Friday, October 28, 2011

It's getting spooky

There is plenty of mystery brewing for Halloween on Monday.  I do hope if Jake is making an appearance in that Irish graveyard, they will wait until All Saints Day on Tuesday.  Surely they can do something else scary to Lucky on Monday.

Something frightening is about to happen to Sam or Jason.  The most frightening thing is that Carly is going to be right or claim she is.  I just hate it when she is right.  Her romance with Shawn is going nice and slow as it should be.  She is after all still married.

And is she married to the mystery man on Spoon Island?  I assume this is the island where Windemere is located.  Until this week, I hadn't considered this to be the place Jax is hiding out.  I really thought he would be gone longer - like forever.  Well, I can dream, can't I?  I just don't like Jax, never have.  I'm glad Sonny didn't kill him but that doesn't mean I want him back egging Sonny on either.  Jax isn't the saint he tries to claim he is.

If it is Jax and he rescued Elizabeth, is he going to be her next conquest?  That is one man I don't think she has slept with.  He isn't all that fertile so he might be safe for her.  Monica was certainly dishing out the contempt this week when she commented on how late Elizabeth's children are often in daycare.  I don't care for Liz all that much but Monica really has no room to cast stones from what I've heard of her own past.

And finally we have the mystery of what happened to Lisa Niles.  Is she dead (please, please I beg of you writers, kill her off this time!) and if so, who did it?  I half expected Miss Marple to pop through one of the doors to the ship's lounge while they were all casting glances at one another.  Plenty of motive and plenty of claims of black outs among the suspects.  I'm not sure who did it at this point.  I'm hoping it was Matt so we can get rid of his character but then again I'd hate for anyone to pay the price for killing Lisa.

At least they are off that boat and now the real mystery can begin.  I have to say that the cruise and Sam and Jason's honeymoon have been the biggest bores of the year.  These have just dragged on and on. Maybe some action is coming along with the spooks for Halloween.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Poor excuse for comedy

Last night I felt kind of 'blah' and I just wanted to hang out with my husband.  He watches all the CBS comedies so I watched from Jeopardy through Mike and Molly.  Two and one half hours of TV is too long for me and Two and a Half men are two and half too many!

Actually, let's start with How I Met Your Mother which really should have been gone a couple of seasons ago.  These people still have the same hang-ups they had in season 1.  They are better people than Seinfeld's lot but the idea is the same.  Take a group of people, create a formula that works and just rehash each week.  It is very good formula, but it is a formula.  Barney is trying to score, Marshall and Lily are obsessed about something to do with each other and their relationship, and Ted can't seem to keep the good girls or see the flaws in the bad ones.

Two Broke Girls showed promise in the premise.  It is a timely comedy but it is so poorly done.  The supporting cast is like someone went through a checklist of minorities and plugged one into each slot.  Their dialogue is terrible.  The Girl's dialogue particularly Max is getting as vulgar as 2 1/2 Men.  It's cheap and demeaning.  The horse bit is also particularly stupid.  I can't believe some animal rights organization hasn't complained about the idea of keeping a horse in a backyard in Brooklyn.  If the girls were making some progress toward their business goals I might give it another chance.

Two and a Half Men really should have gone away about 3 seasons ago.  It has nothing to do with Charlie Sheen's personal life either.  The show as just the same old stuff.  It can make you laugh for a moment which is a credit to the actors including Ashton Kutcher who seem to be able to make something out of what is being passed off as comedy.  One of the biggest mistakes besides not growing these characters is not using the supporting cast more.  In this case they have gems in Bertha and Evelyn.  They should be on every show.

The only salvation of the night was Mike and Molly which was hysterically funny.  This is a great credit to the writing as they needed few of their expansive and talented cast to make it work.  You knew Mike was putting his big foot in his mouth over and over.  You knew he meant well and you knew he was going to be ripped to shreds for it in his new household of women.  Everything is working on this show I just wish it had a more mature lead-in.

The saddest thing about the first three is that my husband keeps saying they are better than a lot of the other stuff out there.  True.  I know a Mash, Friends, Frasier, Big Bang, and Modern Family don't come along very often.  It just seems like there shouldn't be so much gap between these outstanding comedies and everything else.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Longest cruise

How long have they been on that tub?  It is finally getting interesting.  I'd actually forgotten about Elizabeth's fate until she was carried up on shore presumably at Windemere by an unknown rescuer.  I shouldn't have forgotten her because Maxie did give the best lines of the episode. For all the talking she did, she had the best odds of doing that anyway.  I loved the "Elizabeth has three kids with three different men and is working on the fourth."

Olivia's mechanical skills are coming in handy as she has noticed something wrong with the boat.  Presumably Lisa has messed with something.  Where is Matt?  Probably passed out from too much champagne.  He certainly hasn't bothered to track down Elizabeth after pushing her just too far.  Anthony too was MIA today but fortunately Johnny is still alive.  I think Lisa has a soft spot for him.  May it be her downfall.

Meanwhile, Kate and Sonny revisited his childhood - again.  It was though a good conversation.  And you couldn't miss that predatory kiss he laid on her at the end. Surely she won't mistake that for affection as it was most certainly for Colman's benefit.  Coleman seems to be consoling himself with alcohol and probably the cash Sonny threw on the bar.

I'd like to see Spinelli go off in a different direction than constantly hacking into traffic cameras but I fear if he doesn't recover enough of his cyber skills to recover Sonny's $20 million his next career may be short-lived.  He did get Maxie to consider something more to their relationship though why he would want to.  I normally love Maxie but this actress is grating to me.  Maybe it is because I can't seem to remember the good in Maxie with a different face.  Shallow of me, I know.  I hope Kristen Storms is well and back to work soon.

Of all the gin joints...

in all the world, Kate just happened to go to Jake's for a drink?  Yeah, right.  I think she was testing herself and clearly she failed because she couldn't resist Coleman - a cleaned up Coleman.  Now Sonny is walking in on them.  I don't see a big macho fight coming on because Coleman is scared to death of Sonny.  If Kate wants a guy to fight for her, she is out of luck with the bartender.

Meanwhile, on the Love Boat, Lisa is busy creating mayhem while everyone else is having a little x-rated fun.  This is the most unconventional celebratory party for a work achievement I've ever seen.

I could also call it the slow boat to China because the story is really dragging to me.  Actually lots of things are dragging (i.e. where is Franco) as though we are just killiing time until the November sweeps.  I think at least one story needs to be 'must-see' and right now they are all stories you can pick up on whenever.

There have been some good conversations lately - Luke and Ethan, Sonny and Lulu though Sonny's argument stood no chance coming from him even if it is what Lulu secretly wants.  Poor Dante.  Lulu keeps telling him she wants to concentrate on his recovery and then works late at a job she doesn't even really have to avoid seeing him.

Maybe Maxie and Spinelli will find something or someone at Wyndemere to entertain us with before the week is out.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Brotherly Love?

Patrick and Matt infuriate me.  Patrick compliments his brother one minute, then cautions him about getting too excited about the research, then tells him to lighten up and enjoy the moment.  I just don't get these guys!

Matt is also two-faced.  He complained that Patrick was only doing the cruise because he had already paid for the trip for Robin's birthday and then didn't get to use it.(true, btw) So he, Matt, was second choice.  Then he wants Maxie to be his date only Maxie just wants to use him so he tells her not to come.  He then goes to his second choice, Elizabeth.  Plus, I hate the beard.  So I'm fed up with him.  If Lisa actually takes someone out, I hope it is him.

Maybe it is because I've seen most of the other big GH events like the Hospital Crisis and the Fire on YouTube but this boat drama is dragging.  Come to think of it, I did watch those others one episode a day, sometimes there would be many days in between before I could catch another show.  The difference on this one I guess is that there is so much else going on - Luke and Ethan's conversation, Maxie's latest tantrum, and Hawaiian Honeymoon that has finally gotten slightly interesting.

Maxie is on my last nerve.  I truly think she was far more sympathetic character with Kristen Storms playing her.  If I were Spinelli, I'd tap her on the head with an oar, not to kill her of course, just knock her out so she would "Shut Up!"

What Anthony will do next is what I'm watching for tomorrow.  Also, I hope someone finds Johnny soon.  I surely don't want him to be one of Lisa's victims.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ethan and Elizabeth spar

Loved the sparring between Ethan and Elizabeth who both hit hard truths in the other.  There are lots of scenes like Carly and Sam where women who have always been enemies take jabs at each other.  What we don't often see are men and women who have no romantic relationship combat.  I did get tickled when Elizabeth said she was going to live down below expectations.  Honey, you have been so below expectations that you can't get much worse.  You have three children with three different guys none of which you were married to at the time.  You almost killed Sibohan at least 3 times before Anthony finally  did her in.  If I were at GH, nurse Webber would be the last one I'd want to see coming.

But one guy who has picked the wrong woman to tangle with - actually make that two guys - are the Zachara guys.  Anthony ended up port side with a nail hole in his stomach and Johnny has a syringe in his neck.  I'm hoping it wasn't filled with the same stuff that put Lisa in a coma for months.  Anthony may know who to go to for the antidote but he has his own problems right now.  Why Johnny keeps falling for Lisa is beyond me.  Give this guy a good woman, please!

There was Olivia dispensing relationship advice again when she still hasn't had a successful long-term relationship herself.  Why does Dr. Webber want someone from Memphis in Port Charles when he refuses to even talk about Memphis?  This is mysterious.  I suppose he is replacing the doctor Lisa brought on.  I liked the guy and they haven't even mentioned him in months.

Maxie is beyond annoying these days and so incredibly selfish.  Was she this bad when she was played by Kristen Storms.  I thought Kristin brought more like-ability to the role.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Finding Harry

Harry's Law comes on NBC on Wednesday's at 9 opposite Modern Family.  No wonder it struggles in the ratings with that kind of competition.  Fortunately, NBC does rerun it on Saturday night so that is how we are keeping up.  Unfortunately, they don't make use of the web and post the episodes on-line.  So check it out Saturday nights at 8:00 Eastern.

I like this show because the court cases are always interesting and Kathy Bates does such a fine job of portraying a compassionate yet gutsy attorney.   She is the kind of attorney you would want if you were unfortunate enough to be in a position to need one.  I also like two things that make this drama very different.  One, Harry Korn is 62 years old.  Not many 60+ get to lead their own drama - Sally Field did it in Brothers and Sisters and Tom Selleck does in Blue Bloods but that is about all I can think of.

Two, the show is set in Cincinnati.  Finally someone in Hollywood realized that there is more to the country than NY or LA.  There are certainly many other oddities about the show that add to its appeal.  Give Kathy Bates drama a try on either Wed or Sat.  If you like a good courtroom drama, you'll like this one.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Clearing the Path

I suppose today's deep conversation between Elizabeth and Lucky was a way to clear the path for him to go to Ireland and for her to run to Matt.  I can just hear her stroking Matt's ego, not that Maxie deserves him after the way she has abandoned him.  Still, Elizabeth is one of my least favorite characters so I'm not that excited about her luring another one into her web.

Seeing Lucky in Ireland does have possibilities if one of the storyline rumors I heard is true.  Let's just say his return will be like closing the loop on an old storyline.

Another story that is getting going is Kate's mystery caller, I assume to be a man.  Kate sure is getting the screen time.  I do wish they would stop having her threaten to fire Maxie.  That was a tedious threat with the old Kate.

And now we see where the character of Kristina is going.  I'm betting Kristina's sudden admittance to Yale as to do with the 'bargain with the devil' that Alexis said she was making with Sonny.  Sonny probably made a big donation and Voila!  Kristina is off to pre-law rather than a career in fashion.

Dr. Drake must make a killing as a brain surgeon for all those first class tickets, diamond necklaces, boat rentals, etc. he planned for Robin's birthday.  Guilt sure does make for some hefty gifts.

And as predicted, here is Dr. Niles awake suddenly from her many months coma, able to speak clearly, able to eat solid foods, able to knock out nurses, able to leap out of bed.  It's a medical miracle, I tell you.

Oh, well, we have to take the good with the silly, I suppose.  I could be worse, we could be watching the Chew.  Ugh!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lexi out

So sad to hear that Lexi Ainsworth has been let go from GH!  She does an amazing job. I had hoped she would be working at Crimson with Kate and Maxie.  If so, it is bound to be brief. She has already filmed her final scenes.  The good news is she had another opportunity waiting.  I hope she has a huge career.

They sure are dragging out this Franco thing. Just what Sam always wanted, Carly invading her honeymoon.  I'm not sure which she will think is worse - Franco or Carly!  I do love Carly and Shawn together.

I do hate it when someone in a coma for months just wakes up and springs forth from their bed.  I also hate seeing Dr. Niles back in any form even if it is to do the fascinating Anthony's bidding.  Why can't Johnny seem to keep up with his father.  When Anthony told Tracy he had stamina I know he was talking about something else. Yet the guy sure does keep enough things going at once for a man his age.

Luke has a lot of fences to mend and his kids are not going to make it easy for him. I'm glad.  This needs to be played out.

If it is Robin's birthday, why aren't they already at her party.  How can Maxie do a photo shoot and a party on the same night?  I do hate it when they drag one night out forever unnecessarily.

Olivia falling from that pole was funny. I just want more for her and Steve than sex scenes although seeing him without his shirt is always a treat.

Where's the funny?

I had hopes for Two Broke Girls when I watched CBS on-line preview.  The premise is good and the chemistry between the main characters works.  However the supporting cast is awful or at least they seem to be.  My husband insists it is the writing. Probably because it is clear the character of Max is having to wring every last thing she can out of her lines and hers are the best of the show.

This isn't the only disappointment.  I wonder if CBS has already pulled How to Be a Gentlemen as they are premiering the should-have-been-cancelled years ago Rules of Engagement late this month on Thurs at 8:30. I like Gentlemen better and it shows more promise though still nothing great.

Over to ABC, I don't even watch Happy Endings because the previews look so stupid.  I watched half of Subergatory last week and that was plenty.  NBC has already dumped a comedy and stooped to carrying Whitney which I haven't watched but my husband the reviews say is awful and Up All Night which I lasted through about 5 minutes of.

Why can't anyone create a decent new comedy?  Shows like Modern Family and the Big Bang Theory are few and far between.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Good Question

"Is this you coming or going?" was Ethan's question to Luke.  Good question.  Of course, Tony Geary's vacation is up so he must be staying.  With Luke though it is hard to tell.  After overhearing Tracy yesterday, I don't think he is going anywhere. He isn't about to lose his wife to Anthony Zachara.  Does Luke know about Tracy's past?  She won't be so high and mighty after her transgressions are revealed to her husband.

Lulu is getting a by hypocritical herself.  I understand her desire to keep Dante protected but she was all for his help with Helena and Luke.  Loved watching Olivia's excitement and the expression on her face when she found out she had to keep the engagement a secret.

That is some kind of confidence Carly has.  She asks a guy if he would sleep with her and he walks off and she assumes that means "yes."  This woman does not know the meaning or implication of the word "no."  She also seems to have finished grieving for Jax, but then she knows he isn't really dead.

The stand-in Maxie is OK but I hope Kristen Storms makes a speedy recovery.  She just is Maxie.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chip on his shoulder

Patrick Drake has one thing right about his brother.  Matt has a giant chip on his shoulder.  It is a wonder he can get in and out of the elevator.  He has some reason but I'm getting tired of it.  I'm glad he finally shared his news with his brother and his boss.  BTW, Robin should do something to celebrate this recognition.  Matt should a) have asked for the case he wanted because it helped his research b) share his success and enjoy it c) dump Maxie.  Maxie is clearly putting her career and Spinelli in front of him and has been for - well, forever.  I find it impossible to believe that a cute neurosurgeon couldn't find a woman who wanted to spend time with him.   Oh and d) he should not fall for Elizabeth who is destined to get back with Lucky eventually.

Speaking of cute, Ethan is just plain hot walking through caves with a candle.  I had a flash of Indiana Jones there except that Indie found excitement a lot more quickly.  I hope Johnny isn't in too much of a hurry for info on Skye since Ethan seems to have camped out at Windemere.

Continuing with the Spencers, Dante's surgery has given Lulu lots of time to think and I'm still not sure there is an engagement in the works.  I think she is enough like her mother that she will not want the adventure, she will want the home life.  Luke told her Dante was addicted to adrenaline and he is right.  Dante is a cop and a risk taker.  Can Lulu handle that?

Luke is finally making his presence known and not a minute too soon.  Tracy has been propositioned or blackmailed.  Surely she doesn't think Anthony just wants a night of her company.  Loved having Alice back.  She is part of the Q tribe I've missed.

Just when I thought they may have totally screwed up the Jason story, he gets this little flash in the mirror and looks a lot like the thin version of Jason that was Jason Quartermaine before he bulked up. Now it is more a question of when, not if, old memories will start coming back.  That is, if Franco doesn't get him first.

So much going on right now with all the characters!