Friday, October 21, 2011

Longest cruise

How long have they been on that tub?  It is finally getting interesting.  I'd actually forgotten about Elizabeth's fate until she was carried up on shore presumably at Windemere by an unknown rescuer.  I shouldn't have forgotten her because Maxie did give the best lines of the episode. For all the talking she did, she had the best odds of doing that anyway.  I loved the "Elizabeth has three kids with three different men and is working on the fourth."

Olivia's mechanical skills are coming in handy as she has noticed something wrong with the boat.  Presumably Lisa has messed with something.  Where is Matt?  Probably passed out from too much champagne.  He certainly hasn't bothered to track down Elizabeth after pushing her just too far.  Anthony too was MIA today but fortunately Johnny is still alive.  I think Lisa has a soft spot for him.  May it be her downfall.

Meanwhile, Kate and Sonny revisited his childhood - again.  It was though a good conversation.  And you couldn't miss that predatory kiss he laid on her at the end. Surely she won't mistake that for affection as it was most certainly for Colman's benefit.  Coleman seems to be consoling himself with alcohol and probably the cash Sonny threw on the bar.

I'd like to see Spinelli go off in a different direction than constantly hacking into traffic cameras but I fear if he doesn't recover enough of his cyber skills to recover Sonny's $20 million his next career may be short-lived.  He did get Maxie to consider something more to their relationship though why he would want to.  I normally love Maxie but this actress is grating to me.  Maybe it is because I can't seem to remember the good in Maxie with a different face.  Shallow of me, I know.  I hope Kristen Storms is well and back to work soon.

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