death like when she outs Elizabeth for her unforgivable deceptions.  Other days I want to smack her like today.  Spinelli is clearly her backup plan for Christmas.  My heart breaks for Spinelli every time Maxie rejects him. I know I should hope for him to move on, but when he and Maxie are good, they are great.

A couple that looks great right now is Dante and Lulu.  Sadly, I know this won't last.  The next time Dante takes too much risk, Lulu will either tear into him or turn to the bottle or both.  I know she means well but its just not going to stick.  The marriage may not stick either.  If nothing was open, how are they going to get a marriage license.

Loved seeing the discussion between Monica and Robin today.  I am amazed that Brenda would know anyone who could help Robin.  Then again, I have so little confidence that Brenda can do anything.  I thought having Brenda call in a favor for her was unnecessary bit of dragging an old character back in.  I like it when they mention off screen characters but there needs to be a clear purpose.

Carly was the only one who seemed to get  a happy Thanksgiving and she is on her way to a Merry Christmas, too.  What woman wouldn't want to come home to a decorated tree and a handsome man beside it.

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