Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Brotherly Love?

Patrick and Matt infuriate me.  Patrick compliments his brother one minute, then cautions him about getting too excited about the research, then tells him to lighten up and enjoy the moment.  I just don't get these guys!

Matt is also two-faced.  He complained that Patrick was only doing the cruise because he had already paid for the trip for Robin's birthday and then didn't get to use it.(true, btw) So he, Matt, was second choice.  Then he wants Maxie to be his date only Maxie just wants to use him so he tells her not to come.  He then goes to his second choice, Elizabeth.  Plus, I hate the beard.  So I'm fed up with him.  If Lisa actually takes someone out, I hope it is him.

Maybe it is because I've seen most of the other big GH events like the Hospital Crisis and the Fire on YouTube but this boat drama is dragging.  Come to think of it, I did watch those others one episode a day, sometimes there would be many days in between before I could catch another show.  The difference on this one I guess is that there is so much else going on - Luke and Ethan's conversation, Maxie's latest tantrum, and Hawaiian Honeymoon that has finally gotten slightly interesting.

Maxie is on my last nerve.  I truly think she was far more sympathetic character with Kristen Storms playing her.  If I were Spinelli, I'd tap her on the head with an oar, not to kill her of course, just knock her out so she would "Shut Up!"

What Anthony will do next is what I'm watching for tomorrow.  Also, I hope someone finds Johnny soon.  I surely don't want him to be one of Lisa's victims.

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